15 thoughts on “Blogger v The Legal Department of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Part 2: The Great Expurgation!”

  1. More akin to the great excretion.

    Right off the bat paragraph 123 carries a potential for libel, accusing a company of having something “in the bag.” While the retort is decidedly juvenile, the possession of some iota of comon sense dictates not drawing in other adversaries. One doubts the protege has the resources to go on a multi-front offensive.

    1. Remember what Abel’s business partners in Canada wrote about Randy Smith in their early December manifesto?

      Me thinks they do not approve of the countdown clock.

      Far as I’m concerned the nuttier the allegations the better.

        1. Thanks for making this document accessible on the ummm ahhh what doo yoo callit, umm it is the “blogasphere” isn’t it?

          It’s quite a confection (meaning, I think, in a sweet and tasty way akin to a fruit or a nut prepared like on page 363 of “Vegetarian Diet and Dishes” by Benjamin Smith Lyman 1917. “Confect originally from Latin confectus, past participle of conficere to prepare”…)

  2. What a buch of ranting, spleen venting, juvenile, cat-fighting, insane shit.

    Let’s throw everything against the wall and see if something sticks, right?

  3. ‘bunch”.

    Okay, in my zeal to purge, I misspelled a word. They and their sister know how that can happen.

  4. I notice you drew the new judge. Just FYI, she has another case involving decidedly questionnable dealings by the Jefferson Parish Internal Security minister, aka Sheriff, and the local political directorate, aka Jefferson Parish Government, depriving citizens and others of property rights through constitutionally and procedurally improper tax sales.

    1. I think we’ll be staying with Judge Morgan. She may be a Landrieu political hack but I understand she calls her cases straight, which is all I expect from the judiciary.

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