Gotta give both Fred Heebe and the Wino their due….

I’m certain the Wino would tell you I give her too much credit but folks Slabbed’s deep throat source on all things Jefferson Parish has hung some skins on the wall and then some.  I mention this because back in March when Fred Heebe filed a defamation suit against Assistant US Attorney Sal Perricone the Wino told me then Heebe never would have rolled with Perricone when he did unless he had something else better to use down the line.  The Wino knows all from the depths of the gutters at Lafayette Square.

I mention this for obvious reasons, unless you’ve been under a rock since late yesterday morning that is, as bad news Friday struck with Heebe filing another defamation suit against Jim Letten’s right hand lady Jan Mann.  Like the Perricone suit Heebe’s latest legal strike is bullshit from a legal standpoint but that is also besides the point as this news lead off every TeeVee newscast last night and has dominated the web site of the NOLA Media Group, first with Editor/reporter Gordon Russell followed by Rich Rainey’s in-depth piece which ran last night.

The bottom line is the evidence that “eweman”=Jan Mann looks strong albeit circumstantial.  Clearly Sal Perricone had a playmate on the internet at his office as I offer the Wino’s analysis in a rare direct quotation with one minor redaction:

OK several things jump out at me… one eweman not only defends Sal…this person has knowledge from either the inside of the investigation or was in parish government in the 90’s…. those that know Mr XXX was XXXXXXXX would be a small crowd. Continue reading “Gotta give both Fred Heebe and the Wino their due….”