Worth repeating take note: Let’s talk Paul Connick Sr. and his son Dutchie Connick

From my comment on Slabbed solves the mystery on the shores of the Tusket River in Nova Scotia as we reveal the Trout Point connection to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal

Paying people as Paralegals that did not report to work has been a time-honored practice dating back to the Tim Coulon days as Parish Prez. Of course we all know Tom Wilkinson was Coulon’s guy for Parish attorney.

Slabbed of course was on this topic “first with the most” way back in February 2010 courtesy of Telemachus when the name Paul Connick Sr entered the lexicon of the Slabbed.

To their credit Channel 6, working quietly in the background on this matter in July of last year checked in with this:

But Parker Broussard isn’t the only one on the list with political ties in Jefferson Parish. Also listed as a paralegal is Paul Connick Sr.

Connick Sr. is the father of longtime Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick. The elder Connick spent years working inside parish government in a variety if posts. The records show Connick Sr. earned a $15,000-a-year salary working as a paralegal in 2002, 2003 and part of 2004.

The daughter of former state senator and current Jefferson Parish Judge Glenn Ansardi, Jennifer Ansardi told the I-Team she worked on legislative issues during her time with the parish and did not know she was listed as a paralegal until a phone call from the I-Team.

Also on the list are Barbara Windhorst and Katherine Wilkinson. Tom Wilkinson’s attorney told WDSU that neither worked as a paralegal despite being listed as such. Records show Windhorst, who is a former Jefferson Parish schools superintendent and stepmother of Jefferson Parish Judge Steve Windhorst, was paid $6,000 a year for a two-year stint that began in 2005.

And the records show that Katherine Wilkinson was given an annual salary of $25,000 for her three-month stint as a paralegal.

Wilkinson is the niece of former parish attorney Tom Wilkinson. Tom Wilkinson’s attorney said Katherine worked as a law clerk, not a paralegal, during the summer of 2005.

Now do you guys remember the Dutchie Connick memo? We leaked it to the world back on January 25, 2011 and I recently made that post sticky and did so for a reason. Why is Dutchie Connick important? Again it was Slabbed commenter Telemachus who helped hone us in like a laser beam. Dutchie knows where lots of bodies are buried in both landfills and Slabbed has learned DoJ Public Integrity has put the ball squeeze on Dutchie. Remember folks I hung the timestamp that Tim Whitmer was cooperating and in light of the Dutchie Connick Memo I think I understand why the FBI is after him to talk.

This brings us back to Paul Connick Sr and his days as a paralegal. If the feds can show a pattern of illegal activity involving the same group of people Racketeering aka RICO becomes a real prosecutorial option. The statute of limitation rules in RICO are very unique and put each and every one of those people listed in that Channel 6 report squarely in the cross hairs including the 80 something year old Paul Connick Sr.

Gambit also did a piece noting the names of politically connected people including our own AMV, that worked in the Parish Attorney’s office back in early December.


AMV is a lawyer folks so she was certainly qualified for her job, unlike some of the others. Her name also surfaced in reporting by Rich Rainey at the Picayune. She is also the person who blew the whistle on the wrongdoing in the Parish attorney’s office so where that all leads is a matter of interest here at Slabbed.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the names that will be coming up will surprise, indeed even shock those that have not been keeping up with us here on Slabbed.


3 thoughts on “Worth repeating take note: Let’s talk Paul Connick Sr. and his son Dutchie Connick”

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  2. It is simply not credible to believe that PEGGY BARTON, Chief Deputy Asst PA, who was designated by her partner in crime, former PA Tom Wilkinson, to be supervisor of all Para-Legals and thus responsible for the organizational chart that included those individuals hired as a para-legal, was not a principal in the conspiracy of payroll fraud.

    And the fact that Wilkinson’s neice got a salary of $25,000 for three months, para-legal or legal jerk … is absolutely unconscionable … and both should be charged with fraud relating to her employment.

    It was common for Wilkinson to have his relatives hired as a result of his continued charade of their otherwise fraudulent qualifications; it was part of his criminal modis operandi, the raw abuse of political power he displayed as Parish Attorney. Think Nancy Cassange, Coulon’s knee-bender and Wilkinson’s sister-in-law and the scam that Wilkinson and Peter Butler, Jr. played out to have her appointed Director of WJMC, with a salary hovering around $500,000 Thousand Dollars … for a position SHE WAS WITHOUT A DOUBT NOT QUALIFIED FOR … no telling what the quid pro quo has been for that fraudulent deal …

    Which reminds me … what qualifications did BARTON have to be appointed Director of Human Resources … supervisor of para-legals and Asst PAs while a political hack for the troglodyte Wilkinson you say … that’s my point, NONE ! … Fraud is BARTON’S game …

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