Because Steven Palazzo is such a pandering, selfish fool…….

What a petty, little man. It is pitiful what we have as our representative.

He voted against the fiscal cliff bill. And what did that vote mean? It meant to raise taxes on 100 percent of Americans, every one of them!!! And he ran on job creation for a second time, and no taxes. He sided with a radical wing for political reasons, and said the 98 percent of the working middle class can go straight to hell.

This child is too immature to hold such an office. He has no idea what he is doing, he is just taking his marching orders from a political/lobbyist group, but NOT from the people in his district.

Palazzo votes no on $9.7 billion Sandy relief measure ~ Anita Lee

How ironic since his family has been fleecing the local taxpayers for decades that this fool we have for a Congressman would deprive people that paid their flood insurance premiums their insurance settlements. To the extent dear ol’ papa Palazzo is one of Bill Walker’s friends and family Palazzo’s vote is particularly disgusting.

Man ‘o man how the people of south Mississippi shot themselves in the foot electing this clown back in November 2010.

3 thoughts on “Because Steven Palazzo is such a pandering, selfish fool…….”

  1. Boy did you hit this one right on top of the head!!! Can you imagine how those poor people feel that were devastated by Sandy???? Of course…Fatty wasn’t affected by Katrina, so he doesn’t understand what loss and devastation is. He lives off of loss and devastation by redirecting Federal Aid funds in his family’s direction….like his father. He, who sucks off of the Taxpayers, has the nerve to deny Taxpaying citizens who are in need! What a fake….Where are you Gene Taylor???? This would have never happened under his watch. What about this looser GOPers???? How about taking him to task???? Put the boot up his….
    Sorry for this added grief and stress Sandy victims….

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