Inside the investigation: Who tattooed Scott Walker’s mortgage on the lot that DMR purchased via the Land Trust

Vital background via Anita Lee can be found here.

The land deal closed 12 days before Scott Walker’s final, lump-sum payment was due on a loan at Merchants & Marine Bank, Jackson County land records show.

Walker had used the property in July 2008 as collateral on a $310,590 loan, which called for monthly payments of $2,775. The balance and all interest payments were due July 25, 2011, although the terms did allow for loan extension or modification.

Tattoo? I heard that word most from investment bankers doing M&A work a decade or so ago. Tatoos are not easily removed, especially those given a bank by a family member to induce the extension of credit to someone that is not otherwise creditworthy enough on their own to nab a $310,590 loan.

Stay tuned.

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  1. When Scott Walker overpaid for this lot in 2008 he was an employee at Habitat for Humanity. This would not have paid enough to qualify for this loan amount at this bank for sure. This was pre-oil spill “Sell Access to the DMR days” when money came easy and the living got good. His mother and/or father must have co-signed for him to qualify. I have said before Scoot Walker had to pay this off so he could get the mortage on his Million Dollar Mansion. He now has an a much larger debt to service along with major legal fees on the horizon. Dad also will be pressed to help but by fall with all hell breaking loose look for a fire sale of 435 East Beach Blvd. Cloyd maybe interested to have extra room for his Jackson friends when they are in town working on more no-bid contracts at various state agencies. Of course this is all just very accurate speculation. Sorry if I got a little off subject.

    1. One could say he was a master of disaster to be borrowing big against bare land in the summer of 2008.

      I’m curious to see this all laid out. This doesn’t look like a mortgage. Depending upon the valuation of the collateral (the lot plus anything else- including personal guarantees- included in 2008) a loan extension or modification might have required some additional ante from someone on the borrowers side of the transaction. With the balloon giving the borrower the option to pay it off and walk away, the borrower has some flexibility IF they have the ability to make the balloon. I wonder if some of those businesses Walker was investing in helped him burn that 310k of OPM.

      1. You are correct RFP, this is not a motgage. This is a short term loan on raw land in an amount, in my opinion, exceeding the value of any lot in Gulf Hills. This means other collateral was required to be pledged and based on Scott Walkers income at the time co-signers were probably required by this bank which is among the most conservative. The value of this lot was probably even less than Bill Walker arranged for it to be sold for. I live in Gulf Hills and personally have knowledge of this cul-de-sac location. Another lot was available for years with no takers in the same location(next to) at a much cheaper price. With the clock ticking at M&M Bank and the due date of the balloon payoff getting closer and closer a decision was made by the Walkers to roll the dice with arranging the purchase which came snake eyes because when the public became aware of this scam they were outraged. This in my opinion lead to the complete unraveling of the Walker Cimenasty.

  2. Baby Walker is a user. He uses and throws important peoples’ names around to get what he wants. He used Trent Lott’s name until people were tired of hearing it. All brag and no substance….must have learned that as part of his upbringing. Sad, but true. I feel sorry for his wife (who doesn’t have a clue what she is married to), and that little baby of theirs. I hope she will be able to take care of the baby by herself while Scotty boy is swinging a sickle or doing laundry in the slammer. And I hope that she has sense enough to distance herself from the Walkers while she still can. And that is my 2 cents.

  3. There is another DMR article on the SH this morning. This one talks about another employee who was hired at the DMR who used to work for Horne and the city of Pascagoula when Jamie Miller used to work there.

    Transparency my ass I say.

    1. Scallan speaks! This one is so easy that almost anyone could do this, but why are such opportunities missed? I’m not suggesting how she should do her job, but why doesn’t she just say another Friends and Family Plan hire ready to git-r-dun? She’s missing a real opportunity to reinforce the DMR brand image i the public’s mind. This seems to be a chronic thing with DMR. Maybe Joe C. has some more advice for sale? His wife have a job with the state yet?

      She said the position wasn’t advertised because Miller can directly hire someone if he knows someone who is qualified.

      “She has some really strong credentials and she spent a lot of time in grant management,” said Miller. “And also some policy and procedures for financial accounting … so she has a real strong background suited to do the work here for us.

      When Jamie Miller says “really strong credentials”, that says a lot.

      Does Miller still contemplate the possibility of employees performing “voluntary” work for their superiors for additional compensation? There used to be something like an odd job squad in Palazzo’s Washington offices when Miller was there. An “abundance of caution” indeed. There are a lot of possibilities, especially especially if they have “real strong backgrounds”; unless the state has provisions for not asking your friends to babysit and help you move.

  4. Speaking on the subject of hiring actions there has already been a good leak of a probable selectee for the new deputy/financial officer.

  5. The whole interview of Joe Cloyd in this article is a contradiction. I read on Jackson Jambalaya earlier he is current President of the Jackson County Republican Club and past president of the Harrison County Republican Club. Is the party of Ronald Reagan now growing this type of political kudzu that is overrunning the purpose of the party for the love of money and status? Sure looks that way.

  6. Thanks for posting that link. I was interrupted before I was finished posting on it. This story is interesting on several levels.

    Play mix and match with the names and programs in this story. Add some zip with “$3,849,739,059 had been spent in federal disaster recovery funds” and thicken with some consultants and chaos.

    Hurricane Katrina,
    federal disaster dollars,
    Then Gov. Haley Barbour,
    Deborah Jackson, a manager with Horne LLP CPAs and Business Advisors,
    the BP Oil Spill in 2010,
    Jon Mabry,
    Disaster Recovery Division of the Mississippi Development Authority,
    The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners,
    Homeowners Assistance Program,
    Small Rental Assistance Program,
    Long Term Workforce Housing Program,
    Hancock, Harrison, Jackson and Pearl River counties,
    elevation grants and public housing,
    Neighborhood Home Program,
    Stone, George, Lamar, Forrest and Jones counties,
    Jeff Hughes,
    Joe Cloyd,
    Cloyd and Associates, LLC,
    Ann Bowden-Hollis,
    Butler, Snow, O

  7. Check this out. I was really surprised Cloyd did no brag in the SH article about his newest CDBG/MDA/LTWH project on Lamey Bridge Road in D’Iberville just about a mile north of Sangani Blvd that I guess Michael Janus helped him get thru the City process before he left on administrative leave. This was originally funded as work force housing but looks more like a fun and sun club on the river for that AARP crowd. Could not find one word of it on the MsMDA site under there LTWH category but the sign on the site says it is work force housing. Calling all Walmart greeters, this one is for you. RFP, Time For Change, Eye -Spy help me out. Lets figure how they transformed this into CLUB RED. The SOS has Cloyd as the managing member of Lamey Bridge Senior Development LLC. Heck,its Saturday night an I ain’t got nobody. I my as well dig deeper into this mystery .

    1. I will gladly help out but I will warn you, I am not familiar with this territory and my top priority has been gathering intelligence regarding DMR activities. I am going to have to be educated in this field first. 🙂

      I am ready.

  8. Attention Slabbed Nation and Snake Nation!!!!!

    Has anyone thought about starting a second protest. A protest at the Bolton Building on the same day as the next commision meeting. I think the meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month.

    The protest at ocean springs got good support and people took notice.

    A protest for public support on the questionable hiring practices going on that involve our state money.

    1. Every third Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the Bolton Building in Biloxi. A protest would be great as its a shame what the DMR has been turned into. This clown that took over has made/is making a mockery of the people of the coast and he needs to be stopped

      1. I am hearing there will be more employee departures. Slabbed New Media would certainly cover any picketing outside the Bolton Building.

        1. Tight intelligence from inside operators have expressed grave concern regarding a motion to lift the state protection for employees for quite some time now. The rumor mill has also mentioned that Jamie Miller is pushing and backing this motion but that cannot be officially confirmed.

          It would be one thing if positions were determined to be not needed but this certainly does not seem to be the case to me. The action of letting good employees go, and have positions filled without advertisement by highly questionable employees should be of public concern. What we may be seeing here is a shuffling game going on with loop holes created so the politically connected can collect the spoils. In the near future, I suspect we will be enlightened of another internal move that may bring additional speculation. If one has been paying attention to various comments in the articles then they will be able to connect some loose ends.

          It would be interesting to see if a correlation could be draw between employees who have been fired and if those employees had the rights of state protection.

          1. He addressed his employees a few months ago and did make it known he was pushing to have the DMR taken out from under the state personnel board. I’m not sure what this means for the current employees but it may be what you are hearing from the rumor mill

        2. Excellent idea. This gathering could cover many DMR problems and concerns. I wonder if Bill Walker would attend? Maybe he would just stay in the Range Rover in the parking lot holding the baby in his arms with the A/C turned off. A photo op for sure. I am in.

          1. I need a little help rallying Snake Nation and the rest of the readers on SH. It’s been quiet on the latest article for about 24 hours. As far as a protest goes, I am willing to help out with supplies and propaganda.

  9. My Fellow Americans,

    For the good of the hard working employees at the DMR I would like to take this opportunity to offer encouragement to organize and consider installing a local union at the DMR. For those who have been keeping up with the paper and reading comments I am afraid that this may be just the beginning. More especially if the protection is lifted on your department. In the last 6 months or so, we have seen what appears to be innocent and hard working employees at the DMR let go for no apparent reason and friends and pals be hired under a very devious process that is currently in place.

    Think of it this way–any level of protection is better than none if you are not a member of “the in crowd” you could be a target. Also, as it stands now, don’t think you can go to your HR department for help because that will be useless. They are there for management and will pretty much do anything they tell them to.

    I have heard that the state has an employee union in Jackson but I heard it is not worth a hoot. Somebody may correct me if this is wrong. I strongly believe if employees are interested they would benefit from local and direct representation rather than messing with the one in Jackson.

    Here are some contacts for inquiries for those who are interested.

    I would recommend contacting these organizations and expressing your opinion to see what can be done about getting a local union. For your confidentiality, I would call anonymously and just inquire about the details. They should be able to direct you in a way that your cover is not blown.


  10. Everyone in the Slabbed Nation and Snake Nation needs to start to talking to there friends, family and anyone else who will listen. Get them to understand exactly how this whole situation affects them. There are a lot of people still who have no idea just how bad it is. People need to know they are getting robbed. They need to know that good people have had there lives destroyed because of greed and the need for power by others. They need to realize that it didn’t end with Walker and Shumate being removed. The same things are still happening and more people will be hurt by the actions of the thieves that are in charge now. They are just as slimy and dirty as sewage that was there before.

  11. To BlackMamba. SeaSnake, CloudStrife, Landscam, Eye-Spy, CottonMouth,,TimeforChange BiloxiBlues, and last but not least WalkergateGroupie;

    I love all your monikers and encourage ya’ll to investigate the possibility of a suitable avatar to complement and add color to your on spot comments and the cause. I’m just imagining a bunch of lethal snake pictures,, crawling eyeball, ominous clouds, land for sale sign, etc… The possibilities for WalkergateGroupie though I can’t even speak about but are limitless.

    gotta’ love the 1958 “Crawling Eye”:

    Carry on bros,’ keep gettin’ in dere’ faces and in dere’ hoods.

    1. Warning this comment is totally tongue in check, and NSFW, especially at the Bolton Building!

      I doubt there will ever be someone posting here under Mr. Potatohead Plaster Caster. But I am reserving same in case I need to change my identity.

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