Women of the broom and other various and sundry DMR items

A couple of events have recently taken me down memory lane to the post Katrina Coast circa late 2005-2006 and the reminder came via Women of the Storm which had a Mississippi Chapter. The membership in the group came from across the socio-economic-ethnic spectrum and their mission included traveling to DC after Hurricane Katrina raising awareness with Congress and the President on the unique issues that impacted this area post Katrina.

Later on the ladies from the Louisiana chapter would take a shot at the oil spill and received a few black eyes in the process as the group also became known as Women of the Oil. It seems the Mississippi chapter is far more environmentally friendly.

I mention this because the group has popped up here in Mississippi in the DMR scandal news cycle and as today’s latest installment of as the Good ol’ boys at DMR turns by Paul Hampton and Michael Newsom, Nonnie DeBardeleben of Women of the Storm is calling out the broom brigade for a clean sweep of upper management at DMR. Chair of the Mississippi Senate Ports and Marine Resources Committee Brice Wiggins appears to agree that the interim guy, Danny Guice, needs to remain just that, interim.

This is not about the worker bee employees at DMR, no siree. It is all about the all the politically connected piggies stinkin’ up the executive ranks. Brooms, many of ’em in fact, are exactly what is needed to remedy the situation.

8 thoughts on “Women of the broom and other various and sundry DMR items”

  1. Guice Jr. is not the man for any public position. He is not well liked, owning to his own arrogance in previous public displays. He obviously “bought” his appointment to the Parole Board; now he must be working behind the scenes to influence the right people to get this job as head of the DMR. He has been at the public trough way, way too long. His Dad was a public servant; the son not.

  2. Wrong man at the wrong time for this position.After reading his statements in the Sunherald his tweaking of the Agency ideas are laughable. He is just another politician trying to enhance his retirement.He must need a few years to be fully vested.

  3. As someone’s comment stated on the Sunherald site Danny Guice is a natural to play the part of Boss Hogg in a future remake of “Dukes of Hazard”. Doug could you please dress him for this part as you did with Assper? We all need a laugh.Putting him in charge at DMR is no laughing matter though.Not only is he not qualified he is being pushed and promoted by all the wrong people who think Walker did a great job.He must be defeated and rejected.

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