The Jefferson Parish Personnel Board bitch slaps the Young Administration

Based on what I’ve seen dating back to 2010 I personally think Jefferson Parish Personnel Board Chairman John Combe must be smoking some good stuff to write a letter to all classified Parish employees asserting the Personnel Board is independent of Parish Government. This letter has its roots in the termination of Heather Hilliard last week IMHO. Rich Rainey had a short story in yesterday’s T-P on this topic as well.

8 thoughts on “The Jefferson Parish Personnel Board bitch slaps the Young Administration”

  1. SOP , Sure it’s ruse when you have pending whistleblower and discrimination suits , just where was the board back earlier than 2010 in 2007 and 2009 lawsuits when the parish had a supervisor Zing Hailing a Jewish subordinate as well other anti-Semitic harassment, or the other supervisor who had a wiping post, nooses and dart board with a black male picture on it ? Funny thing as in both those cases and the Hart case with Hilliard the perpetrators all had the same ” I was just Joking defense” however in Anne Marie Vandenweghe case there was no joke the board failed to protect a whistleblower employee and that is intolerable.

  2. Here’s a blast from the past as it concerns John Combe, our Mr. Self-Righteous Anal Uptown Hypocrite:

    “There are also conspiracies amongst individuals that may not rise to the occasion as criminal, but are so egregious in intent, so as to be the the equivalent of a tortious act.

    With that said, let me meander with a few thoughts:

    First, let us consider the appointment of Alfred E. (Ted) Stacey, Member Bourgeois Bennett, LLC to the Jefferson Parish Personnel Board by the illegally appointed interim Parish President, Steve TheRiot. Subsequent to Stacey being placed on this Board, John Combe reversed his ‘yes’ vote to have a hearing of AMV’s Whistleblower claims (his yes vote along with Ms. Bramlett-Wood, who was subsequently removed from the board, had formed a majority of 2-1; Rodrique being the no vote). Stacey, within a few weeks of being appointed to the Board, votes NO along with Rodrique, and Combe now goes along to get along, 3-0 ! John Combe should be ashamed of himself after having given encouragement to AMV to go forward with her revelations of wrong doing by certain Parish Officials, only to renege on that support.”

    AND AS A PS: Stacey is partner with COO Cox’s father over at the Bourgeois, Bennett CPA Firm … yea Mr. Combe you just keep on smoking that good stuff like you’ve been doing for years while being led by the nose by some of JP’s premier political hacks like Gruntz, Donelon and Nass …

  3. Now Ms.AMV, Heather Hillard, President Young and all non-political classified dummies please proceed to the chalk board and write clearly and neatly 500 times:

    “…the Personnel Dept. also must be perceived to be independent by all it serves”.

    Now repeat after me slowly like you believe it, “… the Personnel Dept. also must be perceived to be independent by all it serves.”

    Thank you, now remain seated, quiet and enjoy watching your friendly Personnel Board with Mr. Combe presiding and breathing rapidly with excitement to bring TRUTH and JUSTICE to the All-American JP workplace.



    WHEREAS, the original ordinances regulating ethical standards for Jefferson Parish personnel and elected officials were originally adopted over 30 years ago; and
    WHEREAS, the Council intends for these proposed newly created entities, the Office of Inspector General and the Ethics and Compliance Commission, to oversee and enforce ethical standards for Jefferson Parish employees and public servants; and
    WHEREAS the Council recognizes that the proposed office of inspector general and that ethics and compliance commission will exist to promote and protect the public’s confidence in public servants by promoting ethical conduct of present and former public employees and to investigate and adjudicate potential violations. The jurisdiction of an ethics commission extends beyond just classified employees and encompasses all persons who work in any capacity, including elected officials and an ethics commission functions primarily as an independent body that investigates and adjudicates ethics complaints against employees and public servants; and
    WHEREAS the Council desires to update the ordinances regulating the ethical standards of Jefferson Parish

    1. Tom

      While I live on the dark side… and you try as you may to enlighten those who don’t see.. your ordinance copy should be enlightening… the Ordinances means nothing though…Go look at the charter changes after Theriot took over.

      I trust you will find the change and find what I refer

      The Parish President and the personnel board and department and Civil service matter not

      1. To Mephisto,
        Maybe you misunderstood what I meant by Moot Issue , read my earlir post.

        THE OPINION:
        From opinion #10-0165 by Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell:
        Pursuant to La. R.S. 33:9611, et seq., and subject to amendment to its charter, Jefferson Parish may establish a local office of inspector general with the power to audit, investigate, inspect, or conduct performance review of non-exempt entities that receive funds through or for the benefit of Jefferson Parish. However, this conferred power must not contradict and must be consistent with its charter and can not go beyond the limitations found in the Louisiana Constitution.
        The T-P Interpretation:

  5. Oh,Mr.Combe, I finished all my chalk board writings and pardon me but I had a question about your “independent” Personnel Board.

    Yes Mr. Young what is your question.

    Well, if the JP Administration never supervises the Personnel Board can you tell me in the illustrious, independent history of the Board has an employee ever be victorious against any supervisor’s sexual or verbal abuse, persecution of a whistleblower, trumped up false charges and/or other misconduct ?

    Hmmmmmmmm, I get back to you Mr.Young on that one but you watch this infomercial which pretty much sums up the Board’s usual, final comments to all complainants:

    Does Vader ” Beat it”? – You bet he does!

  6. Mr.Combe: On the subject of persecutorial misconduct on a whistleblower and invasion of an employee’s privacy without legal basis in fact this appears to be some Administration Stormtroopers breaking down AMV’s door wrongly thinking she was blogging:

    And your so-called independent, irresponsible response to this gross outrageous misconduct of “Beat It” is unacceptable.

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