Repugnant is their middle name……

Folks, like I said last month I’ve maybe shown 10% of the accumulated jackassery inflicted upon the journalism profession by Eco Libel Terrorists Vaughn Perret, Charles Leary and Danny Abel of Trout Point Lodge near East Kempt Nova Scotia. In today’s installment of paranoia will destroy ya, Leary again threatens Timothy Gillespie of the South Coast Today, one day after issuing a fake press release as Leary and Perret search for Slabbed’s “co-conspirators”.

From: foodvacation Canada
To: Timothy Gillespie
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2011 9:43 AM
Subject: Notice
Timothy Gillespie:

You have failed to retract false statements of facts in your Shelburne County Today publications. Taking them down did not equal retraction and/or apology. We have the original publications saved. We are putting you on notice not to destroy any documents or electronic information relevant to your publications about Trout Point Lodge, Vaughn Perret, and/or Charles Leary as well as your communications with Doug Handshoe, any persons you know to be publishing on the blog, anything you have sent to “slabbed,” and/or communications to and from Joyce Case-Harlow.

To understand what electronic information is, you may consult the Nova Scotia Civil Procedure Rules, Rule16 to be found online at: It includes emails, voice mails, and online messages. We also advise you of our intention to take action against in a civil law suit in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. We advise you to seek legal counsel, and would also like to know if you or your legal counsel will accept service of a Notice of Action.

Charles Leary & Vaughn Perret
Trout Point Lodge, Limited

They never did sue Gillespie despite their threats as scaring him off from covering their numerous defamation suits against American media outlets covering an American corruption scandal was their goal. That said, in their last SLAPP suit against me they continue to defame Gillespie and Harlow (within the meaning of Canadian law) by leveling false allegations he is somehow a homophobic hatemonger because he is doing his job as a journalist. Only in Canada folks is such jackassery taken seriously.

Here is a pdf of the entire 5 page exchange between Team Trout Point Lodge and Gillespie for those interested in getting a glimpse into the mind of a paranoid Goatherder. Like I said they have ways of making enemies everywhere.

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  1. “We will continue to defend our reputations using the civil means of the legal system, and we will
    prevail against Douglas Handshoe, the owner of the blog.”

    Yeah; right. Were the Mayans also Goatherders?

    1. And what fucking fruitcake reputation(s) might that be ?

      A legal system that does not have any conception or respect of the ideal of free speech and association. Freedoms that my grandparents and unclesfought and died for.

      Go do something that you are successful at, go fuck yourselves, you degenerate assholes.

  2. This is what Judge LeBlanc of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court had to say about one of Leary’s affidavits submitted in the ACOA suit against him and others. Note: The words in ALL CAPS are my emphasis. I don’t know how to bold or italicize when commenting.

    “The applicant filed an amended affidavit on May 29, 2008. From a review of this amended affidavit it is evident that the affidavit is contrary to the principles set out in Waverley, with MUCH OF THE CONTENT BEING argumentative and IRRELEVANT. For example, paragraphs 8 and 9 contain information that is clearly IRRELEVANT and FRIVOLOUS with respect to attempts to serve the co-defendants. The portion of the affidavit headed

    1. Dr. Leary is fucking UN-American– and a self professed homosexual. Go sue yourself in Canada, you big wide asshole.

      By the way, I have a brother in West Hollywood who specializes in rectum repair. Drop Doug a line and I can hook you up. He does all the porn stars in the Valley.

  3. My insomnia has kicked in tonight.

    This whole matter is very intriguing. In my personal opinion, it seems there is a pattern and practice by the TPL people. When it suits their need, they take anything and everything written about them as offensive and actionable. To illustrate my point, I found the following in the September 8, 2011 email from Leary to Gillespie, and I quote:

    “5. Finally, we are not “being sued in Nova Scotia Supreme Court by ACOA for an unpaid $100,000 loan for
    a failed goat cheese operation in the Yarmouth area.”

    The last statement of fact, in particular, is egregious given the public record available.”

    Okay. Here’s part of the “public record available.” It’s from the opinion written by Justice Fichaud of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal:

    “[2] In June, 2002 the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (“ACOA”) sued La Ferme d’Acadie, Daniel Abel, Dr. Charles Leary and Vaughan Perret. The statement of claim alleges that (1) in June, 1998 ACOA contracted with each defendant that ACOA would advance money, (2) ACOA advanced $126,127, and (3) the defendants breached their contractual obligations to ACOA by altering their business operations, ceasing the operation of La Ferme d’Acadie, and providing misleading information to ACOA. The statement of claim says that on September 5, 2001 ACOA notified the defendants that they were in default. ACOA claimed the amount outstanding, quantified as $104,211.12.”

    I wonder if there was a terse, but amicable email they dashed off to Justice Fichaud!

  4. I am catching this late but where is the conspiracy? Two queens fulfill their dreams of opening a lodge/boutique hotel in Nova Scotia. One is friends with fellow queen Danny Abel, who helps fund their venture using ample personal wealth from Gautier firm. Broussard learns of the rural development from Abel and buys property there to launder bribes. Like any out of state property owner (myself included), he uses a local property manager. The queens, as full time residents who themselves are in the business of property management, serve as one time property managers to Broussard and other out of town property owners to supplement their income off season. The Broussard scandal blows up and you and the TP explore the Nova Scotia bribery scheme. If it weren’t interesting enough (a bunch of political yat crooks were not cavorting at a fishing camp in Grand Isle but at an exotic lodge in Nova Scotia) , it turns out Broussard et al were BFF with a bunch of “known homosexuals”! You and your commenters had a little fun with that, sloppy asshole jokes, etc., as is your right, and these guys who don’t know Tim Coulon from Tim Tebow get pissed. Just as you chose to exercise your 1st amendment rights to the fullest extent available to you to operate this blog, speculate, report, allow commenters like me to post, etc., these guys chose to exercise their right to use Canada’s much more restrictive speech/libel laws to sue you. Is that the sum of what’s happened because that’s all I have been able to gather from trying to catch up on pre-Trany-gate posts? I haven’t been sued so pardon my dispassion….

    1. Using foreign courts to deprive American Citizens of their constitutional rights may not generate passion with you DS but it tends to fire most people up.

      Obviously you do not know the whole story and it is on these pages if you’re interested in figuring things out.

      How’s your buddy Brad doing these days?

      1. Doug, re-reading DS and the way he wrote the post could be seen as reeking of satire at the expense of the goatherders and Broussards & fellow kleptocrats.

        Good thing I sit in a substantial chair as it prevents rolling on the floor laughing.

  5. From: Alex Smith
    To: John Young
    Date: Friday, June 29, 2001
    Subject: Media Inquiry

    “To advise you that we had an inquiry on Le Ferme D’Acadie this afternoon. The call was from a freelance writer, Sean Fuller, for the publication Rural Delivery. This is a small newsprint publication out of the South Shore. I am not sure of the circulation numbers and was unable to find a copy in Perk’s. I will get a copy over the weekend and determine next publication date.

    Provided factual information on the amount and date of the loan. Writer also requested information on repayments. He was advised that this information is not in the public domain.

    John Beeston is the officer on the file and he is aware of media call. He has been following the file quite closely. This file may attract more media interest and we will prepare for it.


    cc. Communications Halifax; Cynthia Williams

    Rural Delivery obtained more than 400 internal ACOA documents relating to the contract with La Ferme D’Acadie. Shown here is one of them.

    From Rural Delivery Magazine, March 2002.

    “The American partners has purchased nearly 200 acres of property west of the Tobeatic Wilderness protected are for their newest venture called Trout Point Lodge. The main lodge, a 3-storey-log-cabin with 10 guest rooms is assessed at $615,000. Leary told Rural Delivery that he and his partners spent more than $2 million on the venture which includes a mezzanine library, dining room, and two bars. The company planned to market directly to Americans seeking a vacation with culinary instruction.”

  6. “In a December 1998 interview with Farm Focus on the construction of the Chebogue Point cheese plant, an ebullient Leary and his partners are brimming with confidence as they ask goat milk producers to contact them. ‘All the sheep and goat producers in the province could not produce all the milk we could use,’ Perret said. ‘Nova Scotians are hestitant about (signing up), Leary said. “They’ve been burned so many times”.

    1. And were burned again by associating with them. Check out this affidavit Leary swore in the SPEECH Act case:

      Here they are again swearing only they owned La Ferme D’Acadie yet David Loeb to this day claims he owns a piece.

      The story I get is the place did not make cheese for long. Here in Mississippi the Beef Plant swindle was partially exposed by the media and people were prosecuted for such a fraud.

      In Nova Scotia the media gets sued and the matter is hushed up and drug out for over 10 years because of the abusive use of libel laws that lend themselves to abuse.

      If that is the way Canadians roll so be it. Canada needs to learn to keep such idiocy on their side of the border, especially when the associated news story is 99% American based, the 1% being where the loot was stashed.

      1. My personal opinion is the SPEECH Act “affidavit” is full of irrelevant, argumentative and speculative crap. It’s more of a emotional venting on paper of every minutia they could find to write about (“partnership” vs. “corporation”).

        Did this “dairy processing facility” actually ever own any goats or cows or anything that could be milked other than investors?

  7. The ‘dairy processing facility’ was just another government teat Leary and Perret latched onto.

    I had to laugh reading the Rural Delivery article published back in 2001 about these guys. The writer does a great job of making the points without being too obvious the nails and wood are being laid out. He mentions how these guys were marketing Trout Point Lodge as some high end nature resort and then he shows how it is located next door to an abandoned tin mine, LMAO.

  8. Perjury was not an issue for Charles Leary back in the spring of 2001 when Rural Delivery was investigating him and his business partners:

    “Registry of Joint Stocks records show that Vaughn Perret, Charles Leary, and Daniel Abel dissolved the company La Ferme D’Acadie as a partnership in August, 1997, and established it as a limited company. That company status came to an end in August, 2000, when the Registry of Joint Stock fees where (sic) not paid.”

    Civil fraud however was an issue for Leary, Perret and Abel in the spring of 2002 when ACOA filed against them in NS Supreme Court. Perret and Abel had their law licenses to consider, so of course Leary was the obvious choice to send in to defend the three.

    Leary’s line of defense was they were not in breach of contract because they had dissolved the partnership getting sued, and specifically this partnership did not include Daniel Abel.

    This is why Charles Leary filed against Slabbed. He saw a party in NS asking Slabbed about the ACOA loan file back in August 2011, and 8 days later he filed Notice of Claim, using that public communication in his sworn affidavit as reason why he felt fearful for his safety.

    It is not much consolation to those being libel extorted or losing your farm, but if you google MINK STINK you will find out the state of the Tusket river today that they once considered worthy of a $2 million investment.

  9. Most Repugnant headline:
    “Replicable lessons on how tourism, food and agriculture can sustain rural communities”

    ” Created on 06/14/2010 by troutpoint

    A partnership of 3 social entrepreneurs, our enterprise turns 20 years-old next month. In July, 1990, we bought a farm in rural Louisiana, which became a model of sustainable agriculture. In ensuing years, we established a respected Creole vegetarian restaurant in N.Orleans, a wilderness lodge & cooking school in Nv Scotia, an eco-sensitive inn in Costa Rica, and a cave home for travelers in Spain.”

    Truth is it is risky business investing in Leary, Perret and Abel enterprises. They received 2 USDA grants, one valued at $55,000, and then did what? Moved to greener pastures in Nova Scotia. Where they accomplished what? Got sued for civil fraud by a federal lending agency trying to create sustainable jobs for rural citizens. Their defense? They dissolved the partnership of which they swear Daniel Abel had no role in.

    But please lets give them a round of applause for 23 years now in the sustainable entrepreneur business.

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