Division D runoff election soon, please park responsibly when voting

A reader asked for a 24th JDC Division D runoff election post sending this cautionary note regarding parking at the various polling places which I quote:

PLEASE be reminded to always park legally, even while waiting for carpool. Be aware of your distance from driveways, fire hydrants, and intersections. Our neighbors have vowed to have us towed. Please be respectful of our neighbors’ requests and do not park on their grass or block their driveways. Reminder: Be Kind, Courteous, Respectful, and Responsible toward our neighbors. Thank you for your cooperation.

Consider it done. Remember to go vote.

2 thoughts on “Division D runoff election soon, please park responsibly when voting”

  1. obviously you jest with your humorous sarcasm. the primary produced 15% of the eligible voters, and the second will most probably have a lesser turn out. what’s illegal is having anyone elected with such an apathetic polling of votes. unlawful parking would at least be evidence that a greater number of the sheeple even cared to vote.

    1. Given the political farce going on with the AWOL DA among others playing both candidates, the average voter may just well conclude Tweedledee/Tweedledum.

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