It’s election day in Metry: Slabbed makes a Division D prediction

I personally thought Greg Buison was the top coms guy in this area but after the Hiliary Landry financial disclosure misstep I’m left wondering.

Jefferson Parish judicial candidate Hilary Landry reverses course, discloses finances to state Supreme Court ~ Paul Purpura

My email inbox has been flooded with behind the scenes commentary from the legal community and here is the consensus prediction.

Hilary Landry will be in a runoff with Scott Schlegel in what promises to be a nasty race.

45 thoughts on “It’s election day in Metry: Slabbed makes a Division D prediction”

  1. Wait, were these decisions made by Buisson or the CPA? And what prompted the course reversal?

    I’m just trying to get the facts. So the financial disclosure was made just hours before the polls opened? Did anyone get to analyze it?

    1. Facts? That’s easy. T-P is actively campaigning for their boy Schlegel. See any dirt in the filing? Of course not.

      1. How could anyone see dirt in the late, illegally filed disclosure? I did not say anything about the TP. I don’t know Schegel, nor am I stumping for him. But one thing is clear to me: Hilary Landry is trying to exaggerate her qualifications and hide her finances. That commercial with her supposedly arguing to a jury in “drug court” is comical.

        1. She and Schlegel both worked for Connick, and he endorsed Landry, I think that indicates she has better “law and order cred.” Seriously, his own boss doesn’t even endorse him? That’s embarrassing. And he doesn’t even pretend to know his ass from a hole in the ground in the civil arena. And don’t even mention domestic. He’s a turd, and his last minute mud bombs prove it.

          1. But Connick was not even wiling to endorse her when she contemplated running against Michael Mentz. I am not a homer for any of these candidates, but clearly, you are. In the “civil arena,” has any one of them given an opening statement or closing argument?

            I am a lawyer, and Connick’s endorsement makes me want to vote the complete opposite.

        2. And add to that the sheriff and every police chief in the Parish endorsed Landry, and I’m supposed to believe Schlegel is the best criminal guy? What a sad joke.

          1. It won’t matter now; she’s hit her ceiling and you know it. All the looks, money, endorsements and marathons in the world ain’t going to save this one. Mark my words, and we’ll converse again in a few weeks.

          2. Again, I don’t know Schlegel, but thus far, he has not been running around in commercials in short-shorts, nor has he filmed himself preaching to faux-juries. So is it really a matter of how he conducts himself? Not a single TV commercial, and he wins handily tonight. If I were his PR guy, if in fact he has one; I would advise him to do more of the same in the runoff.

          3. 36% of that pathetic turnout is hardly “winning handily.” I think the run off is the same day as the CCC tolls vote, so turnout should be bigger, negating the increbibly reliable “lunatic fringe” evangelical bloc of his that turns out every time. Let the wooing of Sudderth and McGinnis begin. As you say, we’ll see…

      2. Reminds one of the “good old days” when you’d have stooge candidates running to split the vote, and the powers-that-be were publicly doing so.

        Interesting that someone would “run” disregarding the “public support” for someone else – which in the real world would be a political death wish UNLESS one knew the fix was in.

      3. Themis, do some qualitative analysis of Tipsy articles and you will confirm what you wrote w/o need of further statement.

        Tipsy has a less than subtle way of story spin, borne out of the fact the reporting staff and management are non-too-bright.

  2. I was all set to vote for Landry & even told the caller from her campaign reminding me to vote a few a weeks ago. But then the financial disclosure flap…and two calls from her campaign already today (both before 1p)…and seeing McInnis herself standing on the roadside with her volunteers yesterday evening…. Landry has lost my vote easily less than 24 hours after I was set to cast it. Hope it’s a lesson learned.

  3. Now up to 5 calls before 5p from Landry’s campaign–not sure what she hoped to gain from such an obnoxious strategy, but her campaign clearly doesn’t get “uninterrupted family time.”

  4. Sad that a candidate so lacking in experience like schmegal even makes a runoff. Not a Landry fan but all the endorsements can’t be just political assgrabbing. Look into schmegal’s “trial” experience, a lot of it was as a lower level assistant from what I’ve seen.

      1. Your boy Schlegel sure must be dumb then, as he begged and pleaded for everyone of those tainted endorsements. Only one he got was the Jeff Republicans. Of course, by your logic, that endorsement proves he’s part of the corrupt machine. Again, it ain’t good when your own boss won’t back you. You partisans can poo poo it all you want, but its so obviously sour grapes.

        1. And those stories I’m hearing from multiple sources that Connick’s office employees all mobilized for Schlegel mean the bosses endorsement doesn’t mean much.

          Otherwise your point about Schlegel pandering for the same endorsements is spot on.

          1. Now yuo understand what I was noting above, Doug.

            I hear tell that the lady was given the old promised support for later if you refrain from running now, with respect to running against Mentz last year from the AWOL DA. The more cynically minded may take that as an excuse to vote against her, if Landry is so willing to believe a lie coming from the moving lips of a liar.

  5. you editted me, Doug. The order OF RESPONSES do not reflect my experience of facts, THEN I see you actually editted/PLACED MY HONEST RESPONSES for your lawyer’s recommendation for Landry, since MY 7 received calls before 7p from LANDRY DO NOT REFLECT FACT. By 5p, I’d posted 5 calls. Purely BASED ON CREATIVE EDITTING. I responded before 1p (about the first TWO (of three, then), yet I get SEVEN calls before than 7 from Landry before 7p…And suddenly, you’ve creatively done some editting. You know when I sent them, and shame on you.

  6. Honesty first. This is BS, how you editted them. You should feel ashsmed. If I responded timely, there’s no tine stamping after you posted me.

  7. Info, please.
    I want some of their election signs (corroplas is very strong, plus water and wind proof). Don’t want to steal them.
    When is the election over (which makes the signs become waste product) for any of the contenders so I can take the sign? Any hints?

      1. Indeed! Chicken shed covers are a wonderful idea — lightweight and waterproof. Further, it removes garbage from our dumps while providing free materials to those who can use it.

        Please tell me, when are the races over? Is there a runoff? If so, are some of those signs available now? If not, when?

  8. Does anyone know when the election is over? I’m creating a touring bicycle pannier system and it’s about to rain, again. Need the coroplast.

    This system is waterproof. The coroplast, bent and placed under tension, is the framework and the bags, and it provides far more room to store your stuff.

    When is the election over?

  9. It is looking more and more in post-Broussard Jefferson Parish that endorsements from the law enforcement industrial complex there is a kiss of death for a political candidate.

    Shlegel should thank God that he didn’t get the Connick/Normand blessing after Jule Quinn (ahem) pulled out..he might have finished second..

    1. mrs. landry received 28% of the vote. that means that 72% of the voters could care less about who the politicos endorse, and that’s as it should be.

      sudderth, who had only some 314 votes less than landry should file suit to have her candidacy disqualified for failure to file the required financial diclosure within the mandated 10 day period of qualifying.

      and anyone who uses Buission as a pr firm should get their head checked.

    2. The only problem with that analysis, Walrus, is that Schlegel DID get an effective assist from the AWOL DA.

      Trust me, when your boss can fire you without any reason at all, to suggest that the staff supporting Schlegel did so contrary to the wishes of the boss is sheer credulity.

      1. Connick originally indicated that he wasn’t going to support anyone and most of the DA staff got behind Schlegel at that point. His endorsement was an 11th hour thing and a bit tepid at best. Remains to be seen if he records a tv commercial for run off but there won’t be any consequences to his Ada’s etc as he didn’t come out in support of Hilary until 1 week before election.

        1. Wasn’t going to be any consequences, lad, Connick just simply engaged in the old covering the bet routine well known around here for over 100 years. And publicly dissing the candidate he “endrsed.” With friends like that…..

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