Jefferson Parish Councilman at large Chris Roberts sued for defaulting on SBA backed loan

Folks, a cynical man would say the reason that Councilman Chris Robert’s Quiznos sub shop defaulted on its loan is because the River Birch folks weren’t buying enough food from him but whatever the case what we do know is Hancock Bank aka Whitney Bank filed suit against Roberts in August for defaulting on his SBA loan that got him started in that line of business. Before I get to that though a reader set me another suit Roberts is involved in that has an alternate explanation for the poor performance of the sandwich shop in Badeaux v Roberts et al.

So Councilman Roberts likes to hang at the casino late into the evening but it gets better. Continue reading “Jefferson Parish Councilman at large Chris Roberts sued for defaulting on SBA backed loan”

Billy Hewes would like a word on the fiasco at the Port of Gulfport: Slabbed offers the translation

For those of you from out-of-town Hewes is a former State Senator and the anointed next Mayor of Gulfport so when he sends in a piece to the paper they run it. That said I think Hewes offered a few euphemisms in his piece and a translation is in order:

4. Given the high cost and questionable work product we have seen from out-of-state consultants, there is no reason we shouldn’t replace them with a new team made up of Mississippi firms who have the credentials to develop and execute a port master plan. Certainly, there is enough local talent and expertise in our engineering and construction trades to design a model that is technically accurate, more reflective of our community, and more responsive to the needs of our Port. Talk about home-grown jobs creation. Their work would arguably be better and likely accomplished at a fraction of the cost.

Translation:  I have in-laws and several cousins that need a job.

5. Speaking of locals, maybe it’s time we looked at hiring our next port director from within.

Translation:  I have in-laws and several cousins that need a job.

Maybe we should have the MDA make the check to Friends of Billy.

Oh SI can you see: I just about fell out this morning when I saw the Sun Herald had two stories from Hancock County in today’s paper.

Folks to my untrained eye it appears that when the Newhouse family cut back on printing newspapers to 3 days a week and McClatchy’s Sun Herald rushed into East Jackson County talking smack to do battle with the Newhouse owned Mississippi Press, the west side of the coast was abandoned by the S-H.  Yeah, occasionally the paper would run press releases disguised as news stories such as when the Froogles opened a few weeks back as followed up by one of the new cub reporters doing a profile on same but actually reporting news everyone didn’t already get from the local beauty shop?  It just ain’t happening anymore folks but today we found out what it takes to get the newspaper of record to cover a story from Hancock County:  Someone either has to get shot or some famous reptilian TeeVee talking head political hack moves to town. To wit:

Carvilles buying Pete Fountain’s Bay St. Louis property ~ Donna Harris

The lone comment left to her piece well sums up my feelings:

Typical political reptiles that make a grand living spinning their disciples like Russian sabre dancers…………….

I’ll note Bob Livingston has a place down the street. Don’t get me wrong, we like wealthy taxpaying political reptiles choosing the Bay for a second home but it doesn’t change the fact they are reptiles.  But be still my beating heart maybe I’ll actually see ol’ James at the Froogles.  😉

Next story:

Police seeking man after shooting in Bay St. Louis ~ Donna Harris

I’m personally happy to see Donna made it over here.  I do not know if this is a trend or if the news editors will put Hancock County back on iggy but I just about have my wife convinced it is time to save the money we spend on a paper that does not cover the area where we live.

Ward Alert: Team Butch Ward attempts to settle the Turkey Creek MDOT litigation, ties solution to Port

With the cutbacks at the National newspaper chains the good ol’ days of small media market bloggers being able to make a living linking the local paper are long gone but occasionally there are still days when a days worth of material pops up in the local paper and that is the case with today’s Sun Herald so here goes a quick trio of posts, this one highlighting Jefferson Parish’s own Butch Ward and his adventures in developing wetlands, this time Gulfport’s Turkey Creek Watershed.  This story has been topical since May 2010, my interest driven by Slabbed’s previous coverage of the massive political corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish which has the Ward family at its epicenter and the fact that Thomas “Butch” Ward, formerly of the Jefferson Parish Council was the early public face of Anita Lee’s reporting on same from her perch on the Gulfport beat for the Sun Herald.

As I recall the early reporting on Team Ward’s attempt to fill wetlands for commercial development happened right around the same time as the criminal prosecution of former Gretna City Councilman Jonathan Bolar for fleecing a church on a real estate transaction.  Just so happened that when Butch wasn’t testifying in federal court about his role enabling Bolar (or barking at Judge Africk) he was in Gulfport working Mayor Schloegel and the Sun Herald editorial board.  It represented a journalistic threefer for Slabbed and I think all the people involved on the media side got the warm fuzzies. Lest I digress.

In any event lawsuits have long since been filed and the litigation grinds but Team Ward rolled out a settlement proposal and Anita Lee is Johnny on the spot covering it for the Sun Herald. I can’t imagine the people in the Turkey Creek section of Gulfport will be enthusiastic on the specter of  400 acres of prime wetlands being filled in and developed, especially for uses related to port expansion, which Team Ward artfully uses to justify the development.

Given the Ward family history in Jefferson Parish my personal feeling is to be wary, very wary in fact.