Other voices | Wednesdays Wars: Malala Yousafzai, Judge Debra Nelson, Marion Bartoli: Doing Their Jobs

Judge Debra Nelson

Judge Debra Nelson, a former substitute school teacher and county prosecutor, was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to the Circuit Court in Florida in May of 1999. She was chosen to sit on the Zimmerman case by a lottery selection process of Florida judges.

Before the Zimmerman trial began, she was reasonably well known in the Florida legal community, and totally unknown outside of the state. For the 15 days of the Zimmerman trial, she was the best-known judge in the world. Her every move was analyzed and dissected by millions worldwide.

One TV analyst described her as, “An equal-opportunity curmudgeon.” If being quietly competent, decisive, and prepared makes one a “curmudgeon”, she qualified. She exerted total control of the courtroom while allowing each side reasonable latitude to make their best case.

She respected the gravity of the occasion. She had the mother and father of a dead teenager in the same room with his admitted killer, and the parents of the killer. She successfully ensured an orderly and fair proceeding. Continue Reading…………

One thought on “Other voices | Wednesdays Wars: Malala Yousafzai, Judge Debra Nelson, Marion Bartoli: Doing Their Jobs”

  1. “Suffer no legal consequences”??? WTF?

    A news flash – being a defendant in a criminal matter with the full weight of the State against you, with a federal investigation and a civil action constitutes “legal consequences” in anyone’s book, Sparky.

    I am truly amazed at how many supposedly intelligent people subscribe to the notion under Statism that the serfs are automatically guilty in deed or in thought. I’ve defended my share in court, and ANYTIME you have the full weight of State psychopaths weighed against you, I’ll gladly let ten guilty go free so that one innocent is not deprived.

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