In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Drunken goatherder Shane D’Antoni aka Shane Gates gets a PR push from Channel 4 (Part 2)

Last night after the 6pm WWL TeeVee newscast I started getting emails from segments of the local legal community that know the walking lawsuits that are Attorney Danny Abel and his “son” Shane Gates. Now I’ll grant it is not unusual for a practicing lawyer to be associated with lawsuits but Abel practices a curious version of the law indeed and wore many hats, from being Nipun Desai’s staff attorney at the Super 8 Motel to Aaron Broussard’s law partner at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview.  Gates, along with Abel business associates Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret often served as Abel’s in-house plaintiffs for his lawsuits but before I get to all that we need more background for you newbies reading this.

Here on Slabbed we know this social/political network as the Goatherders and it was formerly lead by new Dragon Queen Aaron Broussard and the network includes media members like WWL TeeVee morning man Eric Paulsen, who evidently lived with Abel and Gates in Slidell before Katrina.  Ironically it was Slabbed coverage of Paulsen’s lawsuit against State Farm that earned Slabbed the first threats of a defamation suit from Broussard and Abel’s business associates in Canada, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret.  Once upon a time Abel and Perret were gay lovers and along with Broussard, Leary and Gates formed life long business associations including advertising what appears to be money laundering /tax evasion services via the Costa Rica Company Cerro Coyote SA, which Aaron Broussard sold shares in to politically connected parish contractors like Carl Eberts dating to the late 1990s.  It is through that lens that I and a few area lawyers that know the gang filtered last night’s lawsuit PR pump Gates received from WWL TeeVee as Slabbed will now tell the rest of the story.

As Lockemuptight’s sharp eye caught, the fact that Perlstein’s report omitted the reason Gates was stopped by St Tammany Parish Sheriff’s deputies was evident and thus Perlstein’s story is incomplete.  Gates’ lawyer, Magnum J.D.’s partner James Williams, points to the not guilty verdict and the fact Gates closed on his new GTO 20 minutes at a local car dealership before being stopped as proof Gates was not drunk.  I say those two facts prove nothing and here is why.  The BAC tests were lost and thus could not be presented into evidence.  If I were on Gates criminal trial jury I too would have voted to acquit him in record time on charges related to drunk driving without the BAC evidence.  Simply put no BAC test, no case unless there was video, which in this case there is not. That said the blood test were drawn at the Heart Hospital by an RN unaffiliated with the tussle. The test was lost leaving only the results for the Louisiana Court of Appeals to mention as a case fact in a decision that benefitted Gates. The Heart Hospital was also sued by Gate’s in this matter.  2.7BAC is very high and it would not take much liquor for a 145 pound guy like Gates to get there.

What makes this interesting is a few months before Gates ended up in dutch with the law, Matt Labash at the Weekly Standard was in New Orleans visiting with his friends Danny Abel and Shane Gates writing eloquently about the visit in late March 2006.  Here is a snippet:

I NEVER PASS THROUGH NEW ORLEANS without seeing two of my favorite people: Danny Abel and Shane Gates. They are large-hearted men, generous and true, and both possess a drinking companion’s most desirable trait: They stay until closing time. I met them nearly a decade ago, when profiling Danny’s then law-partner, the late Wendell “The Goat” Gauthier, a legend of the trial bar who sued anything that moved, and probably many things that didn’t.

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Jimbo the Clown strikes again, gives the CEO of the insolvent Louisiana Citizens Insurance a $50,000 pay raise

Louisiana Insurance Commish Jim “Jimbo the Clown” Donelon

This, after raising commercial rates in New Orleans 45%. Jeff Adelson has the sad tale of the latest state sponsored insurance jackassery for NOLA.

This is almost enough to make me feel grateful to have Mike Chaney here in Mississippi.  What a sad state of insurance we reside down here in Soggy Bottom.

James Varney at NOLA takes Jefferson Parish Councilmen Roberts and Lagasse to the woodshed. A Jefferson Parish (non)Performing Arts Center disaster update.

My point exactly James. It is a must read folks. 🙂

For those of you that think a structure specifically designed as a theater has any real commercial value with the design flaws this place comes with better think again as there is a very limited market for such specialized structures, especially building with below grade infrastructure that will perpetually require expensive flood insurance coverage. And completing this project is only throwing more good money down the toilet considering Caldarera wants another $8.4 million to simply crank the project back up.

The prudent choice, as James points out, is to buy some dynamite.

Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: Romney – If he had only listened to his instincts

Friday, November 8th, 2012
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Mitt Romney took the stage Tuesday night to concede that he had lost his race for president. He came on stage alone, with no family in teary-eyed support. He stood with manliness and grace, and said all the right things. He had called the President and wished him well. He told the crowd that he gave it his all. “We left everything on the field, and gave it our best.” It was his finest hour.

But where was this Mitt Romney throughout the presidential campaign? When his campaign began, his message was simple. “I’m a businessman. I know how to create jobs. I’ve done it in the private sector and I can do it for America.” His rhetoric resonated with millions of Americans, and he surged into an early lead in the polls. He was an outsider, who had been successful in the private sector, and with the economy in turmoil, he offered hope for a better way. His message was simple, concise, and hit home to many who were suffering financially.

But then he failed to learn an important lesson. Football teams that win in November develop a set game plan in spring training. They don’t change it. In an effort to pander to the far right during the early primaries, Romney got off message. His campaign became cold and cynical. His focus was almost entirely on being against the president, rather than being for just about anything.

He jumped on the auto bailouts saying the funds injected into the auto industry were unnecessary, and that GM should just go bankrupt. This looked contradictory and two-faced when he chose Ryan as his vice president, who had voted for the auto bailouts. Continue reading…..

To those of you in New York without power rationing gasoline that may happen to read this

Slabbed’s old Katrina wind-water insurance posts are getting a nice workout lately courtesy of google. As the name of this place implies we, as a cyber community, have a wee bit of knowledge on the subject thus these musing are born of personal experience.  I have a Sandy insurance post coming and I am noticing the insurance media and their plants are busy trying to dumb down everyone with the meme insurers do not know how to legally interpret one of their own policy clauses in anti concurrent causation. This post deals with the immediate present for you folks that do not have power and are faced with very limited gasoline supplies.

I’m not sure what’s worse, not having gasoline or power in the late summer heat for which the deep south is famous or in late autumn cold in the northeast but what I do know is it sucks. Bad.  Builds character too.  😉

Stay tuned.