Tonight on your local news…..

There will be some dumbass talking head that doesn’t know what he is talking about bullshitting you on the economy or some political hack pointing fingers at the other party playing the blame game.  Trust me when I say turn off the TeeVee and turn instead to the Daily Bail. That is all.


3 thoughts on “Tonight on your local news…..”

  1. Sop, you are so right about the national news and their so called expert economists. Obama says we are a AAA country I guess because he's President and he wants to give us confidence.

    I say Mr. President terminate Obama Care, prosecute the wall street bankers, terminate tax credits for the 50% of the population that pays no taxes and formulate a flat tax base so every citizen , especially those in the underground economy, pays something and we will turn this nation around on a dime.

    So much for my 10 cents worth.

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