Getting ready for a long bitter winter: Fred Heebe continues the renovations at 5531 St Chas

Hat Tip to a reader for the steer to the building permit site for the City of New Orleans where we find the Heebes are spending $75K to insulate the place.  What I found interesting is that Dominick Fazzio’s name was not mentioned in the permitting despite the fact he was listed as manager of 5531 ST Charles Avenue LLC. The contractor for the work Live Oak Homes, has been mentioned on these pages a time or two.


9 thoughts on “Getting ready for a long bitter winter: Fred Heebe continues the renovations at 5531 St Chas”

  1. 8. As the reported criminal investigation of the River Birch Defendants unfolds, it
    has become apparent that the Defendants’ reliance on dirty tricks, improper influence of
    public officials, and the abuse of the political process as part of a concerted effort to
    prevent competition was not an isolated event,….

  2. Upon the retention of her
    brother to allegedly “assist” in the River Birch -sponsored litigation against the landfill,
    Ms. Willard-Lewis suddenly reversed course and became a vocal opponent to the
    continued operation of the Chef Menteur landfill. Ms. Willard-Lewis attributes her
    changed position to the public outcry over health and safety concerns arising from the
    location of the landfill. This was the very reaction that the River Birch Defendants had
    had to purchase via their bribes, undisclosed lobbyists, unfounded litigation.

  3. Is it just me thinking or can i possibly be the only transparent… yet back-stabbing, narcississtic, greasy-haired, despised by most~ yet adored by a few (thanks, semen, sistah, et al.) politician out there?
    I mean….. where's the end to this corruption???????????????????
    I just might plant my perfectly greasy roots in the chilling, bureaucratic, democratic soil of DC, afterall…..

  4. It's all collapsing my friend. You are correct, as usual.

    Give me a couple of weeks and I think I can throw you some corner puzzle pieces which will help you pull the picture in to focus.

    Much love.

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