The above was the subject header of an email I received this morning which contained the following quotes:

Mathews said, “One of the fundamental changes in the newsroom is our reporters and photographers no longer live in a print world. They are competing in the digital space in ways we’ve never done before.”

Added Amoss, “Our goal as journalists is to focus on our audience, to engage with them, to respond to them. That requires a culture change on the part of everyone in the newsroom.”

The inside joke is the appearance that Slabbed scooped the Poynter Institute one day before the Key (Newspaper) Executives Conference which concludes today in New Orleans with my post on Sunday on the same general topic, the response to which has absolutely floored me. I was not invited, probably because I’m not a newspaper executive but I do have a piece of wisdom to share with Jim Amoss:

To get the audience to respond the blogger must exhibit personality. It is the secret to success online. It can be done without compromising the mission. You can thank me later Jim.

Those wanting to know the dynamics between the timing of my post Sunday and this conference should click here to order the book.

I do have a bit of advance knowledge on the Tranny case but that was only because I checked my crystal ball. 😉 Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on ““Prescient””

  1. “There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws.” Lord of the Flies.

    Methinks that the reporters at NOLA/TP are being encouraged to “eat” each other, if I read that quote correctly. Plus, where is the profit in driving your audience (i.e. subscribers) to a free digital model? Maybe I missed something in ECON 101…..

    1. Plus, where is the profit in driving your audience (i.e. subscribers) to a free digital model?

      Famous MBA prescription for disaster (why do MBAs get paid up front?): “We lose money on each transaction, but we will make it up in volume.”

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