2 thoughts on “Hows about something for the peeps up in da ‘Burg”

  1. When a precinct box that is supposed to be under lock and seal takes 5 hours to get to city hall, while the Election Commision waits,without the seal as required by law and traveled via auto with the key to the lock in same car you have to wonder what the hell is going on. Also this precinct is said to be the incumbent Mayor’s strongest and he is behind in the vote count prior to the arrival via Chicago you must say wait a minute this is really suspicious. Then you find out the Mayor is represented at the vote counting by Rev. Fairley and his attorney named Precious you know they done tried to steal this election in the name of the black community. If a standing Mayor has to fight this hard to be re-elected he needs to walk away cause he just ain’t wanted no mo.

  2. With Delbert Hoseman coming out on TV claiming they would be overseeing the election, one would think things would have run smoothly. What kind of people did Hoseman teach to run the election? How difficult can this chore be that an elementary school child could perform? And then the federal people said they would also be present. I am not casting a stone against either candidates but I am stating that the election could have and should have been run more democratic.

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