Team Wilkinson files motions to dismiss the bulk of his indictment

Drew Broach is on the PACER beat for the Broussard/Wilkinson prosecution and he filed a story this afternoon that quotes extensively from the legal filing, which can be found here.

Remembering that I am not a legal expert these motions struck me as a somewhat routine pretrial procedural attack on the Government case but there was something that stuck out to me, actually more what was not said in fact and for this I’m going to quote a small part of the pleading:

First, the indictment alleges that Mr. Broussard, Mr. Wilkinson and Mr. Whitmer, the alleged conspirators, hired Karen Parker for the position of Paralegal Supervisor despite her lack of qualifications for the job. It further alleges that the conspirators arranged to transfer Ms. Parker from the Parish Attorney’s Office to ID Management, but allowed her to retain the same position and salary even though she did not perform the essential functions of that position.

I want to make clear it is not the defense lawyers job to make the government case but the argument that is being made in the filings is a tad disingenuous.  That said you find names like Broussard, Parker, Whitmer and Wilkinson scattered throughout the 23 page filing.  But there is one name that is central to this story that simply does not appear: former Parish Prez Tim Coulon.

It was Coulon that inflicted Whitmer and Wilkinson on the Yenni Building as a plague upon the professional bureaucracy.  It was Tim Coulon that hired Parker before Broussard took office as Parish Prez because everyone knew it could not happen after Broussard took office.  I knoweth not what kind of shit house deal Broussard cut with Coulon, Whitmer and Wilkinson to hire Parker but a deal was made.

Clancy DuBos revealed Coulon was cooperating some time ago which is why I use the term government informant to describe him in the narrative because he sure has heck hasn’t been indicted, at least the unsealed variety.

At the end of the day the perpetrators that are the most despicable players in the saga end up with the best deals.  In my mind only one thing can explain Coulon’s absence and that would be the big enchilada itself.


15 thoughts on “Team Wilkinson files motions to dismiss the bulk of his indictment”

  1. Honestly … Pelican, Mathilde, Placide and I have drank waytomuch Rebel Yell to comment about this Wilkinson bullshitZZZ tonite … unfortunately for Tommy boy, tomorrow is another day … as the lawyers’s clocks go tick … tick … tick …

    1. Not happening … that Gumba thought he could talk to the Feds the way he talked to everyone else … that bully-mouth ignit shit trogldyte is going down … he better hope his sister-in-law Nancy Cassange, for whom he conspired with Peter Butler, Jr. to get her that 1/2 MILLION DOLLAR, that’s right $500,000 a year job as director of WJMC, keeps paying the kickbacks to his wife and kids so that they can eat and have a roof over their heads … frankly this is a hugh payroll fraud case staring at the FEDS …

      The FEDS should now move forward with new indictments after the trial in October … indicting Wilkinson and Broussard on the Atty Fees kickback scam they were running, then hammer the River Birch RICO up Wilkinson’s and the rest of the JP Politico Mafioso’s collective asses !!!

      I’ll be back latter with some more discussion about those fairy tales Whitmer’s been telling the FEDS and some vintage Whitmergate comments posted on before I was blocked from commenting there …

      1. The JP Council should remove/fire Nancy Cassange as Director of WJMC … and any retirement benefits she has accrued from that appointment should be forfeited … listen up FEDS … Whitmer/Wilkinson have been the driving force of the corruption seeded by COULON !!!

  2. I would hazard a guess that unless he can chirp about River Birch et al the federales don’t care to listen…unless there are fish bigger than that to fry ( to mix my metaphors).

  3. In leaving the Gretna courthouse today, I just happened to be passing by Wilkinson’s law offices on my way out of Gretna and saw Wilkinson getting into the car of someone picking him up. He had a big sh*t eating grin on his face as he was entering the car of the person picking him up…I wondered to myself.. long will that big grin will be on his face when his court date starts…

  4. Seems he’s signaling ready to chirp , plead to one count of conspiracy to bribery which is the new charges while asking to have the old charges dropped , why not ask to have all the charges dropped ?

    1. And to put this whole para-legal payroll in historical context, it is Tom Wilkinson who had the sign ‘The Buck Stops Here’ on his shoulders as Parish Attorney… it is Wilkinson who enlisted as co-conspirators, Peggy Barton, Louis Gruntz, Deano Bonano and Charlie Knof to cover up for not only Karen Parker, but Ken Trahan and Thomassie and others in this massive payroll fraud conspiracy …

      1. And lest I mention the number of lawyers who were not residents of JP and hired as Asst PAs illegally … this payroll fraud is in the Millions of Dollars !!!

  5. And by the way… who told us that WHITMER knows where all the bones are buried … Letten’s compadre, Pat Fanning … WHITMER’s attorney !?!?! …

    Letten’s ‘go along to get along’ BULLSHIT has caught up with him … his illegal, unethical, and immoral deals on the side to let these fucking criminals keep their assets is a root of the never ending corruption … “if I play, I keep my pay” … so what’s in it for him I wonder ???

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