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  1. You bettcha damn glad to know ya Doug ! Team Heebe and JP council beware your time has come every dog has it’s day and the hounds of Slabbed are upon you !

    1. Boy is this a trip down memory lane! Good to see you back, I wondered if you were still out there.

      You need to give me an assist, the music you posted has my interest piqued.

  2. The interview was conducted by Cohen, who was dressed up and acting in the role of an Israeli “Anti-Terrorism Expert” named “Gen. Erran Morad.” Defs. Rule 56.1 Stmt.¶¶ 31, 52; Dkt. 112-2(“Episode 3 Video”); Pls. Counter-Rule 56.1 Stmt.¶ 50. At the time, Plaintiffs did not know that Defendants were involved in the interview, including that Cohen was actually the interviewer. Defs. Counter-Rule 56.1 Stmt.¶ 11. Cohen first asked Judge Moore about Alabama’s “strong connection with Israel,”before proceeding to describe technology used by the Israeli military to combat terrorism. Defs. Rule 56.1 Stmt.¶ 55; Episode 3 Video. Cohen discussed one specific device which he claimed the Israeli army employs to uncover tunnels used by terrorists to launch attacks. Defs. Rule 56.1 Stmt. ¶ 56; Episode 3 Video. Cohen explained that the device also can detect certain enzymes that are secreted only by “sex offenders and particularly pedophiles.” Defs. Rule 56.1 Stmt. ¶57; Episode 3 Video. Retrieving this device,a black wand-like object, Cohen commented that “because neither of us are sex offenders, then it make absolutely nothing[sic].” Defs. Rule 56.1 Stmt. ¶¶ 58-59; Episode 3 Video. But when Cohen moved the wand closer to Judge Moore, the gadget seemed to emit a beeping noise. Defs. Rule 56.1 Stmt. ¶ 60; Episode 3 Video. Cohen then hit the device against his hand, stating that the device “must be faulty,” before asking Judge Moore if he might have lent his jacket to someone else. Defs. Rule 56.1 Stmt. ¶ 61; Episode 3 Video. After declaring that he has been “married for 33 [years] –and never had an accusation of such things,” Judge Moore left the hotel room, ending the interview. https://twitter.com/ZoeTillman/status/1415006678618083332

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