About the shooting of the 14 year old professional thief in the Marigny

I do not see any resemblance to the Zimmerman shooting here. In fact, residents that were sick and tired of the systemic crime in the neighborhood inflicted by thuggish teenagers that obviously have very deficient home lives parented by those either unable or unwilling to accept ALL the responsibilities that go with having kids was well publicized.

Given incidents like this from last April (h/t John Harper):

Can anyone really blame Merritt Landry for shooting the young, albeit already career criminal that jumped his fence at 2AM to perpetrate another crime?  After all, it was not that long ago the following ran on Fox 8 where the perpetrators dared a homeowner to shoot them:

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I am told that here in Mississippi to be sure the body hits within your property lines.  As a general rule I do not approve of capital punishment for property crimes but when a victim and perpetrator come into contact during the commission of such a crime I’ll give the victim the benefit of a doubt every time.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this case.

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  1. I knew the kid who got shot; I worked at the charter school he attended when I was with Teach for America.

    He was a friendly kid, lots of energy. Not particularly studious, but that’s unfortunately par for the course at most of these schools. He was kinda ADHD, kept jumping from one idea to another. Basically one of the better kids I worked with.

    I can believe that he was stealing things, though. His family situation wasn’t that great, and he and his folks struggled with money issues. He asked me for money once (I turned him down). Unfortunately, he lived in a culture where crime was seen as a reasonable means of making ends meet.

    So yeah, he probably did have criminal intentions. A career criminal though? I really have to disagree. He was a basically decent kid who made bad decisions and tried to rob the wrong guy.

    I guess I can’t really blame Merritt Landry for what he did; I’d like to think I would have exercised more discretion but he was protecting his property. But I think it’s pretty cold of you to profile the victim as just some criminal hood rat who got what was coming to him; he deserves a little more sympathy.

    1. I think I exhibited the right amount of sympathy but I am open to suggestion there. The following is what I base my professional thief statement upon:

      Although Coulter’s relatives have acknowledged that he has a history of arrests for “stealing,” they said he has never used a gun.


      This is one of many such statements made by the kid’s family in the aftermath.

      Trayvon Martin I have great sympathy for but not someone that was shot while perpetrating a crime.

      1. I agree with you both. It actually kind of seems like your viewpoints are not that dissimilar. In a perfect world, he would have shot the kid in the leg. But the kid penetrated the fortress with ill-intent when the guy’s family was home sleeping. Landry had no way of knowing the kid was unarmed. And given these facts, anyone who argues that he would have acted differently in Landry’s situation is not being truthful. Very commendable that Calph worked with Teach for America.

        This is NOT AT ALL like Martin/Zimmerman.

  2. Prince Criticizing; Can’t believe you say this was not like Trayvon- Zimmerman. Trayvon was also perpetrating a crime of aggravated assault with potentially deadly consequences ( concrete and trayvon saw Zimmerman’s firearm and who was going to get that firearm first was the survivor) with no way for softy Zimmerman to escape.. The difference, Landry was safe in his home and could call 911 while defending with deadly force any attempt of home invasion..

    I would have wisely told the kid to halt, if not then fired to miss him just to give him a lesson about what stealing at 2 am may lead to. Landry is in deep do-do and needs defense money besides one hellva defense attorney. If the Rev. Jackson shows up Landry is toast.

    1. It can be interpreted as Trayvon Martin was standing his ground against George Zimmerman. I find very strange that the prosecutors didn’t make more of an issue of the fact that Trayvon’s body ended up 15 feet from the sidewalk with no concrete in close proximity.
      Martin also did not encounter the fat guy who appeared the trial. Zimmerman was at least 40 lbs. leaner.

      1. Don’t mind lockemuptight. He is a keyboard tough guy whose views on everything are one-dimensional. He sees the world through dick-colored glasses.

  3. Prince Criticizing: ” Dick- colored glassed”- That’s exactly why I can clearly see you through those glasses as a giant 3D dick who is so Dumb, he can’t Debate but Denies the facts and law and prefers to trash the messenger.

    What you stupidly say that your yard is your “fortress” is BS and will be in the eyes of the jury as you can’t go outside and shoot somebody if he’s stealing your hubcaps bro. unless he pulls a big ass shiny firearm on you and the bros know better than that.

    Take the lead from your hero Trayvon and go buy some skittles, soda, cough medicine, a $2 pair of field glasses at Dick’s Sporting Goods, get high and look in the mirror because you, like the President, could be a 3D Trayvon Martin.

  4. Prince, lockemup

    Your wrong. If he felt threatened the only option when it comes to firing a gun is shoot to kill. If you aim for the leg the threat is not enough to fire the weapon. If you have time to think shoot to injure you are wrong.

    If you shoot to scare someone off that at a minimum is brandishing and may be assault. The only time you can legally use a weapon is if you are threatened your life is in danger and the only alternative is shoot to kill. Anything else just don’t use it or throw the gun at him but don’t fire it.

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