Mayor Half Moon picks former assault victim as interim City Council member

Former State Senator Diana Bajoie / Daniel Erath, The Times-Picayune archive

Folks we stay very busy on the Jefferson Parish beat but you must give Mayor Half Moon credit for nabbing former Senator Diana Bajoie as his pick to fill Stacy Head’s old slot on the NOLA City Council. As a youngster Bajoie was viciously assaulted with an ugly stick, yet rebounded to a long career in the Louisiana legislature. Her accomplishments include steering $50,000 via earmark to a conprofit¬†controlled by the Jefferson clan, which then dutifully looted out the taxpayer¬†largess. Frankly I think she is right up Mayor Half Moon’s alley.

Slabbed congratulates Ms Bajoie on her interim appointment to the NOLA City Council.


41 thoughts on “Mayor Half Moon picks former assault victim as interim City Council member”

  1. So Mitch puts in a member of the SOUL political organization. She will do a fine job helping her family members get jobs.

    “JOBS ALL AROUND: Another familiar political name that kept surfacing in the trial: former state legislator Diana Bajoie.

    Bajoie, a former standard-bearer of the SOUL political organization, was among those the Jeffersons leaned on to secure state earmarks for their nonprofit groups, witnesses said.

    Bajoie, who has not been charged with a crime, was a state representative for the 91st House District from 1976 to 1991, immediately preceding Gill Pratt, and as a state senator from 1991 through 2006 after Bill Jefferson left the state Legislature for Congress. Her turf was in the Progressive Democrats’ Central City stronghold.

    Prosecutors asked witness Ezra Jones, who was director of a Jefferson-controlled charity called Orleans Metropolitan Housing, whether there were relatives of Bajoie “receiving checks” from the nonprofit group.

    “Yes,” he replied.

    “Did you hire them?” Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Friel asked.

    “I did not,” he said.

    Jones then testified that he approached Mose Jefferson at some point about firing the unnamed relatives of Bajoie, but “he said it didn’t work that way.”

    Bajoie, who now works at LSU Health Sciences Center, is expected to testify in the trial next week. She did not return telephone and e-mail messages.

    1. Beyond brazen on Half Moon’s part eh?

      Cedric “Stolen Watch” Richmond
      “Landfill” Cynthia Williard Lewis
      Diana Bajoie

      He sure can pick ’em.



    Mitch is trying to build SOUL back up as his powerbase at the expense of BOLD. BOLD’s Karen Carter Peterson killed Mitch Landrieu’s HoZone boondoggle and now its Mitch’s turn to enact revenge against BOLD and Dist. B candidate from Broadmoor Community Development Corp. The Landrieu appointment was a warning shot at both Stacy Head and BOLD and the appointment today will lead to Landrieu’s demise as a second termer.

    Also remember that Landrieu screwed over Wendell Pierce & the Pontchartrain Park Community Development Corp by purposefully locking NORA down to prohibit Piere’s organization from fully revitalizing the area. Landrieu knew that if Errol George (a do-gooder and honest guy) was put in office he would unlock the NORA obstructions Landrieu laid down. Troy Henry and Wendell Pierce are both working the PPCD and George saw first hand how NORA was playing politics via Landrieu’s direction.

    The bottom line is that Mitch Landrieu has picked a team in the African American community by rewarding SOUL over BOLD and now humpty dumpty can’t be put back together. Landrieu is too obtuse to see that the game he just played is going to cost him his reelection.

  3. Mitch:

    Is that the best you have to offer? I urge you to rise above petty politics and uphold the greater good. I had so much hope you’d be a great mayor but your legacy is quickly losing its luster. God help us all. Same song, second verse.

  4. OMG Sock. You had me spitting my Skinny Girl Cosmo across the room. That is one U-glie picture. WTF is going on in Nola?!! Ugh.


  6. And don’t forget: Former Congressman William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson, who is now doing “hard time” in a Federal Penitentiary (it sure took “long enough” to get him there), was NOT prosecuted by “Lettenemgo”, but by the U.S. Department of “Injustice” in Virginia. Betty Jefferson was allowed to plead by “Lettenemgo”, and he and his minions allowed “the Birthmark” Lemelle to sentence her to home confinement with nary a whimper. Is it any wonder that “the Banjo” has never been prosecuted for funneling money to the Jefferson Family while she was a State Legislator, so that the Jefferson Family could STEAL the money? Way to go, Lettenemgo (SPIT!). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. Pres, that’s about the best assessment of how Mitch has become his own worst enemy I’ve read yet.

    I’ve been neck deep in this HoZone bill and make no mistake…it ain’t over. MItch is punishing other politicos behind the scenes for not getting their minions to roll over and play dead for him while the plantation owners attempted the most brazen power grab this city has ever seen.

    I would like to say citizen media and neighborhood organizations slayed the dragon but the truth of it is there was an even larger dragon behind us that I wasn’t even aware of until a few days ago. If he continues to bully his way through this term like a spoiled brat, he will find himself politically bankrupt by the next election. It may be too late and I agree with your sentiments to a certain degree.

    BOLD now has the backing of that hidden dragon and a new candidate (you do the math) could easily sweep in with an endless amount of campaign cash. I’ll let you figure out who the mystery monster is but all you have to do is look at the heaviest hitter in the city and you’ve found your beast that killed the HoZone.

    1. Mitch failed to learn from the past (his loss to Ray Nagin) and as you know those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. The people who put him in office and those who bankrolled his campaign are headed elsewhere. They asked for transparency and open government and what they have recieved is another term of disappointment.

    2. Gosh, AZ, can you be more opaque?

      This is juicy scoop and I’m trying to come up with a list of people you are talking about. Benson? Georges? Solomon?

  8. All I can say is that “the BANJO” is what my friends and I call “Double Coyote Ugly”. Everyone knows what “Coyote Ugly” is: You pick up a girl in a bar @ 4:00 A.M., and in your drunken stupor you think she looks “good”. She takes you home. You wake up after daylight with her head in the crook of your arm, And when you see her in the light, you bite off your arm so you can make your escape without awakening her. That’s “Coyote Ugly”. But “Double Coyote Ugly” is when you see what she looks like, and you bite the other arm off as well, to ensure that you’ll NEVER DO IT AGAIN! Maybe “the Banjo” and “the Birthmark” Lemelle should have tried to have kids together. YUCK! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  9. Now I “GET” it! I just saw “the BANJO” on the noon TV News. That woman has more hair under her upper lip than I have under my arms! So for the past 30 years, “voters” have thought “the BANJO” was a man, because of her MOUSTACHE. Check it out. And some voters still think she’s a man, because of her facial hair. Why, she could let that moustache grow and rename herself “Burnsides”. THAT might get her a few white votes. (Who’s going to approach her with some hair remover? Do I have to look at this on TV and in the paper until I am evicted from my house?). And will somebody tell me who’s paying Allen Katz to pimp for “the BANJO”? Ashton O’Dwyer

  10. SOP, The only thing that could have made this whole scenario more disgusting would be for Danae Columbus to throw her approval in the ring.

    Although they are technically right…it would be very difficult to follow Bajoie.

    And can someone tell me why the Uptown Messenger has a picture of a 2nd line on their header?

    1. You’ll have to help me with Danae. I saw she was in PR but the name hasn’t surfaced yet on the JP beat.


      1. One interesting fact about her is that she was forced out of City Hall about ten years ago for using an AROD-style racial epithet in the hallway. I can’t find the story by searching google.

  11. Dat’ BANJO looks like she could be growing several alien fetuses and simultaneously breastfeed the entire 2nd Airborne along with Dudley Do-Right’s Royal Mounted Canadian Police.

  12. Ya all lighten up on big mama, she’s only a temp with experience the big party is yet to come! This gives Head a little baptismal by fire now lets see what she can do with it the force in her district is still with her.

  13. I’ve got to say something, because many, if not “most” of the Members of “The SLABBED Nation” do not reside in Orleans Parish. I DO, until I am evicted from my home by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court (SPIT!). Mitch the Bitch named “the BANJO” to temporarily fill the District “B” seat on the Council. I live in District “A”, where I am “represented” by that “lost ball in high weeds”, Susan Guidry (pity the fool, and those she claims to “represent”). Stacy Head (VERY white female) formerly represented District “B”. The only “Negress” ever elecyted to District “B” was Betty Jefferson, who was an Assessor, who RAPED white property owners after she took office. And “the Birthmark” Lemelle gave that BLACK BITCH home confinement for having admitted to stealing a cool $1 million from the taxpayers (that we know of). And now this white Mayor (son of “Moon the Coon”) appoints “the BANJO” to “represent District “B”, fornmerly represented by Stacy Head. ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME? AROD’s prediction: You can expect from “the BANJO” just what you got from Betty Jefferson. Ain’t life grand here in the CESSPOOL we call New Orleans? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  14. Ashton,
    Chill out cook the popcorn , grand jury is meeting about the sheriffs office both on the jail construction boondoggle and nepotism Gusman is up to his neck in all of it.Hingle’s sentencing is held up while he cuts a deal to chirp that implicates Nagin , and a former FBI hotshot. I can not think of a better time for the N.O. council to have a public power struggle.

    Updated: Jun 07, 2012 5:45 PM CDT
    Written by: Staff

    Jiff Hingle (File)

    Aaron Bennett (File)
    New Orleans, La. –
    Sentencing for former Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jiff Hingle has been delayed again.

    Judge Sarah Vance moved Hingle’s sentencing date from June 27 to October 3, an apparent sign that Hingle is still cooperating with federal authorities.

    Businessman Aaron Bennett also had his sentencing moved. Bennett was supposed to be sentenced the same day as Hingle. Now, he will learn his prison time on October 31.

    Bennett and Hingle both pleaded guilty in federal court to a kickback scheme. Hingle also pleaded guilty to improperly spending campaign funds.

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  16. Well confederacy,
    Now that you have broached the subject just where has Ms.Bajoie’s real domicile been for say the last year or two? Thanks for spotlighting the alleged non-profit profit program, maybe you can sleuth a little more and see if state grant funds are involved and for what purpose since the alleged non-profit profit would have to file periodical financial reports that would be public record?

    1. tom,

      Looked into the issue of Bajoie’s domicile. What I found all suggests she would be considered domiciled in District B, and has been for at least two years. See here:

      As far as the Urban Tourism bit, good idea on the financial reports but, so far, not much has come up (granted, it hasn’t been that long). No website. No media reports. No record of any grants that I could find. There’s no record of an audit on the LLA website; no mention in recent legislative instruments, save for some routine budget stuff. Might not be anything; the “tip” posted to American Zombie didn’t give much but I’ll certainly post whatever comes up.

  17. An ya know something? Which I’ll borrow from High School. Ever walk up to “someone” and say: “Hey Snowball! Who threw the shit on you?” I’m still standing, and not suffering from a gunshot wound. So, hey snowball! Who threw the shit on you? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  18. Update that should be mentioned. Jon Johnson was also a member of Soul. In fact one of the original members. Bold just took him down by working with the Feds. Soul’s Duplessis is clearly the next to be indicted.

  19. Remember Landrieu is a supporter of SOUL not BOLD. The Landrieu crew thought they could manipulate the political power struggle by boosting up SOUL. Mitch has helped cause this. Where do you think The Lens got their information.

    Karen Carter Peterson & Jim Singleton strike again. I think Mitch just got the memo

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