3 thoughts on “State Farm unable to kill Ex Rel.Rigsby”

  1. Does anyone know Judge Ozerden’s policy on voir dire? It would appear critical in this case that the lawyers for the Rigsbys explore the obvious, which is the potential for jurors to take this case less seriously because it took over 7 years to get it to trial.

    1. The handling of this case by the Judiciary, certain of the lawyers and especially DoJ has been nothing short of a disgrace. Justice delayed is justice denied.


  2. Sop, Because it’s a Whistleblower case, the truth in America is that the Judiciary has a predisposed dislike of white-collar whistleblowers. Look at the history of Sarbanes Oxley cases and what happens to those in Federal Departments like most recently the ATF, it’s disgusting how the those are treated in some cases worse that Ashton .

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