At the risk of being seen as piling on: AROD speaks on the disaster in Jim Letten’s office!

Ashton O’Dwyer’s absence from the Slabbed scene has been the subject of several reader emails and I did make periodic attempts to contact him to no avail. O’Dwyer is known as AROD or Omega Man in the two state blogosphere which Slabbed focuses. Ashton was the subject of a criminal prosecution by US Attorney Jim Letten’s office that Slabbed termed a political prosecution as a matter of editorial policy because that is exactly what is was. You newbies that would like to catch up on one of Slabbed’s most read topics should click here andĀ here (and strap yourselves in).

I mention all this because several readers know that something is missing from the latest disaster at the office of the US Attorney and that was the guy said US Attorney prosecuted on trumped-up threat charges so I said to myself, “you gotta get up with AROD pronto”. So it was said thus it was done. šŸ˜‰

Ashton said to tell his peeps on the internet hello. He asked about ‘Gate,Ā LockemĀ and Patricia and said to express his warm personal regards and holiday best wishes to Jan Mann, Sal Perricone and Greg Kennedy.

He has taken some time away for himself and I think that is a good thing. When the time is right he says he’ll stop in and say hi personally.

15 thoughts on “At the risk of being seen as piling on: AROD speaks on the disaster in Jim Letten’s office!”

  1. I don’t give a fuck what anyone’s opinion of AROD is personally … what he has burdened as a US citizen is horrific … and his wrong must be made right …

  2. Take it easy AROD in the Big Easy for a while cause its only half-time.

    Some deserved rest,refreshments and social uplifting by relatives and friends and you’ll be ready for the second half.

    The SlabbedNation thinks fondly of you often and your Braveheart determination for Justice makes you a NOLA folk hero for all times.

    Have a Blessed Christmas and an absolutely new, New Year and many more to come.

  3. In accordance with full disclosure & unfiltered commentary, seems to me that the AZ zombie guy is gonna take a fall from Letten’s apron strings. Where ya’ll think he’s gonna land? In the fryin’ pan with all the rest of the bacon drippins? OINK. Lawdy LARD

      1. Prince: ‘You got him where you want him and it feels so good’ – Sounds like you are in the misery business alright wishing you had a male Canal St. whore, meaning you’re evidently on Viagra,talking to your Jack and you’re jerking off to me bro’.

        Get yourself a single room with a shower and take all your jerk-off, scumbag remarks there bro’.

  4. “Bro”? What are you, nineteen years old? You won’t catch me on here cyber-felching another guy like you do to O’Dwyer. Is being on Viagra supposed to be an insult? And I’ll take my scumbag remarks wherever I damn well pleased. What are you d-bag, the slabbed police all of a sudden? When you’re done gobbling O’Dwyer’s cyber-knob, I think Willard Romney needs some consoling.

      1. And cockemuptight wants to make O’Dwyer a First Amendment martyr. The douche thinks because he comments 100 times on every one of Doug’s posts, that makes him part owner of the blog. Cockem does not understand the theory of “making it count” when you say something. Truthfully, when I scroll through comments, I don’t even read most his (unless of course he’s erect over O’Dwyer again). They just get in the way, like hemorrhoids.

        1. Prince and his girly friend, Matzaball: Prince I know why you have hemorrhoids that “just get in the way bro’ cause it looks like you and Matzaball like to mate in your cyber orgasms together criticizing people who stand up for something by dedicating gay songs.

          For some reason AROD’s persecution to hero status sets you two girly men into orgasmic ecstasy .

          Better yet get a double room with a shower and you and the Matz can watch “Brokeback Mountain” and that way both of you can say” it feels so good” simultaneously.

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