Lee Zurik tackles favoritism in Jefferson Parish Government as he profiles John Young’s former secretary.

Let’s kick start this post on the latest Lee Zurick investigation with a poem.

You are:
The smiling face that greets.
Whoever comes to call.
And your hands type the letters.
That go to one and all.

You are:
The one who answers the calls.
That come throughout the day.
And no matter what the problem.
You know just what to say.

You are:
The one who brews the coffee.
That makes the day go well.
And what your kindness means.
Words alone can’t tell.

You are:
The one who is always busy.
Making things go right.
Though it seems we do not notice.
As often as we might.

You are:
The spirit of the office.
And well the load you carry.
You are that extra special person.
That we call Secretary!

Folks Lee Zurik got a hot tip that John Young’s former secretary got the job via inside fix to be the $53,000 baby sitter for the Alario Center. They started teasing the 10:00PM Lee Zurik investigative report just ahead of the 9:30pm Bob Breck weathercast and kept teasing it until well after 10, when I finally gave up and went to bed. I’m not sure when the report aired last night but it evidently did air as ‘Gate did a vid capture of the report for Youtube and emailed it to me last night.

The long story short is John Young’s former secretary got the facility manager’s job at the Alario Center, the Parish did not advertise the position and by John Young’s own admission, his fingerprints are all over the hire and he does not regret doing it one bit.  The whole story took a surreal turn when Young suggested that Lee Zurik call the man whose name is on the Alario Center, John “Big Dog” Alario himself.

“Senator John Alario has been very impressed with her.” Young notes. “I welcome you to talk to Senator Alario if you want to get a different perspective.”

We reached Senator John Alario, representing District 8 in the state legislature, by phone. He told us the jury is still out on Folse’s overall job performance, but so far she seems dedicated to the job.

For my part I have a unique perspective on the indispensable secretary as my business experience indicates that the long time loyal secretary to the business owner is often one of the highest paid employees in the entire organization. But since Zurik has brought up the topic I have some nepotism to share with the Slabbed Nation but first another ode to the lowly yet indispensable secretary, this time from the field of K-12 education.

Leaps tall buildings in a single bound,
Is more powerful than a, locomotive,
Faster than a speeding bullet,
Walks on water,
Gives policy to God.

Assistant Superintendent
Leaps short buildings in a single bound,
Is more powerful than a switch engine,
Is as fast as a bullet,
Walks on water if sea is calm,
Converses with God.

Leaps short buildings with a running start and favorable winds,
Is almost as powerful as a switch engine,
Is faster than a speeding BB,
Walks on water in an indoor swimming pool,
Talks with God if special request is approved.

Assistant Principal
Barely clears a Quonset hut,
Loses tug of war with locomotive,
Can fire a speeding bullet,
Swims well, Is occasionally addressed by God.

Department Head
Makes high marks on walls when trying to leap tall buildings,
Is run over by locomotive,
Can sometimes handle a gun without inflicting injury,
Can barely dog paddle,

Runs into buildings,
Recognizes locomotives two out of three times,
Can stay afloat with life jacket,
Talks to walls.

Lifts buildings and walks under them,
Kicks locomotives off the tracks,
Catches speeding bullets in teeth and eats them for lunch,
Freezes water with a single glance,
Is God.

Since Zurik concentrated on a $53,000/year employee let’s start off on the low-end of the pay scale and profile the hiring of Lauren Barton to Jefferson Parish environmental as it certainly appears to be an inside job.  In fairness to Lauren she also met the requirements in the Parish’s job description albeit via formal training instead of experience.

Long time Slabbed readers best know Ms Barton as the interim Parish Attorney that likely doctored the Parish’s organization chart to scrub the fact she was the “supervisor” to all of Aaron Broussard’s cronies that are the subject to a current criminal investigation into payroll fraud in Parish government. In her daughter’s case Peggy says it and Environmental Director Marnie Winter made it happen.

Don’t know how Lauren is doing on the job but that is not the point here as the subject is favoritism and nepotism. But some of the most egregious examples are in the ranks of the 6 figure management such a former Broussard CAA turned Chris Roberts assistant Deano Bonano, affectionately known here on Slabbed as the Master of Disaster as he is incompetence personified. Unfortunately the Jefferson Parish taxpayers pay a big time price because of it.  To illustrate one such example let’s visit with the Legislative Auditor’s report on the Jefferson Parish Performing Arts Center.

It is simply amazing that one can’t build a house without building inspections and permitting. That process insures quality construction techniques are used and that licensed craftsmen are employed in vital areas such as mechanical and electrical systems. Personally I wonder how many folks spend big money constructing a building and then not bother to monitor the progress of the project?  In Jefferson Parish if Deano Bonano and Tim Whitmer are in charge you fly blind as the following email exchanges between Whitmer, Bonano and Louis Savoye:

And of course it was the blind leading the blind folks:

And the logical conclusion is if the Parish does not permit its own construction then no need to muddy things up by inspecting the project:

So there you have it folks, Lee Zurik has stumbled into a very target rich environment. Let’s see how far this subject gets pushed as the problem goes far beyond a former secretary turned building baby sitter.


23 thoughts on “Lee Zurik tackles favoritism in Jefferson Parish Government as he profiles John Young’s former secretary.”

  1. Ma Barton sure could throw HER weight around. Shame she put her daughter in the line of fire. And Marnie Winter agreed because?????? Love to know the Quid Pro Quo on that hire…hmmmmm

  2. Rumors have swarmed over the years that Lauren Barton was approved for every class, seminar, trip, Certification etc that came along…all paid for with Tax Payer dollars $$$$.
    Cha Ching. Must be nice to have your post-graduate training paid for AND pull down a hefty salary to boot. Again , Ma Barton wields a big stick… anyone know from whence her power flows? Just curious.

  3. People, get ready … ALARIO, ALARIO, ALARIO !!!

    I had already read yesterday morning’s opinion piece by Stephanie Grace that surmises that without ALARIO’s pragmatism, ‘Jingle Jangle’ Jindal had or has no chance of being President of the United States !!!

    GUESS WHAT STEPHANIE … that fucking HYPOCRITE FRAUD Pyush NEVER had a chance to EVER BE NOMINATED … with or without the “Big Dog” ‘s advice or blessing … with or without a Red Dot on his forehead … what a fucking piss ant ….

    Nod to John Alario shows Bobby Jindal's practical side: Stephanie Grace
    Published: Sunday, October 30, 2011, 7:33 AM
    By Stephanie Grace, The Times-Picayune http://www.nola.com/opinions/index.ssf/2011/10/no

    ‘Back to the Future Part 2’ in Jefferson Parish with ‘where you been’ Lee Zurik, and MORE PRICELESS QUOTES from his rather bizarre ‘investigative’ report:

    “Young says she negotiated a new lease with the Hornets and helped secure $1 million dollars to fix the facility's roof.

    “Senator John Alario has been very impressed with her.” Young notes. “I welcome you to talk to Senator Alario if you want to get a different perspective.”

    We reached Senator John Alario, representing District 8 in the state legislature, by phone. He told us the jury is still out on Folse's overall job performance, but so far she seems dedicated to the job.”

    Zurik Investigation: JP pres. promotes secretary to management

    Lydia Folse, appointed general manager of Alario Center
    Reported by: Lee Zurik, Anchor/Chief Investigative Reporter Email: [email protected]
    Print Story Published: 7:26 pm Share Updated: 8:12 pm http://www.fox8live.com/news/local/story/Lee-Zuri

    For those who don’t know … Alario’s nebulous non-committal euphemistic response is political speak for “I’ve got someone else I want to have that job” …

    Zurik … the most obvious question is: Since this went down in May 2011, and Ms. Folse has held this position for almost 6 months … and these facts being public record … why are you reporting on this now … me thinks mini-me Roberts and LargeASS is using your relationship with Fred Heebe to get back at Young and cover these miscreants wrong doing … for 2 years we haven’t heard or read a peep out of you re Jefferson Parish corruption … the like a ‘Jack-in-the Box’ we get this … Hmmm !

    Don’t miscue, I think this kind of appointment is not ‘transparent’ and is questionable no matter who made it … my curiosity is WHY Zurik broke this JP story … and who prodded him to do so ???

    Hey Lee. where were you when ??? :

    This story opens up the most egregious of all appointments EVER:

    Nansy Cassange being appointed as Director of West Jefferson Hospital at a salary of some $450,000 per year …some $300,000 plus increase from her salary as Broussard's CAO and Chief Financial officer …

    Nancy Cassange who is Wilkinson's sister-in-law and Coulon's knee-bender … had absolutely NO qualifications for that job !!!

    Qualifications that were crafted by Wilkinson and Butler, Jr. for her to fit ONLY her ….she had NONE … a person that TheRiot, Jim Ward and other cronies made happen … yea … right … Fred Heebe cronies …

    And as the Jefferson Parish Council standing as the Hospital District Board, and at the urging of Lagasse and his asst Barry Bordelon, Lagasse offered the motion to appoint Cassange … Council conferred 7-0 (including John Young) ..

    This story is as current as it was then, and is a major event in the scope of the Jefferson Parish Scandals as have come to know them.


  4. Lee along with all in the media only investigate what suits them. If you were given writen documents of all that was not done or done wrong on the greatest injurius incident of this city in modern times and from mostly thier on documents & web sites why wouldn't you report this. One document if followed would have prevented most if not all of the damages to the city. There is written correspondence from the COE in 1987 concerning the 17th St. Channel & its dredging, that if it had been implimented as they instructed OLD there would probably have been no filed channel banks, levees or floodwalls. While this document addressed only one channel the guiding law covered all channels of the flood control project. Also the COE only requested monitoring on an annual basis. The law states a maximum of 90 days.

    Take time to read 33 CFR 208.10, its only 5 pages long and it lets one know about that & the need of qualified pump operators being on duty during times of imment danger to make sure pumps are working. It is the reference document for all aspects of the project including levees, floodwalls, pump station design, operation & maintenance, & required documented reports. These should reflect the current condition, the need for maintenance or replacement, additional protection, or positive cut-offs in discharge lines to prevent backflow. But why report a $6-billion destruction caused by possible malfeasence, non-compliance with written law, engineering regulations or manuals. Then to top it off last year these design engineers were give a +/- 17% pay raise to stay and design what was not done originally & more tax-payer monies approaching another Billion to fix what they did not do right the first time. Seems like we just like to bend over & let them shove something up our backsides.

  5. Zurik, Zurik, Zurik you ignorant dude . Hiring his council secretary as manager of the Alario center is innocent child's play.You and the foxy 8 investigators need to keep crushing the heads of the doubleheaded snake Young.One head is sucking up to the cronies while the other head is spouting government reform. I travel through all electronic security and private doors without being noticed and tell you the Young administration is practicing bad ass voodoo. They stuck black magic pins in the Mark Spears' big butt doll for no good reason. Mark limps away and runs for council and if elected he is crafting voodoo dolls for revenge. They stuck voodoo pins in many animal shelter worker dolls again without cause then boosted salaries for new hired workers creating civil suits against the parish. Barbara Namer's quid pro quo candle finally burned out and she got justly fired by one snake head as the last fraudulent paralegal. She takes a short internet course and they pour some black magic recipe over her head. Presto Barbara is declared a legit paralegal by the other snake head. Did the silent but powerful Robert Namer have something to do with this witchcraft quid pro quo.Barbara gets hired at her old illegal paralegal salary for a 13 year veteran and not the salary for newly hired paralegals. She doesn't have to pay back any of her illegal salaries ( based on a rare 30 hour work week) and her retirement benefits are still based and scheduled on her former,illegal paralegal salaries. They refuse to publish the salary she was rehired at ( for a 40 hour work week) or years accrued into the parish retirement plan on the parish's website. They're using some of my evil rituals I've patented to effect their diabolical plans without paying me royalties. It ain't good to screw with marie's black magic.

  6. Jefferson Parish Government is wound with a sordid web of incestuous employess. As one can read in Barton’s e-mails relative to securing her daughter a job, the politics of nepotism is abound and ever flourishing.

    Jake Amato’s daughter works at the DA’s office … Aaron Broussard’s son works for the La.5th Circuit Court of Appeals … Gretna City Police Chief Lawson’s son is a Council assistant … and the list goes on and on and on …

    And why should these family children be afforded all the benefits that Jefferson Parish taxpayers can afford ? … because the taxpayers have and are doing it for their parents … that’s why !!!

    Now that this under-belly of the immoral, unethical and corrupt practice of nepotism has been cut open, I find it my duty to compile a list of all those family members who suck at the taxpayers teat …

    And for the next comment on this subject matter we will begin with the now resigned-in-disgrace POS former Parish Attorney, TOM WILKINSON …who considered Jefferson Parish Government an employment haven for almost his entire family !!!

  7. How'd you like my long and greasy hair last night?
    P.S. I sure speak like an educated, intelligent? lawyer, (politician), don't I? Wait 'til I get the new IG in my pocket
    J-Y aka Mr. Gud Guv'ment

    1. I knew last night from the teaser we have a heck of a thread going today on the general topic. Y'all certainly have not let me down against those expectations.

      Stay tuned as I'll be posting a doc on this general topic that was hand delivered to Zurik in March 2010.


  8. My Parish friends tell me that there have been some lower-than-lowly litigious and ridiculous wrongfully raw dealings at the JP Shelter. Many humane heads have rolled. Who in the hell is in charge over there? Or does it start at the top? Most things do.

  9. He didn't do anything when he was on the Council & he was furnished the Katrina documents. I guess he used them for his election as Parish President to force Broussard out. They are crooked, but you expect that type of miss management. However, the parish is nothing compared to the Federal government or the arm thast was to protect us the citizens. JP or NO may never have been informed of their responsibilites to operate & maintain the Local Flood Control Project. Show me the documents they should have gotten from the COE to do their job properly for that one project & I'll give them the bums rush to be removed from office. However, nothing, I repeat nothing was done to the COE or its employees for the biggest waste of tax-payer funds in this area I have ever seen.

  10. Zurik went easy on him for my taste. He had a few perfect opportunities for kill shots, but never took them. How about something like this: "Mr. Young, what do you say to a Jefferson Parish taxpayer who meets all of these job qualifications, which clearly Ms. Folse does not, and who would like to have applied for this job?" Or something like this, "Mr. Young, you would agree that Ms. Folse ONLY got this job because of her political connections, namely to you? Because Mr. Young, isn't it a fact that if Ms. Folse was a Jane Q. Citizen unconnected to you, her application would have lacked merit on its face?"

  11. I think I've figured out the marketing strategy of the Fox8 newsroom and its voluminous news reports. The manager puts out an investigative news attack then states it is going to be repeated at 10pm. Meanwhile on the Cox news replay channel, 115 for Fox 8 , Benson sells literally dozens of two-bit ads as viewers are told to wait for a repeat of the 10PM investigative report which never comes.

    Fox 8 news, " Louisiana's Hometown News Team Teaser". I don't mind getting teased as long as I see Zurik get his investigative rocks off in a timely fair and balanced way. Not ambushing Young for some cheap shot political, brownie points. That's Pissbody and not Peabody reporting.

  12. How is asking Young about a job he got his former secretary, for which she is unqualified, a cheap shot? While I am not a Zurik fan, this issue underscores what is wrong with Jefferson Parish. Every little sleazy act by these guys should be investigated.

    Maybe one of the other stations should investigate Benson and his connections, including his attempt to buy his way into heaven through the New Orleans Archdiocese.

  13. Sock: Lee Zurik has left more 'investigative' info on the table than you can ever imagine. He and Heebe have been 'best buds' since Newman Greenie days… yes any investigation into JP corruption is better than none but beware the reports that target only one side…Zurik has ignored the JP stories until this one…look it up…only Val Bracy went after JP…Zurik is covering for Heebe, Benson et al…lawyer talk for everyone he is told to leave alone…IMHO

    1. 2 different sources tell me Zurik's tipster was Big Dog himself. Evidently Young did not consult with Alario before installing his secretary in the post.


  14. John Young looks like an arrogant ass in the interview with Lee Zurik. He gave the poorest of explanations for why the assistant manager would require more skill and experience than the bozo he appointed. Same song, second verse.

  15. Just look at the way they are sitting; so relaxed & right next to each other.
    Zurik may have well just sat on Young's LAP.
    JY looks like he needs a good SCRUBBIN'.

  16. Sock … I'll cut to the chase … Benson is truly a racist POS whose get back is to have the taxpayers of Louisiana subsidize his over inflated ego, assuming he is cognizant of what day it is … he thinks the Saints football team is a version of the 'New Plantation' …

    And if he thinks giving mucho $$$ to the Catholic Church's heirarchy and massaging the Jesuits at Manresa will buy him salvation … well I guess he'll find out while spending eternity in Hell with those pedophile MF'ers …

    Benson is himself a Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso … why do you think Val Bracy was fired ???


    Talk about pissing in someone’s face … we read these gratuitous quotes:

    “Senator John Alario has been very impressed with her.” Young notes. “I welcome you to talk to Senator Alario if you want to get a different perspective.”

    “We reached Senator John Alario, representing District 8 in the state legislature, by phone. He told us the jury is still out on Folse's overall job performance, but so far she seems dedicated to the job.”

    Lydia Folse, appointed general manager of Alario Center
    Related Links
    Lee Zurik Investigation: JP official criticizes Folse promotion
    Reported by: Lee Zurik, Anchor/Chief Investigative Reporter Email: [email protected] http://www.fox8live.com/news/local/story/Lee-Zuri

    I find it interesting that this story (already 6 months old) “broke” within a week of Alario being anointed President of the Louisiana Senate due to the strong arm support of the Enuch Joker, Governor ‘Jingle Jangle’ Jindal !!!

    You know and I know what’s happening … Young didn’t appoint the person Alario wanted to run his … OOPS ! …I mean the ALARIO BUILDING … it’s just that simple …

    I think we’ve heard the last of Jindal’s hand waving, tape recorded duplicitous BS … Jindal WHO ?

    Since deBrief and I are getting ready to go sailing, I have set my TV to record the WVUE 10 PM newscast … apparently, diarrhea of the mouth, mini-me Roberts, is going to tell us what went wrong … I’ll be sure to send it to Sop to be posted … I can’t wait to hear and see this fucking fat ass Clown tell us ‘what it is’ …

    Tomorrow is another day …

    Just feel the wind in your face, the bellowing sounds of sails and the aroma of salt water … I’ll leave y’all with this,

  18. Don't you just love the way that JY has everyone (save the JP Council) completely fooled? The Media, most of the constituents (especially the sisters!.) Don't ever say that all of you were not forewarned by Slabbed and its operatives. Watch the company JY keeps.

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