13 thoughts on “In my considered opinion Patricia provided the tipping point……”

  1. Talk about a revolutionary survivor who is making a political difference!

    Could we be seeing the grass roots birth of Patricia’s Revolutionary Party and future occupation of local government buildings.

    Especially, if this country goes over the cliff and proposed confiscation of guns begins.

    Gambit and The Levee have their political graphic artists but Slabbed is honored to have the ultimate in Patricia’s talent and dedication.

    Happy New Year SlabbedNation


  2. Those other “artists” probably get PAID & live in apartments & have to get DRESSED to GO to work & have their work “APPROVED” by someone?

    I shall neither Surrender, Conform, nor get DRESSED ~

    Homeless, Cold & Naked are HIGHLY UNDERRATED!

  3. Asper is a dumbass too … and a contradicting one to boot … first he says “they were unaware of what, if anything, has been going on in the agency ” only to counter with this assinine statement, “We think he

    1. “…if anything, as been going on in the agency…”

      Then I would suggest that IF NOTHING was going on in the Agency, Dr. Walker should be indicted many times over for payroll fraud and criminal malfeasance in office !!!

  4. ASSPER & Scientists aboard the Pelican are BAFFLED by large plumes of OIL in the Gulf following the BP SPill…?


    If oil was spreading in the deeper parts of the Gulf, there could be major consequences. That oil might harm a host of organisms, ranging from delicate deepwater corals to migrating plankton, that help support the Gulf’s food web. It might expose BP, the company responsible for the leaking oil well, to a new area of liability for environmental damages. And it would raise a question about whether the use of oil dispersants at the wellhead had contributed to the deep plume

  5. Higher Education TRULY IS Highly Overrated.

    A breeding ground for perverts like Sandusky, and a gateway into the distorted world of professional sports & political & professional leeching,

    The world wide web has allowed access of information to those who don’t have the means or the desire to commit to years of college.

    Too many lawyers & no justice.
    Too many doctors & no affordable health care.

    People are learning to use their OWN RESOURCES instead of automatically paying someone else too much money to do a half-ass job.

    I envision communities with home based services for the elderly, child care, health concerns.

    We must learn to live outside of the constraints of governmental inefficiency.

    The POWER of the internet plus the Power of the People equals GLOBAL REVOLUTION ~

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