See why it is time for Vern and pals to go, know what I mean?

Behold the terrible price of unbridled greed!

Inspector general audit questions millions in CIAP grants at DMR ~ Anita Lee and Paul Hampton

Unfortunately the piece does not have the actual draft report but it is safe to say this is what happens when a gaggle of uninterested stooges, distracted by toys and freebie deep sea fishing trips comprises the Board of Directors of any entity. In fact dysfunctional Boards of Directors are the norm in these situations.  And when a Federal Auditor issues a finding and question cost, that does not mean the auditor has a question about something. Rather it is the first and most important step in making a (sub)grantee gone bad pay misspent money back.  The Commission of Marine Resources, per their power under the Mississippi Code, had to approve each and every one of these specious transactions.  Just like with the Housing Authority of Jefferson Parish, given what we know about the extent of the problems, the odds of having to pay back massive sums of money back are overwhelming. In that respect it matters not the audit is not final.

Today’s cost to the taxpayers of Mississippi: $30 $12 million dollars.

The IG evidently had a little something for everyone, even my peeps in the land of Dizzy Dean:

A grant totaling about $1 million, including $788,300 added through an amendment, has been designated for the Old Wire Road Trail Project in Stone County, a 20-mile asphalt trail along an old telegraph line. Stone County, the audit says, “is a land-locked county not designated as an eligible recipient for CIAP grants.”

Stone County’s grant consultant, Nell Murray, also serves as a commissioner for the Heritage Area, as did six others who either managed or potentially benefited from CIAP money, the audit says. Murray could not be reached to comment.

There is one Slabbed reader that, when I point out something way in the inside or drop a major stink bomb, will contact me and the greeting is laughter. Welp folks, I can envision this conversation:

Hehehehehehehe Nell Murray Hehehehehehehe

Nell have a conflict of interest??? Who wudda thunk such a thing?

At this point I’d like to add that I never had a high opinion of the Sierra Club (sold out to reinsurers from tax havens such as Bermuda) and whatever good opinion I had of the Nature Conservancy evaporated today with news they too prostrated themselves before baby Walker.

The Sun Herald also reports the Inspector General closed the loop on the true extent of the various taxpayer funded Walker family enterprises including the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, itself a related yet discreet tentacle of the corruption uncovered at DMR as it intimately involves the City of D’Iberville.  The entire story is a sickening read but at least we now know which side of the family Scott gets his good looks from as the accompanying story photo has a good pic of Sharon Walker along with her man servant Moby Solangi.

Finally the gang on the Sun Herald Editorial Board again excoriates the Commission on Marine Resources as the tab for their dereliction of fiduciary duty comes into much sharper focus.

So does the Walker family have any comments on this turn of events?  Well, kinda via the blog maintained by Scott Walker’s wife Trinity at The Walker family has taken a wonderful, lengthy Alaska vacation, which Trinity has catalogued on her pages.  I could be wrong but I think she is saying, suckers we stuck you with a bill for $30 $12 million dollars and by the way, f*ck off while we spent the ill gotten loot.  At least this is the message I get from reading it anyway.

I imagine in time the report upon which the Sun Herald based it’s reporting will bubble up as we have water lines to nowhere via no bid contracts in Hancock County to account for and it is certainly addressed along with a bevy of other pertinent matters. Stay tuned.

14 thoughts on “See why it is time for Vern and pals to go, know what I mean?”

  1. What is really funny about the Walker’s recent vacation to Alaska is the state has had a heat wave going on with temperatures in some areas in the 90s. I guess based on what is known the heat follows Scott everywhere.

  2. Returning after a few days away to the new look Slabbed, some Lynyrd, and another OIG draft audit report.

    “For the past several weeks and months, Dr. William Walker and his family have been the victims of unrelenting innuendos by a local south Mississippi newspaper. The insinuations against the Walkers appear to be fueled largely by leaks from some government offices and contain no specific allegations of wrongdoing. These leaks can only compromise the efforts of a fair investigation and unfairly smear Dr. Walker. Dr. Walker has engaged in no wrongdoing.

    “Dr. Walker has dedicated his career to the improvement of marine resources in and along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. He has done so with integrity and without self-enrichment.

    “We have been engaged to represent Dr. Walker. We do not plan to respond to each story the press may choose to run in this matter. We are confident that Dr. Walker’s good name and the career of this dedicated public servant will be vindicated.”

    1. I enjoy the new look myself. It seems to be a bit more contemporary and pleasing to the “Eye” when reading the text. Jamie, The Walkers, what do you all think of the new look?

  3. RFP,

    Call me ignorant if you wish but where did you find the quoted text?

    I am not going to say its funny but if insinuations are made against any investigation it may have a negative effect and its probably not good to do.

    What I do find funny is the term “leaks from government offices.” Yes, it does sound like the fine work of inside operators working at ground zero. Its one thing to make false accusations or insinuations about a person, and its another if someone is joking around, offers an opinion, “hears a rumor”, or really has a legitimate case.

    I think the best page of the report was on page 60 (last page) where it gives contact information regarding government fraud, waste and abuse. I would encourage anyone to report these types of matters to the proper authorities at once if they are witnessed. In other words, PIMP the crooks out anonymously if you have to.

    That could be an interesting addition to the Slabbed Blog. 🙂 A website section called “Pimped Like a Mutha.” It could include a photograph of the “Pimped” and attached documentation to support the cause for being “Pimped.”

    1. It came from a Sun Herald story on the Walkers lawyering up. If I know RFP he’ll be around later with a link.

    2. Sorry for the delayed response, still on vacation!

      That quote was apparently from a press release issued by Daddy Walkers legal crew some time ago. I don’t have the link to the press release itself handy, but it got media coverage when issued.

      I’ll post some of the links where this press release was mentioned. As usual the comments were interesting, as most folks weren’t buying what Walker was selling. I don’t remember where I got the quote. Some of these just republished the Sun Herald report.

  4. Well it looks like the DMR is going to sell off the boats. Bravo to the person who made this happen as it will save the state money in maintenance costs.

    I may have to place a bid on one of the boats myself. If anyone is interested we can conduct a reinactment of taking high profile people out for a fishing trip. I am thinking we could set it up right after the reinactment of the Diberville landing.

  5. I am in. I want to play the Big Tuna, Scott Walker. My outfit will consist of white slacks, an Ole Ms. button down red shirt, polished deck shoes and a sweater tied around my neck!!! I will have to practice that “Hotty Toddy” as said by the Snottys. I will also arrange the catering/food menu. I will import lobster for bait. We must recruit others. I think we should ask Al Jones from the Sunherald to be Ashley Edwards, they sort of favor.Glad I got in early so I can practice acting feminine. Its hard to do when you are out in a big boat trying to be butch.I heard Scott always got seasick after a few of those Kentucky Bourbons .I refuse to do that. I can only stand Miller beer with my Ms. State Bulldogs!!!!

    1. A con-profit costume party? How could I miss it? Can we stop off for drinks at the Harbor Landing?

      I prefer beers with my bait, but am not too picky when others are buying. Look forward to the networking opportunities, and hobnobbing with impersonators of some of the coast’s finest operators. I hear one can get rich “researching”, and “surveying”, and “inspecting” on these type boats. How much bait eating and drinking gets done probably depends who is on board. I will be attending incognito, just make my reservation in the name of Mr. Potato Head. What to look for hint: some of this one and a lot of this one!

      Who can keep a secret? If you see a Hotty Toddy Mr. Potato Head say hi to rfp!

      1. I’ve been on vacation so long I messed up my links!

        A con-profit costume party? How could I miss it? Can we stop off for drinks at the Harbor Landing?

        I prefer beers with my bait, but am not too picky when others are buying. Look forward to the networking opportunities, and hobnobbing with impersonators of some of the coast

        1. I am laughing so hard I cannot finish my lunch!!!!.I love the Ole Miss football costume the best .I know cheerleading , like his mentor Trent Lott, is more Scott’s style.. A cruise by Harbor Landing, the Reynolds-Harris- Palazzo property, and the very large home on East Beach that was raided several weeks back are all must see sites . I am starting to see a business model forming here. Could by one of these boats for a few thousand dollars and put together a dinner voyage serving up the finest catered bait while cruising by these CONPROFIT LANDMARKS. I wonder where I apply for one of those CIAP grants because this part of coastal history needs to be preserved for future generations.

  6. Sign me up for the Silver Dollar trip. Myself and 2 friends can go as legislators Wiggins, Smith, and Monsour. Of course we’ll need an angry Irishman to stand in for McKay.

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