In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Channel 4’s Mike Perlstein promotes a drunk driver (Part 1)

Welp folks, looks like WWL TeeVee’s Eric Paulsen has fed his coworker Mike Perlstein a sweeps month turd sandwich that will likely be a bit hard going down.  What can I say but this series of posts will have a little something for everyone in Magnum’s partner James Williams plus Paulsen’s Goatherder friends Danny Abel and Shane Gates aka Shane D’Antoni as Perlstein takes a crack at Gates v Strain, promoting a drunk driver with a history of suing for police brutality.  To tell the sad tale of TeeVee news gone wild we must first show the Perlstein report on the subject:

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Drew Broach reports on the “black hole” on Airline Drive: Another (non)Performing Arts Center update

The uncompleted Jefferson Performing Arts Center. Photo courtesy of a reader

When politicians bob and weave, it is evident they are trying to deceive and that is certainly the case yesterday at the Jefferson Parish Council meeting as councilmen Chris Roberts and Elton LaGasse took turns trying to distance themselves from their own bad decisions (and worse in the case of LaGasse) regarding the JPAC debacle, 4 years and 79% over budget and counting in the making.

We’ve covered JPAC in-depth here in Slabbed but the picture on the right allows me to reinforce a point regarding the contractor’s specious delay claims which have thus far been paid without much question and on one occasion, with the “help” of councilman LaGasse via a management override that in turn causes people to think he may be on Joe Calderera’s payroll. Before we get to the information contained picture though let’s explore a snippet from Broach’s story:

Roberts asked whether anyone is even working these days on the site, at LaSalle Park in Metairie. Public Works Director Kazem Alikhani said the job is basically at a standstill: The general contractor, J. Caldarera & Co. Inc, “is having a hard time getting subcontractors to work because they haven’t been paid in two years.”

At least part of the reason is that the parish for months has been sitting on two change orders, one for another $8.4 million, requested by the builder. Parish attorney Deborah Foshee said Caldarera has sent the parish a “demand” letter for money, signaling potential litigation.

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Miss Piggy is concerned about Jim Letten’s office: A “playing on the internet” update.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu

She is very concerned about the latest scandal to hit Jim Letten’s office according to John Simerman at NOLA Media Group, who posted a comprehensive update about the budding Fred Heebe SLAPP suit against Jan Mann saga.  The whole story is well worth the read but this snippet leads me to believe there is gonna be a fight:

Mann this week circulated a memo via email to all office employees in which she neither admitted nor denied the allegations, but apologized for the distraction the situation was causing. In it, she also underscored her intention to fight Heebe’s claims and stay in her post, according to people familiar with the memo.

At this point I’ll admit I wondered how much campaign cash Fred Heebe has stuffed into the pockets of both Landrieu and Diaper David Vitter because you know it is a bunch, so if I may be so bold as to suggest that Mann’s family pool their money and hold fundraisers for Landrieu and Vitter like BP did after the oil spill both may be more pliable in dealing with this matter.

Meantime that Times Picayune story from last month about Letten’s job being safe no matter who won the election?