BrousStar wants to reset the Slabbed countdown clock

Because there was no room for them in the inn

I have a small confession to make. I have a internet fetish for sending other websites business, especially on days when I am busy. Along those lines Lockem noted a Manuel Torres story on the former Goatherder in Chief asking Judge Head for a delay in reporting to prison such motion being unopposed by Team Fed. I saw it this morning myself and thought it was a great read.

What made is a great read wasn’t the PACER diving Manuel did because anyone with an account can do that. Nope what made it good was he snagged analysis from former federal prosecutor turned criminal defense lawyer turned Harahan Mayor Vinnie Mosca. ┬áIf there is one thing I could say about Vinnie is that when he talks people listen. Following is an example of that which I speak:

So if Vinny sayeth there is no room in the Inn bank it folks.

7 thoughts on “BrousStar wants to reset the Slabbed countdown clock”

  1. Ok, then lets ask Vinnie to sayth why there are so many goat recipes popping up in local restaurants these days.And who are the area goat “pushers” and where is all this goat meat coming from.

    Both the TP and inquiring minds over at the SlabbedNation want to know more about this sudden, insatiable appetite.I’m suspecting OnASteed has been driving some goats. Remember his infamous “Goat Head Soup” of the day a few weeks back.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Doug, but it was my colleague Drew Broach who talked to Vinny Mosca and added that to the story. For what is worth, some comments at our site suggest some people are worried this is a sign of trouble in the Broussard case, but I’m not reading too much into it, other than it’s a short delay caused by a jail space issue. Thanks again.

    1. Well then credit where it is due. I’m reading opportunity in this latest turn of events myself. The former Goatherder in chief will do his time when the time comes.

      The reader comment about Broussard resembling the Travelocity Travel Gnome was classic IMHO.

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