Rooked: Elizabeth Rooks Barber of Barber and Mann exports the DMR friends and family program…

To my many peeps in the Louisiana chapter of the Slabbed Nation allow me to welcome ya’ll aboard the great CIAP land swindle program.

Livingston Parish owns 2,300 acres in Lake Maurepas

By my calculation it looks as if the taxpayers paid over $1,000/acre for swampland and lake bottoms. The seller was a Mississippi based LLC , now dissolved, owned my Jackson area residents Marion C Davis and Diane Wilks but a nonprofit was apparently used as a financial intermediary. Our readers may recall the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain was used as an intermediary to buy disgraced DMR Director Bill Walker’s son’s property with CIAP funding.

Problem with a Barber and Mann appraisal? Not a problem as Rooks-Barber hubby Gerald Barber is on the Mississippi Appraisal Board. Nice move to have the package all wrapped up in advance huh.

4 thoughts on “Rooked: Elizabeth Rooks Barber of Barber and Mann exports the DMR friends and family program…”

  1. Need to put the hound dogs on this trail.Sure seems like a lot of money per acre for land under a lake.No need to buy property for conservation when Mother Nature has already taken care of it.Much better uses.Sellers from Jackson along with Barber and Mann.Wonder if there are any green herons on the lake?

  2. I’m afraid that this is going to all lead back to the Illustrious Potentate that used to “lead” Mississippi for two terms. He and his entire family greatly benefitted from the woes of his fellow Mississippians that had to recover from all of their losses along the Coast. Nothing much happened to the northern part of the State; however, everyone up there was very well paid for any minute loss that they may have incurred….while the poor of the Coast and other everyday middle class residents were forced to beg and borrow to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”. BTW….fat boy does not know the meaning of pulling himself up by his bootstraps as he implied during the Katrina times. All he knows how to do is run that mush mouth of his and shovel the food in. The people of this State who kept singing his praises and those who still are singing his praises are either 1. In cahoots with his Mob, 2. Clinically insane, 3. Yellowdog Republicans and GOPers, or 4. Don’t have a clue.
    Barbour was the worst thing that ever blew into the State of Mississippi in my opinion!

  3. Jackson Jambalaya reports Gerald Barber: Tough Guy

    The Madison County Journal published a rather amusing essay last week about the Madison County Tax Assessor:
    Like some Republicans and so-called conservatives these days, Madison County Tax Assessor Gerald Barber is contributing to the spending problem and he gets angry when questioned about it.

    Gerald Barber? That name seems familiar. Taxpayer dollars? That too.

    1. I wonder what kind of coffee maker they have installed? I have heard that Kuerig’s are becoming popular with “high society” government officials these days. . 😉

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