The 24th JDC Division D race enters the home stretch

And Paul Purpura was there at the final weigh in.

Landry, Schlegel spar one last time before Saturday’s judicial race in Jefferson Parish ~ Paul Purpura

Paul gets to the bottom of all the recent campaign skullduggery including the use of the Dantin molestation case in an anti Schlegel mailer, a topic both I and Paul have covered in detail.  Paul received a statement from the victims family in Dantin and the contents of the statement do not surprise me in light of the fact I edited a post at the request of the victims family that was hard on the DA’s office.  I’m not gonna go into the particulars here in respect for the family’s privacy and besides Paul said it nicely anyway:

The ad led the boy’s mother to release a statement Monday to | The Times-Picayune, and to Schlegel’s campaign. The woman, who is not being identified to protect her son’s identity, said she does not fault Schlegel and says he and the district attorney’s office “has done a fine job in representing my family in this case.”

“The case is still pending and I find it reprehensible that someone running for judge would exploit this horrible tragedy involving my son for their own political gain,” she said in the statement. Schlegel, who assisted in the prosecution as “second chair,” read her statement to the audience.

OTOH Landry has finally honed in on Schlegel’s lack of civil trial experience, something that should have been rolled out in the beginning of the campaign IMHO.

Questions appearing to favor Landry provided her with the platform on which to highlight her experience in civil law and, in particular, child custody matters – experience Schlegel concedes he lacks but which she said is required.

I’ve been pleased with the response to Slabbed’s coverage of this judicial race as everyone has presented some good points in support of the candidate of their choice.  Landry is endorsed by the JP Alliance for Good Government, Schlegel the Times Picayune.  Slabbed’s endorsement in this race is to go vote for the candidate of your choice and be sure to pester at least one of the 85% or so of the electorate that has tuned out the race.

27 thoughts on “The 24th JDC Division D race enters the home stretch”

  1. So now there are dueling victims in this increasingly ugly competition. Jacobs who was used by Debbie Villio in her runs against Rowan and Steib and now is being used by Landry in her run against Schlegle. And the young boy’s mother in the Dantin pedophile case who Landry is using without getting her permission and who strongly condemns Landry for that transgression. The child’s mother also praises Schlegle and the JP DA office. What is Landry thinking? The only common denominator here is Buisson who is , I believe, handling her campaign.
    And if indeed Landry’s supporters) in particular Connick and Normand who were also sent the original email from the Jacobs woman) knew Landry/Buisson were going to publish “expressly ‘doctored'” documents why didn’t they stop her or at least disavow their support for her campaign? At this point it is becoming exceedingly difficult to give Mrs.Landry any credibility. Have not received today’s mail yet so waiting with great anticipation to see the latest salvos in this skirmish. Cease and desist the false attacks and get down to what you bring to the table…truthfully.

    1. Obvious why nool & paulie didn’t “put the brakes” on buisson/landry: she’s their girl and they were “putting the gas pedal to the metal”. to these “winning” is all about seizing power positions, where the means justify the ends. no limits, no ethic, no class!

      1. Ouch, that proves he is a corrupt p.o.s. doesn’t it? Or at best part of the establishment machine we must stop at all costs, huh?

        1. More name-calling. But I, for one, would never vote for anyone because he/she is endorsed by a local political party, or a national one for that matter.

          But my God, you are all over the place like the guy trying to keep plates from hitting the floor, but you’re stomping around on broken glass. Clearly, you have no capacity for embarrassment.

          1. Ha – said the puppy following me around. Did I accidentally give you some milk or something? Sounding more and more like you’re the one obsessed with Landry…. By the way, not name calling, my cliche-addicted pal, it’s called pointing out the hypocritical double speak these comments are rife with.

          2. I did not even mention the name Landry in my last comment. And the stats on this site will show that I’ve commented here long before you even reared your head, at least under this screen name (we all know the one you were using before).

            And I thought referring to someone as a p.o.s. was name-calling, but that’s just me. So many of your nasty, schoolyard-bully comments are demonstrably false. And we all know what ends up happening to big-mouth bullies, and it will happen to you pretty early Saturday night.

        2. Themisnola: The last jackassery commenter who frequently would professionally taunt other commenters to ‘ cite one false comment I made in quotes’ was OnASteed.Hmmmmmmm

          Looking into Merlin’s crystal ball( which OnASteed did occasionally) I get the vision you and he might be related or been professionally assigned to this new cause after OnASteed posted over 600 comments on NOLA of which 85% was dedicated to the JP Corrupt Scandal.

          After Heebe was set free OnASteed on NOLA quieted down but still occasionally fights with commenter Copperhead over the moot Letten-Heebe issue.

          So if you riding professionally on Hillary better put on yo’ mudder eye shields and set yo’ hand shocker on high cause the voting public, TP and other civic groups have caught on to her misleading BS ads and false mud slingin’ demeanor.

          1. I am savoring this simpatico moment between us, Lock: Neither one of us has any idea what you’re talking about.

          2. Themisnola: You are a slippery little horse jockey aren’t you.

            I commented that your odd request of ‘show me my false statements in quotes’ reminded me of and was a characteristic taunt phase of a similar jackassery commenter who had the monicker of “OnASteed”( who used that phase commonly on NOLA throughout his approximately 700 comments on the JP Corruption Scandal).

            You responded ,”Neither one of us has any idea what you’re talking about.”

            Are you a split personality or something or do you have multiple personalities as I don’t know why you used the phrase “Neither one of us…” Who is the other half of “us”.

            Your slippery response and denial raises my suspicions even more “Themisnola” but continue your muddy,weaving ride on Hilary but hold on tight cause she’s quite a faux “Steed” too.

    1. Schlegle was endorsed by the Greater New Orleans Republicans after their originally endorsed candidate (Sudereth) failed to make the runoff.

  2. I have known Hilary for many years. When she touts her civil law experience, it is also a gross exaggeration. She practiced civil law at Lowe, Stein as a full time lawyer for less than the total amount of time Scott practiced at McGlinchey. After that, she took years off to have her children and was merely a contract attorney for Lowe, Stein. If she worked 10 hours a week that was plenty. I do not know why Scott is not pointing this out. I hope negative campaigning does not turn the tide in her favor.

  3. Reading Purpura’s article, you have to wonder about the peeps of Jefferson Parish suffering a political idiot like Connick. Obviously the man seeks to be a a puppetmaster but lacks the flair and ability of oldtimers who did so without being overt.

  4. And now that Hilary lady is robo calling with that DV victim that was involved in the other campaign! The case that Schlegel dismissed was a misdemeanor and it was prescribed and he had to dismiss it BY LAW. Today this Jacobs lady called my house and said that Schlegel dismissed all of these violent offenses. I know that that is a lie. Do they think that we are stupid? We read the paper and we know the truth. This is so awful. I’m so mad and I’m telling everyone I know. Just awful.

    1. RJ, you’d better look out. Mrs. Landry’s cyber-Karl Rove is going to come for you. Like her campaign, he is all about truth and honesty.

      And all you did in your comment was state indisputable facts.

  5. I just got the same robo call.
    So if Schlegel only got the case AFTER everything had prescribed WHO before him dropped the ball? Maybe that is the real question: who handed him the hot potato that was already rotten and could not be saved?
    Who let it prescribe in the first place? And was Schlegel just the new guy ‘patsy’ who got put on the hot seat?
    AND what is the Jacobs lady getting out of this? If she is lying and Schlegel isn’t the one to blame then why is she lying?
    I believe the old adage used here on Slabbed so often is ” Follow the money”.
    AND how did the JP DA let this case prescribe and why isn’t he on the hot seat?
    Ugh…politics is a messy ugly nasty business…democracy really is like making sausage…sometimes you really don’t want to watch as it is being made.

  6. Let’s compare the email versions:
    The original email from Jacobs to Schlegel et al
    ” Thanks for taking the time to talk with me this morning. BY NO FAULT OF YOURS, had I been notified …”
    The doctored email from Landry’s mailouts:
    “Had I been notified…”
    16 words were deleted by Landry. 16 words exonerating Schlegel.

    1. Uncertainty crept over him – could this woman who everyone was calling a crazy retreaded victim really be counted on to “exonerate” anyone? He wondered whether her estimation of “fault” really counted, anyway?

      He thought – was it, then, nobody’s fault that this woman wasn’t notified?

  7. “They really aren’t going to tell anyone why they should vote for Schegel, are they?” he thought as he noticed the ice cube melting in his watered-down whisky.

    There wasn’t even a clue to be had on the message boards either, he figured, what with everyone talking about Landry. If she’s so bad, why wouldn’t they just ignore her?

    He was glad he lives in Orleans Parish, but wondered why all this candidate’s great qualities weren’t becoming apparent yet.

    1. “Why isn’t she telling me why I should vote for her rather than just why I should not vote for him?” I thought as I sipped my Rioja under my carport. Sure am glad I live in Jefferson Parish where we still can walk the streets at night and in the wee hours of the morning without having to snatch shotguns from criminals…

  8. It was refreshing this morning to see a Landry ad that was more about qualifications…hers and his.

    That is what I am talking about.

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