Gee, here’s a shocker…….

Stephanie Grace: Little common ground on Common Core

Unlike many such gatherings, the format was designed to produce light, not heat. It was hosted by two reliable conservatives, state Reps. Kirk Talbot and Nick Lorusso, who are not often the targets of the sort of ideological fervor swirling around the issue. Supporters on the panel were informative and respectful of audience concerns, and did as well as anyone could to answer questions, debunk myths and explain what Common Core does, and does not, mandate. Opponents were given equal time.

And none of that seemed to make a bit of difference.

It appears the populace refuses to be patted on the heads and go away quietly when it comes to Common Core, which has generated considerable grassroots opposition. The mainstream media pundits paint opponents of Common Core as unreasonable ideologues. The impression I get is folks are tired of throwing more money into the education money pit for the sake of the new political education buzzword du jour, especially when they see insiders lined up to take full financial advantage. Mary Landrieu’s past history in this specific area is particularly odoriferous.

So gee, a few politicos found out the public doesn’t trust them and that even extends to the reputed good guys like¬†Nick Lorusso. This is not a surprise to me because I am solidly a skeptic and on far more than Common Core. ¬†Judging from the emails coming in to Slabbed Central from select members of the Jefferson Parish business community I am far from alone.

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