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Mark Titus says government gave assurances for cooperation in River Birch case ~ Manuel Torres NOLA Media Group

River Birch exec, brother-in-law ask to have federal indictments dismissed ~ WWL TeeVee

But when cross-examined by federal prosecutors, Titus admitted no one ever made specific promise.

River Birch exec plays secretly recorded tape in gambit to toss charges

“And now with Broussard and company doing what they’re doing they don’t need Fazzio anymore,” Titus said, according to the transcript. “Cause Broussard’s gonna … he’s gonna be the man on the inside. He gonna be f–king doing whatever the f–k he can to save his own soul.”

BrousStar must be hogging the limelight eh?  And what of Ed Garner??

Garner, who was supposed to testify in the hearing Wednesday, did not show up. His attorney, Eric Hessler, said Garner was in Brazil on a business trip. But Hessler revealed that, had he been present, Garner would have invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and that he plans to do so in any future proceedings in this case…..

“When you have poisonous snakes to your right and poisonous snakes to your left, it’s better to move slowly,” Hessler said.

Another one bites the dust: Bryan Krantz lists lot 6, Trout Point Nova Scotia for sale

It’s a “bargain” folks as $35,000 will get you Lot 6 at the Trout Point Development near East Kemptville Nova Scotia, owned by Bryan Krantz according to Slabbed’s exclusive reporting on this aspect of the massive political corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish, which has dominated the news cycle in metro New Orleans for over 2 years.

The development at Trout Point, was alleged by federal prosecutors to have been a conduit for an Aaron Broussard bribery scheme, a crime to which the former Goatherder in chief has since copped a plea, becoming  a government informant in the process. With Broussard’s plea, it is no surprise more rats are jumping off Aaron’s Nova Scotia bandwagon as the scheme has unraveled.

Patricia releases artist conceptions of the various monuments to politicians Mayor Mike Yenni is building in Kenner brah

Folks, of all the people I have met during my 4.9 years doing Slabbed, Patricia ranks as the most interesting by far.  Her self description via twitter explains:

Nymphomaniac Anarchist Vinylphile Keeping Politicians HUMBLE via POLITICAL PARODIES

Interesting is an understatement but when she burst onto the Slabbed scene way back in early 2010, things haven’t been quite the same though I think most everyone would agree the change is for the better.  Her three concept pieces for Mayor Yenni’s monument in Kenner to its politicians illustrate that which I write. Enjoy.

Artist Concept
Mount Kenna Politicians Monument
Imagine courtesy Patricia

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