The cancer in Jim Letten’s office diagnosed as metastatic and the patient is terminal. A playing on the internet update. (Updated)

Well folks all the prosecutions Sal Perricone commented upon are all getting a second looksie including the post Katrina Danziger Bridge murders. It goes without saying that Jan Mann should have resigned weeks ago but yesterday the noose around her career’s neck was tightened considerably by Judge Engelhardt, who ordered the Department of Justice to reopen an investigation into leaks on the Danziger case using the term “prosecutorial misconduct” in his order.  Well worth noting is the fact it strongly appears Mann lied to Judge Engelhardt.

Laura Maggi’s story that I linked above is worth the read for another reason as she used the Engelhardt order to explain Billy Gibbens, attorney for both convicted NOPD officer Archie Kaufman and Fred Heebe.  Gibbens is rumored to be the guy that dropped the proverbial dime on Perricone and Mann’s extracurricular internet activities.

Finally Mark Moseley at Your Right Hand Thief and Jason Berry at AZ have tackled this general topic from different angles in posts that are well worth the read as the Perricone debacle has turned into a national story.


Gordon Russell at NOLA Media Group has a new story detailing the testimony of Mike Magner earlier this month that is a must read. The political/social incest in Letten’s office is once again on display as we cue to Mayor Mitchmo’s baby bro, one of the people Magner notified about Perricone’s online antics. Judge Engelhardt was repeatedly lied to and misled by Jim Letten’s office and he is clearly pissed.

Worth noting is the fact that Perricone has evidently come clean on his handle CampStBlue, something he did not do in his late summer chat with Errol (and the noisemakers).