11 thoughts on “There is one judge whom I get more complaints about than all the others put together……..”

  1. I can only imagine what this bastard judge is up to in other cases. Im quite familiar with the Succession of Kenneth Eugene Carroll. In which the executrix Isabel Wingerter, who happens to be an attorney employed by the state attorney general in Baton Rouge, screwed up an estate to which she wrote the will. She hired a buddy of LaDarts’s, Max Nathan, who proceeded to hand a piece of the case to what seems to be every attorney in the Sessions, Fishman, Nathaqn and Israel firm. The heirs are offered 20,000 while about 500,000 goes missing through mismanagement, attorney, and accounting fees. Anyone who did this would have been thrown out as executor. While the heirs are arguing in front of LaDart for the removal of the executrix for mismanagement and excessive attorney fees, LaDart hires her counsel, Max Nathan, to instruct his court on another succession. Neither Nathan or LaDart disclosed this relationship to the opposing litigants. Not only should the executrix be thrown out on the street, so should the corrupt judge.

    What we need is public crowd sourcing on corrupt judges like this. Maybe then we can run a few of the bad apples off the bench.

    Im anxious to hear what this latest judicial jackassery is all about. Who are the attorneys? Whats the case? Now that we know who the dirt bag judge is! I pray every night that LaDart gets indicted for something so Joe Public wont have to deal with him anymore.

    1. My brothers case is now being handled by this so called justice judge. My brother is set to trial on charges of burglary which he did not commit. Hes trial is set for October and I pray that I can do all in my power so that this LaDart has no hand in his conviction.

  2. Is LaDart altering transcripts again? Rubber stamping a fraudulent accounting? Hearing a case in which his employee is a participant? Ruling contrary to law as per Vandenweghe? Feeding the Beever again?

  3. Another poison apple to note is 22nd judicial judge Knight allowing an alleged relative of fellow 22nd judge Burris, Mike Burris, who also just happened to be a campaign officer of Knight to give his expert financial testimony on the claimed millions in damages to plaintiff.

  4. All one need do is to become familiar with the record in the case of “Younce v. Pacific Gulf Marine, Inc.” which was allotted to this particular Judge. DISGRACEFUL! And the Louisiana Judiciary Commission once again proved itself to be “a toothless tiger”. Does anyone know whether Scheckman played any role in the Younce case? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. Why the law is not enforced when it comes to judges, the louisiana law, states that all judges elected or appointed must step down from the bench at age 70, la dart must be older than that, but nobody enforces it.

  6. Max Nathan is crookeder than a cockroach’s leg. To the commenter above . . . I am aware of several such successions all but mortgaged to Sessions’s fees and the like — Nathan actually suborned his clients’ perjury in one. In the same he had Robert Murphy probate a *moronically* invalid will. Whether judiciary corruption or not, the matter was brought before the Louisiana Bar Association and the Judiciary Commission, the both of which did nothing. Nathan is the preeminent successions lawyer in Louisiana — he is also the lowest scumbag in the lowest trade.

    1. Honorable Judge Murphy, whose wife with Mr Brian Wagner was directly involved in the 20 million dollar traffic camera scandal, was IMHO one of the worst judges in 24th.He was rewarded by his many connections he helped along the way and walked into the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals unopposed. So appropriate. The Fifth has had a historical bad reputation. A Fifth circuit worker committed suicide when he for many years was appointed by judges to illegally read and decide criminal appeals instead of appropriate judges . None of the circuit judges were ever sanctioned or removed for such fraud.

  7. Ross LaDart –
    Hey – its almost fall! Once crooked judge season opens some nice hunter could bring this trophy down, cape him, skin him, cut out his asshole and dump his guts on the ground for the scavengers before putting his mount on a wall somewhere.

  8. Pardon me for not feeling the nice warm vibes courtesy of BGR. I suspect there is something rotten animating the usual suspect “public interests groups” especially when they loudly proclaim they are doing something good for us.

    We got a very good “taste” of such engineering when the idiots in Huey’s house in Red Stick gave us so many wonderful changes to law which proved extremely wonderful to tortfeasors. Like the guy on Saturday Night Live would say, the Legislature was “very, very good” to the usual suspects.

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