Jefferson Parish Corruption Miscellany: Payola and the Broussard/Wilkinson Superseding Indictment

Jimmy aka one of the goat herders inquired in comments about the lack of a Nova Scotia connection in the superseding indictment released last week against Aaron Broussard and Tom Wilkinson. The 28 page court filing can be found via the Times Picayune here and is well worth the read. Rich Rainey’s accompanying story is also very good.  Here is a snippet:

Whitmer’s attorney, Pat Fanning, said he wasn’t privy to prosecutors’ strategy. But he speculated that his client’s mention in the superseding indictment suggests Whitmer’s continued cooperation could have something to do with the new charges.

The indictment doesn’t identify the school or Broussard’s relative. But Wilkinson used to be chairman of Christian Brothers School in New Orleans. He resigned the post in March, about the time prosecutors shared draft indictments with Broussard, Wilkinson and Parker.

This is also the answer to the Goat Herder’s question. I’ll add that I’ve heard rumors about a superseding indictment since early January and those intensified after Slabbed broke Tim Whitmer was cooperating with Team Fed.  Karen Parker is a relative Johnny-come-lately to the squealathon at DoJ.  As I recall Team Letten announced Parker’s info would be going before the reconvened grand jury.  After all there is no telling which of the people involved in the alleged pay to play at the Trout Point development scooted down to Mr. Letten’s office as suggested by T-P columnist Stephanie Grace. These allegations have to be investigated and the money trail traced before anything goes to the grand jury.  I’m purely guessing here but I bet Slabbed is no longer the only people besides Fox 8 that is interested in that case record up Yarmouth way.

Speaking of that and the letter the late Roy D’Aquila wrote on Broussard’s behalf to the Goat Herders 5 months after Broussard resigned in disgrace I’ve been rolling over in my mind the meaning of “lot assessments to pay to the note on the property as well as the taxes and insurance”.  A property owners association would have parcel assessments but there has never been a hint of such a critter at the Trout Point development anywhere I’ve seen.  Regardless of the existence of a POA why would the lot assessments pay for the note, taxes and insurance on Broussard’s property?  Allow me to speculate since I fancy myself as a forensic auditor:

Our readers may remember Nowdy covered an old judicial corruption case here in Mississippi involving two coast circuit court judges, an ex-Mississippi Supreme Court Justice and two class action lawyers, Paul Minor and Dickie Scruggs.  Scruggs got a pass in that case but one of the ways prosecutors allege the bribe was passed involved using a bank as a financial intermediary.  So suppose you have a pay to play scheme going as has been alleged against Broussard involving real estate in Nova Scotia.  You put a little money down, finance the rest and other people pay your loan off. Leaving any tax considerations aside (and that is leaving a lot out given the implications) the perpetrators enrich the Grand Poopah who in turn bestows taxpayer-funded largess on the participants.  Schemes such as that can include kickbacks as well and I think in Broussard’s case that also applies though it is not at all clear he used his business holdings in Canada to hide all the loot. I think the bottom line there is there will be lots for the grand jury to sort through when it reconvenes.

Moving right along the Times Picayune Editorial Board registered its displeasure with both Broussard and Wilkinson and they point out something important:

The meeting was first revealed by a legislative auditor’s report in 2010 that named the other official as outgoing Parish President Tim Coulon. Mr. Coulon has not been charged with a crime. According to the new criminal charges, the group decided to give Ms. Parker a paralegal supervisor post in Mr. Wilkinson’s office, even though she lacked the qualifications for the job.

The Gambitman has indicated Coulon is actively cooperating with the Feds and this is not good news for the Krewe over at West Jefferson Medical Center IMHO, especially given certain family relationships involved. Worth noting is the insurance scam portion of the scandal has yet to see the light of day but it does not take much imagination to figure where things are headed based on who ran to Team Letten to cut a deal.

Finally Slabbed is not the only media outlet with first hand involvement in the narrative.  The 3 media outlets that tried to tell the story straight were all sued in Nova Scotia by Trout Point LP, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret. The media outlets that sold out were paid handsomely and that brings us to two of our perennial faves here at Slabbed, Payola whore Garland Robinette and his ethically challenged Ethics Professor/lawyer Dane Ciolino. Worth noting is that Ciolino initially popped up in this scandal circling like a fly over a cow patty representing Tim Whitmer.  Whitmer cut a deal and is presumably also spilling his guts on the shithouse deal with River Birch Landfill so Ciolino scoots over and now represents Garland Robinette.

Speaking of Robinette, for those keeping score he works for Entercomm payola radio, who thus far has stood by their man despite the fact he took what at best can be described as a sweetheart $250,000 loan from Fred Heebe, the main guy at the landfill. Saturday the T-P’s Paul Rioux checked in with an interesting update on this particularly seedy part of the saga.  It seems that Heebe does not want Robinette’s north shore property which Robinette claims secured “the loan”. I put loan in quotation marks because a mortgage was never filed on the land. The loan document exists according to Attorney Ciolino but Team Robinette will not release to the public.  Slabbed first reported back in December 2010, albeit on the down low, that Robinette has gotten an invite to the federal grand jury and it turns out besides neutering Robinette as a Heebe paid shill, Team Letten publicly claimed no interest in criminally prosecuting Robinette.  The man’s reputation is in tatters as he has gone from the mountain top of being a main character in Spike Lee’s documentaries on post Katrina New Orleans to the bottom of the cesspool of corruption. I mention that because this is the PR battle of Robinette’s life and I’d bet my last dollar on two things:

  1. We’ve not heard the last of Robinette’s name in this scandal.
  2. If a mythical loan document would help Robinette with the public, Ciolino would have released it.  I personally do not believe in the tooth fairy and I do not believe there was a loan period.  And in the off-chance there was a loan document drawn up between Robinette and Heebe whatever is in it likely would make ol’ Garlandfill look worse not better in the eyes of the public.

One man’s opinion anyhow.


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  1. That's right folks – goat undercover informants. Better then the CIA dolphins which plant IEDs on the hulls of enemy ships, these guys have loose tongues and you can't shut them up.

    They want to tell the whole story from " goats in your garden" to being "scapegoats". But beware they tend to eat their written transcripts.

  2. To Lockemuptight: GREAT coverage about "goats". I don't have any videos, but I have a few stories to tell about goats: (1) When I was a boy (a fairly "small" one), we'd visit my paternal GrandMother's house where, a "safe" distance from the "big" house, was a chicken house and the urban equivalent of a "barnyard", all on an acre or so of land. Well, the maternal GrandFather of my cousins, who lived with my paternal GrandMother, had given the cousins a surrey and tack which would allow a goat to be harnessed and give us "goat-rides" rides in the surry. Personally, I was NEVER enamoured with the "goat-surrey-rides"; I much preferred to ride my maternal GrandFather's horses, not too far away. If any of you have ever been "close" to a goat, particularly the hind quarters, then you'd know what I mean. (2) The only other places I'd seen goats were (a) Audubon Park, in the area which I believe is now a "petting zoo" (Children: If you pet a goat WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP, IMMEDIATELY!); and (2) In Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, where I travelled extensively on business in the late 70's until shortly after Mr. Anwar Sadat was assassinated in the very early 80's. There, goats were raised for their milk and flesh, although the carcasses hanging outside hovels which looked like they could have been constructed in Biblical tiimes were always so covered with FLIES that one couldn't distinguish camel meat, from lamb, or from goat meat. I ate a lot of "grilled chicken" over there. (3) Does anyone know why, at certain schools (The U.S. Military Academy at West Point, for instance), the "last man in the class is called "the Goat"? (4) I personally apprehended a looter in front of my house in the aftermath of KATRINA. What made this apprehension so unusual was the fact that it occurred in broad daylight, at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon, on Wednesday or Thursday, September 14 or 15, 2005, some two (2) weeks after the storm, when the DEGENERATE SCUM we call "law enforcement" were supposed to have matters well in hand. Anyway, I was in front of my house talking to some roofers, and I smelled a HORRIBLE odor, which I liken to "smelling like a Billy Goat". I smelled that COCKSUCKER before i saw him. And what had happened was that his fucking "hole", where he had his loot stashed, had gotten too FOUL, even for him, so he stuck his nose up into the fresh air, and I caught him while he was looking for his next opportunity to STEAL on St. Charles fucking Avenue. The "law enforcement" SCUM who picked up this piece of human flotsom DISENFECTED HIM before they would allow him in their squad car. BOTTOM LINE: It really takes a "special" kind of human being to raise and to be associated with GOATS. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  3. It was with great shock and disbelief that I found this anti-goat site called slabbed. Let me put all of you on notice that the International Boar Goat Association exist to bring "respect" to goat herding. I would be very carefull what you say about goat herding as you would not want to end up on the wrong end of a raging herd of goats. I hope this is the last I will have to say about this matter.

    The International Boer Goat Association, Inc. is committed to seeing the meat goat industry in general, and the Boer goat breed in particular, established as a respected and profitable component of mainstream North American agriculture. We are motivated by our members and are dedicated to assisting each one – whether a large breeder or small – meet their individual goals of profitability and personal satisfaction through the raising of Boer and Boer-influence goats. Toward this end, we are focused on the betterment of the meat goat industry as a whole through an ever more extensive use of superior Boer goat genetics in the world's meat goat herds.

  4. AROD: Funny about you mentioning you ate a lot of "grilled chicken" in Egypt. I had a Marine buddy, now deceased, who was stationed in the Sinai and he found out that at the local,open air markets what they called chicken was really road kill buzzards who ate the hanging decaying camel, lamb meat and goat meat with all the FLIES you mentioned above.

    Just kidding (pun intended) and trying to "get your goat"!

    Finally, from " one ole' goat to another "- keep catching those c*xsuckin', goat smellin', thievin' varmints in NOLA before they cross over into JP and take up permanent residence on the JP Council.

  5. To Lockemuptight: Whew! You had me scared there for a minute, Lockemuptight. But you reminded me of something else stored away in "the fleshy tablets": Didn't Esmeralda, the heroine of Victor Hugo's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" have a pet goat, and didn't her affinity for the goat , and visa versa (presumably because she fed and watered it, and protected the goat from harm), facilitate accusations of WITCHCRAFT against her, since the goat represented a symbol associated with the DEVIL? Ashton O'Dwyer. P.S. I am holding a $50.00 bill for the friest person to inform us what part of the anatomy a man refers to when he invokes the appellation "my goat". AROD.

  6. For Billy "Goat Rights" Activist : Juxtapose to what AROD related above about the goat smellin' thief he caught being disinfected before being put in the NOLA squad car, IMHO if I was a goat I would insist on the squad car being disinfected first.

  7. To Lockemuptight: A few more "details" raised by your Comment in response: The "law enforcement" DEGENERATE SCUM who picked up "Billy Goat" (who shouldn't have been allowed to walk the street on St. Charles Ave., anyway – it wasn't his neighborhood, he had no visible means of support, he wasn't going from Point "A" to Point "B", and was obviously "casing the joint") were the State Police, not the NOPD. After I smelled him, I confronted on the sidewalk ("WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD?!") him and told him to get "spread-eagled" on the ground. I didn't get a gun from inside, because i believed THAT might get ME in trouble. But the roofers had a German Shepard "Guard Dog" with them, and they put the dog, on a leash, a respectable distance from Billy Goat, in order to restrain him, and to keep him from escaping. I got in my car and proceeded to Audubon Park, which was a U.S. Military encapment, complete with "beaucoup" soldiers with "locked and loaded" automatic weapons (I was bringing them fresh fruit and ice and cold drinks every morning), armoured vehicles, tents and camoflage netting: the whole ball of wax. My attitude was that I was going to request the assistance of "the cavalry" to take "an urban terrorist" into custody. In return, I got loaded 9 millimeter pistols pointed at MY head, and an hour later I was told that I "can go", but that I would have to find "local law enforcement" to assist me, because the Military couldn't, because of "posse comitatus". When I located an NOPD squad car an hour later, the "Officers", who were not in uniform, and totally unrecognizable as "policemen", were "preoccupied", although the car was not "piled with loot" like the NOPD car from the 6th District which I stopped on St. Charles Ave. and Webster Streets on Tuesday, August 30, 2005, half a block from my house. Just a few days later, approximately 12 hours after I had filed my "Victims of KATRINA" lawsuit against the United States, the State of louisiana, and others, the State Police returned to my houst at 5 minutes after midnight on 9/20/05 and abducted me. The Slabbed Nation already knows THAT story. And I didn't smell like a "Billy Goat". Ashton O'Dwyer.

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