Lagniappe Industries still going strong thanks to Jimbo the Clown….

So how can you can still sell insurance in Louisiana after admitting to a felony? Simple, you use the company that was collecting graft as a front that’s what. Click the pic to nab the 5 page pdf.

One naturally wonders if the Whitmers are still making money from the Shadow Lake aka River Birch account despite copping a plea deal, ostensibly to testify against Team River Birch. Stan Marsh well explains…..

12 thoughts on “Lagniappe Industries still going strong thanks to Jimbo the Clown….”

  1. what in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here? who in their right mind would buy anything from T.A.W? at this point if you were corrupt you wouldnt do biz w/taw and if you were clean you wouldn’t do biz either.

    1. He may not have to sell anything to continue making money. Somewhere in my memory banks I recall the Parish Council, against the advice of the Young Administration stuck with certain benefit providers. I was told it was to keep the money train going for certain people.

      I have several more of these reports to roll out but before its done but I’m gonna have to pay the Wino a visit to get a complete picture.

      1. Hey Doug ,
        Same in the LA. OFI they let mortgage brokers involved with loan fraud simply to continue biz or let them reopen in another name when they get removed from doing biz with Trans Union and other credit reporting agencies . The OFI was also involved in letting one of the biggest Ponzi schemes continue even after being warned by the SEC . If you ever want to look into this let me know.

  2. Hmmm, A felon applies for renewal of his insurance agent’s license do continue doing business with Lagniappe, which was the very genesis of the unraveling of the Broussard administration, and Jim Donelon, who was thick as thieves with the Gretna Mentality, does nothing. What a great State we live in!

  3. The feds prosecuted Titus for engaging in transfer of assets and if the Whitmers have transferred their 100% ownership in Lagnappe Insurance and are still getting commissions through their back door political connections then the feds need to come down on them and look into any role JIMBO has played..

    As for JIMBO I do believe his actions in regard to allowing the Whitmers to still be agents ( if in fact it is true) may be that it has been bought and paid for. How about it JIMBO give us a report to believe on the Whitmers’ current status and tell us if you gave these POS a waiver of their confessed felonies.

    This is the exact reason why so many former Insurance Commissioners have served time.

    I may have to change my moniker to ” fu*kin’movin’outofloosiana”

  4. And the question was:: What entity in their right mind would do business with Lagniappe Insurance which was involved in unethical business practices with many unscrupulous politicos ?

    Why this is no more than pure chicanery, no I mean Cassingnery

  5. I think it is time to tie a few more things together Lockem because I think we can connect America’s Bubba to Whitmer.

    1. America’s Bubba? The same? Hmm, given there was an insurance connection to the Bubba and a seller of insurance to local governments, demonstrated in public, do you have more to offer? Certainly will be intriguing.

  6. That would be sweet……a marriage of epic douchebaggery at its highest (lowest) form……Giddy up!

    BTW, how does a POS insurance commish allow a convicted felon back into the business and no one from the Gov. office says a word? Things that make you go mmmmmm……….

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