53 thoughts on “BREAKING: The Louisiana Judicial Campaign Oversight Committee has issued a public statement on the Division D race”

  1. Themisnola will drop by soon to tell everybody how dumb the Committee is.

    I, for one, appreciate slabbed’s honest reporting of this. Once upon a time, you endorsed the candidate who now has been found to have violated two separate judicial canons in two separate instances. What a way this would be to don the robe and take the bench.

  2. Prince, this is just another moment when a principled man is ashamed of the government under which he lives. The idea of receiving “justice” from either of the two puppets running for office is a farce.

    1. What does the “principled man” comment mean? Everyone should be ashamed of JP Govt. I guess when my hand is forced, I’ll take the one who does less lying and cheating to get into office.

          1. Mencken once wrote that there are times when men are ashamed of the government they are under and that at those times, you raise the black flag and slit a few throats.

            Here, though, we are treated to the usual spectacle of two klowns who are through the alchemy of an “election” deemed possessed of all-perceived wisdom to render justice.


            The lesser of two clowns or evil is still to end up with a clown or evil.

  3. So it was issued on the Friday before the election and there is no hard copy newspaper in the area on Saturdays…going to be interesting to see which Main Stream Media groups pick it up and report on it. Been seeing several of Landry’s big signs coming down off houses in the area…word must be getting out already. Not good for Landry IMHO…even if she does manage to squeak in this will be a black cloud over her and any re-election hopes in 2014 ( since this is just to finish Robert Murphy’s term). Agh.

  4. It would be unfortunate if campaign missteps would help the less qualified candidate win – we shall see

    1. ” campaign missteps” Themisnola please type the following words to verify you are not a family robo >>>>> intentional liars

  5. Wouldn’t it be interesting, and appropriate, if the ODC were to discipline her for violating the code of professional responsibility, and suspend her from the practice of law for 3 years?

  6. connick will be having steak tonight. two in fact. one over each of his black eyes. try convicting the

  7. From wwltv.com:

    Statement from Tom Owen, attorney for Landry:
    “The Landry campaign has received the public statement from the Judicial Campaign Oversight Committee.
    While the campaign respects the role of the Committee to issue public statements, it fundamentally disagrees on the Committee’s conclusions with respect to Ms. Landry’s or any other citizen’s right to discuss Mr. Schlegel’s job performance, particularly as he has repeatedly stated that such performance makes him qualified for judicial office. While Ms. Landry agrees that an elected judge should refrain from making comments on open cases before the Court on which the judge actually sits, she believes that a judicial candidate – just like any other U.S. citizen or the media – has a First Amendment right to discuss the competency of her opponent’s job performance. To chill speech to prohibit criticism of a candidate’s job performance when that candidate boasts of his job credentials prevents the public from learning the facts necessary to determine the weight to give to that candidate’s assertions – a result which the First Amendment was designed to protect. For this reason, the Landry campaign believes that the Committee’s position as to the scope of the judicial canon at issue here is overbroad because if applied in the manner the Committee suggests it would violate the U.S. Constitution and the protection provided to individuals by the First Amendment, particularly as the information used in the campaign was first written and published by the daily newspaper for all to read and digest and thus was already publicly available.
    Further, with respect to the Jacobs matter, we do not believe that the campaign material is misleading or false. The Committee states the excerpts describe “various violent offenses” and that the charges Mr. Schlegel dismissed did not concern “acts of violence.” But the Committee’s description is incorrect. The excerpts in the July 15, 2003 letter do not concern actual physical harm, but the threat of physical harm

    1. I guess because WWL doesn’t have a horse in the race like the T-P does, you get both sides of the issue as one would expect from an unbiased news source.

      1. I have been delighted to host the ongoing debate between the candidates in this election. It is a natural fit due to the subject matter we tackle here on Slabbed.

        Let it be unequivocably said the Landry campaign has left it all on the field of battle. Exactly what the campaign left on the field is a subject I’ll tackle gratis in part two of FUD. 😉

        I hope everyone goes out and votes for the candidate of their choice.

        1. I would say you’ve strained the bounds of being diplomatic. I’m sure you have your reasons.

          1. Actually I do. Hilary Landry and her hubby Mickey are longtime members of the greater Slabbed Nation and I’m not willing to eat my own peeps as a general rule.

            Plus in a day and age where so many races go uncontested she hopped in with both feet and no small measure of their own personal wealth to give voters in Division D a choice and that should count for something.

            I have my own opinions on this race but the world survived without them and Slabbed still got the site visits thus the pleased to host the ongoing debate part.

  8. Themisnola- are you kidding? an unbiased news source? that quote came straight from the mouth of Landry’s attorney.

    1. “While Ms. Landry agrees that an elected judge should refrain from making comments on open cases before the Court on which the judge actually sits, she believes that a judicial candidate

  9. Seriously, Hilary Landry superimposed Scott Schlegel’s signature on a document he didn’t sign ?

    I see her commercials this morning touting that she has “twice as much experience” as Scott Schlegel.

    She has been practicing law a little more than 12 years, Schlegel, a little more than 8 years…so I guess her campaign would argue she is not being “misleading,” but simply exercising her constitutional right to be bad at math.

  10. Around and around the BS political lies go in the JP political election toilet but when you unethically attempt to flush excess amounts like Hilary…..

    it overflows, back into the powerful faces of her supporters, smells and permanently stains such a rude and unprofessional women with tarnished brass balls who aggressively wants to leave all her BS crap “on the field”.


      1. Just the opposite … MONEY and the politico mafioso can’t always shove THEIR chosen one down the public’s throat … Noodle’s endorsement is the kiss of defeat …

        1. No, by your simplistic “reasoning” the Jeff Republicans and the T-P just shoved their chosen one down the public’s throat.

          1. Did you really just write what I just read … that the T-P endorsement and the JP Republicans (the majority being the same politicians who endorsed Landry) have more influence than the JP politico mafioso ? WOW ! … maybe there is hope for the future …

          2. Good call, Whitmer – your observation recalls the mysterious nature of former groupings known as “fronts” where you had the usual suspects on the letterhead.

          3. You simpletons don’t recognize very many literary devices, do you? Must have slept through high school English.

          4. Here are some idioms to describe the angry, whiny Themisnola:

            “Hot under the collar.”
            “Mad as a wet hen.”
            “Steam coming out of his ears.”

            Nothing will change the fact that you lost miserably on your sole mission for commenting here.

          5. Themis, I am puzzled that you did not point out the hypocricy of the Jefferson repukes who in turn constitute the majority of JeffGov’s kleptocrats. If anything, such reveals Mrs. Landry was taken to the cleaners by her supposed “supporters.”

            By the way, Themis, I still would question how it is that a distict atorney with a staff of hire-and-fire-at-will employees would allow his employees to work at cross purposes unless he gave them the green light. Sure as hell wouldn’t happen in any of the other parishes.

          6. Empire, I don’t know the DA at all so don’t have any first hand knowledge, but your point regarding his endorsement versus his staff’s active and very public campaigning the other way is hard not to notice. Like I said, I don’t have enough info to assign motives or explanations, but it certainly is odd to say the least.

      2. Just full of excuses; nothing like losing gracefully. Yesterday, it was the dumb Sup. Ct. oversight committee, today it’s the dumb voters. I agree with Empire Parish on a lot, but at least this election was not bought. All of the media “information” was put on TV by the Landry campaign, so if the voters had low information (and I don’t believe for a second they did), it came from all of those inaccurate flyers and TV commercials put out by Landry. Low turnout elections like this actually bring out the more educated voters.

        Oh, and by the way, lots of good that toll vote did; just another bunk theory from you.

        1. Please cite where I said either the Committee or the voters were dumb. After you do that, I will think about responding to your childish mindless nonsense. Helpful hint: low information has nothing to do with intelligence. There are enough opinions on here that have some relationship to fact to interest me, your’s – not so much.

          1. You are a crybaby. Your “candidate” got DEMOLISHED after spending a fortune; the other guy spent a fraction. You lost. Eat it, own it, and move on. Or you can continue throwing your baby fits, and everyone will bat you around like a pinata like they’ve been doing the past several weeks.

          2. Themisnola: There you go again just like OnASteed- “Please cite where I said”- but he always said ‘cite in quotations’

            You can change the words up but its still the same old same old .How about going back over to NOLA.com and duke it out with Copperhead they like you over there. That is unless you want to print out your recipe for Hilary’s Steamed BS, her famous Blackened Pulled Pork or better yet her Sweet and Sour Noodle Soup..

        2. Prince, all I’m noting is that the establishment wins even when it allegedly loses. Covering the bet on both horses, especially when both horses are owned by the same group, is the centuries old way to go.

      3. that mediocrity rules is a given, and unfortunately the bar is even lower in most instances.

        low voter turn out is a given, and unfortunately it doesn’t matter what information is provided.

        so what’s your point ?

  11. buisson is a worn out joke and his puppet-master sheriff norman is a blustering bully. mrs. landry need go no further to share the blame in such an overwhelming and humiliating defeat. well, maybe da connick should be included also.

  12. It is one thing to outspend a candidate 5 to 1 and lose.

    It is a completely different thing to spend that much money and manage to humiliate yourself.

    Landry lost in a landslide and she had all the money to deliver her message.

    It doesn’t say a lot for her campaign manager. She should get her money back because all Buisson managed to do was get Hilary Landry humiliated.

    Hilary Landry is a smart woman and she should have managed her image and her campaign better than she did.

    I didn’t support her in the election, and I don’t think she had the credentials to win the election. I do, however, think she is intelligent and driven enough to have been an effective judge.

    It is unfortunate that the election took the turn that it did because we had two young candidates that could have done some good for Jefferson Parish.

  13. well I’m just elated! for a change less acceptable of the two unworthies won! ‘ray! ‘ray!

    more impressed by the vote of “no confidence” inherent in the failed millage issues.

  14. What a horrible campaign. Ms. Landry should have fired her campaign manager, Greg Buisson, at the outset. It was nothing but missteps and more missteps. Themisnola misses that exact point.

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