Absolutely Allen Powell II is a fantastic journalist…..Oh SI can you see

And for a long while I wondered how Jim Amoss could let him go, especially to a new competitor in the Advocate. Didn’t take me too long to figure out the answer though because the gang at NOLA Media Group can still highlight Powell’s great work and no longer have to pay his salary. I personally think there is a method to the madness and leveraging copywrite, fair use and the DMCA is smart.

I’m tickled because the lone commenter to the above on NOLA has figured it out. Steve Newhouse may be a trust fund baby but there is a method to the madness.

4 thoughts on “Absolutely Allen Powell II is a fantastic journalist…..Oh SI can you see”

  1. Smart in the short-term maybe, but how long before the peeps figure out where all the info is coming from and then start going directly to the source? Once the peeps go, the ad revenue will surely follow. That is how I found Slabbed. I realized that the content I was reading in other places was originating here and plus much more, so I cut out the middle-man and began reading and contributing here. I don’t think the NOLA Media Group or any organization can survive on cannibalizing others for long without providing some type of original, valued content. Right?

    1. They are providing content. I counted something like 10 stories the afternoon and evening after the last JP Council meeting not counting the stuff the new beat krewe rolls out everyday. The smart content providers will link NOLA’s reporting back IMHO.

      Beyond that people are using social media as new fangled news aggregators. IMHO this implies a present and future where people get their information from a variety of places anyway.

      The Times Picayune restructuring has created opportunities in the media landscape. The reason I’ve been magnitudes more enthusiastic about this than most is I’m perceiving those opportunities. The changes you’ve seen here over the last couple of months is a direct response to what I am perceiving.

      Slabbed is very much a laboratory. What I am seeing at NOLA confirms others see many of the same things.

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