7 thoughts on “Slabb O’Leak sez, lest we forget what got us here….(Updated)”

  1. So Dominick Fazzio acting on behalf of Shadowlake ( Heebe?) gave Coulon all that insurance business? And I noticed handwriting in the upper right hand corner : ” Dawn- FYI. I posted TAW”. Dawn as in Dawn Whitmer? TAW as in Tim A. Whitmer?
    Obviously Dawn knew what was going on the entire time— so why wasn’t SHE indicted?

  2. Very Good question as we all have suspected more were involved but not charged there is more proof . Seems the new and improved TP should be asking these questions to Letten since he is unlikly to respond to SOP, eh?

  3. So Bruchi gave it to THT in 2006. Was THT : Tim ( Whitmer) + Hippo ( Katz) + Tim ( Coulon)? Then in 2009 Fazzio asks that it be changed to Coulon Consultants, LLC? Is this the same policy ( i e Health Insurance)? Didn’t Katz sell a bunch of his insurance portfolio to Coulon at some point? Didn’t one of the Assistant Parish Attorneys ( Nicole Tomba ) get fussed at about handling the transfer documents on her parish computer ( wasn’t this found out when the first Insurance subpoena came out)? If memory serves I recall rumors that she and her boyfriend were called before the Grand Jury…poorly kept secret in JP circles. But I digress…Bruchi/Fazzio/Coulon/Whitmer/Shadowlake…hmmmm.

  4. HMMM. Seems Fazzio’s benefactors are now paying his atty fees. Heebe attempts to pay got busted out by Judge Berrigan. Soooo who is paying? Does anyone KNOW dates of Fazzio employment for Copeland?, prior to being employed by Heebe who was a Copeland former attorney with Butler, Sr.

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