Taking ownership of something not worth owning: Antonio West and the concept of False Equivalancy

I’ve now gotten the Antonio West email twice. I always run these things through Snopes and here is what Snopes has to say about comparing Trayvon Martin with West:

The comparisons in the example text between the killings of Trayvon Martin and Antonio West are an example of false equivalency, however, as the two cases are nearly polar opposites. In the Trayvon Martin case, there was never any doubt as to the identity of his killer (George Zimmerman), yet several weeks elapsed before the shooter was charged with a crime and taken into custody, and the local police were widely criticized for mishandling the investigation of the incident. In the Antonio West case the identity of the killer(s) was initially unknown, but suspects were quickly determined through police investigation and then promptly arrested and charged, with no one suggesting that local police mishandled any aspect of the case. The circumstances of the Trayvon Martin case therefore fostered the public perception (correct or not) that the case would never have been properly investigated and adjudicated had it not been widely publicized in the media, but nothing about the Antonio West suggested that anyone need “rush to Brunswick GA to demand justice” in order for justice to be done.

The Antonio West killing did garner a fair amount of national coverage (particularly on CNN) at the time it occurred, but that level of attention soon waned when suspects were arrested and charged within days of the shooting. In a country that sees over 16,000 homicides every year, only a small handful receive prolonged national attention, and the Antonio West case had no sensational or controversial aspects of the type that typically drive ongoing national media coverage.

In other news we have a shocking crime right here in the greater Soggy Bottom Metropolitan area complete with a reader email containing a reference to a 1970 era movie that tickled me:

The two older ones should be forced to play like Michael and Nicky did.


Old movie trivia is always a winner and sure to generate witty commentary. 😉

10 thoughts on “Taking ownership of something not worth owning: Antonio West and the concept of False Equivalancy”

  1. OK Sop

    You know me and I don’t post much or get in these shit fights. In addition this will be my only comment.
    The whole Martin/Zimmerman thing is as much BS as you claim the whole immigration thing is.
    The press has made this into a black white issue. Zimmerman is as white as our president. The press can’t have it both ways

    If you want to look at a case that is closer to the Zimmerman case but reversed look no further that the Roderick Scott case in New York, a non stand you ground state I might add. Good luck finding the case reported as it really was under reported. And no, Snopes has nothing on it

    Make no mistake….Zimmerman was a scared punk. That said a jury found him not guilty and that’s that


        1. Well good. What I don’t get is people taking ownership of an imbecile in George Zimmerman, apparently because he is white, using other tragedies to attempt to justify it. Has the criminal justice system become some sort of modern day blood sport thanks to the TeeVee news? It sure looks like it to me. This is why I tuned out for the most part.

  2. Ignatius,” this one’s for you” bro.


    Can’t wait till Obama and Holder read about the violent past and nature of Ttrayvon who was the true racist here who was made the scapegoat to trigger the blacks rising up and supporting the Master race baiters, Sharpton and the Rainbow Man. Waiting for a journalist to ask the President was he that violent 35 years ago when he”… could have been Trayvon”.

  3. Pardon me, but there is no “moral equivalency” between the Trayvon Martin case (the 17 year old was “allegedly” shot after breaking his killer’s nose, and attempting to grind his killer’s face into a concrete sidewalk) and the Antonio West case (a 13 month old infant who was executed in the course of an armed robbery by a 15-year old and a 17-year old “URBAN TERRORISTS”, who also shot the Mother, who had no money to give these CRIMINALS and was pleading for her son’s life when they shot him, point blank, in the head. THAT’s a 13 MONTH OLD INFANT, PEOPLE. Since it’s “politically incorrect” to use the “N” word anymore, let’s call these murderers what they are: FUCKING ANIMALS. And let me give you a few more lessons: Although Negros make up only 13% of the population of the United States, will someone explain to me why they account for over 50% of the murders in this country? Does anyone have the statistics on armed robbery, rape, burglary and car theft, not to mention illegal gun crimes, including being a felon in possession of a firearm? And here’s some more information about the molestation (sexual battery) of little 6-year old Ahtillia North last weekend. The self-confessed “stabber”, ie, the murderer, had an outstanding warrant out against him for “carnal knowledge of a juvenile” since last April. Could it be that “the extended Family members” knew about this and were protecting him? With this knowledge, why did Ahtillia’s Family (including her “step-father”, who was the perpetrator’s Uncle, and the child’s Mother. allow the perpetrator to LIVE WITH THEM for a term of months prior to the murder? (The “Lame Stream Media” has not produced the Certificate of Marriage between Ahlittia’s Mother and the step-father – and for that matter, no one has produced the Certificate of Marriage between the biological Father and the Mother). And by the way, the Mother is age 20, meaning that when she gave birth to Ahtillia she was only 14 years old. Isn’t that STATUTORY RAPE by the biological Father? The murderer, the step-father’s nephew, learned his lessons well in that Family, for which he will, hopefully, spend the rest of his life in a cage (where he should have been before the murder, and with some “company”). Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. It is obvious your heart is broken, like mine and others, over our current helpless circumstances. The moneyed few don’t want it to be fixed, Mr. O’Dwyer. That is the bottom line. They would rather invest in nefarious ways to keep the Old Order alive, than admit that there is more profit for them when more people can have a good education and can live in good health and financial well-being. They’d rather invest in ways to convince you that civil rights have been restored for all, and there’s no need to discuss it any further or throw money at it because it’s obvious “those people” cannot be helped, and the government is too big already! Generations of children lost in New Orleans due to simple greed. And so many who could have contributed, employers and educators who wanted to help make a difference, were blackballed, blacklisted, shunned and discredited by the privileged few. (I think I was introduced to that concept in Rising Tide before I saw it with my own eyes.)

      There are rumblings here on the Coast that a law enforcement department targeted a politician for arrest. Does that surprise you? Is it a false equivalency to relate the lawless treatment you received to the thousands of other times it has occurred over the last hundred and fifty years, primarily against minorities? Is it such a big stretch that lawlessness begets lawlessness? I don

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