Rotten to the core: A few stories I am following today.

Folks each of these news stories deserve their own post and in time most will be featured but for now here are some links that interested me this morning. Please feel free to add your own in comments that fit the theme: ~ sop

6 thoughts on “Rotten to the core: A few stories I am following today.”

  1. Federal Bureau Constipation could get HEAP BIG TROUBLE invading Sacred Burial Grounds of Choctaw Tribe in Neshoba. White man law no good on Indian Reservation as independently sovereign Nation as “the Black Hills” (we call hills “Black Hills” because of intermarriage between Indian tribes and our oppressed black brothers and sisters, who act like wild Indians most of the time). But be careful Federal Bureau of Constipation. Remember wht happened at the Little Big Horn, and at Fort Pitt, and at Fort Mims, and to Lt. Fetterman…and to…” Big Chief Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Out of the 40 trucks donated by Daimler

    “Of the 20 vehicles allotted to Jefferson and Gill Pratt, 16 went to the City Council. The Jefferson Parish municipalities of Gretna, Kenner, Jean Lafitte and Westwego each received one of the remaining four vehicles.

    Officials from Kenner and Jean Lafitte said those trucks are being used by city employees, while the truck that went to Gretna has been used on an off-and-on basis by a charity . It is stationed with the city’s Public Works Department, Mayor Ronnie Harris said.

    The city of Gretna also received three Fords from Jindal’s office, all of which are being used by ++++++department heads, Harris said.

    The Kenner truck, now being used by new Mayor Ed Muniz’s chief of staff, +++++++ Mike Yenni, will be retrofitted in the near future to be used as an emergency vehicle, Yenni said. “That’s what they were donated for,” Yenni said.”

  3. Right Eddie an injustice was done alright as they shouId have electrocuted your corrupt ass to silence that smart ass mouth of yours (i.e. ‘ I’m more popular now than before I went to prison’, ‘ you’re as old as the women you feel ‘). And I’m not talking electrocution to your death but with 50,000 volts from a Tazer every time you open that smart ass mouth of yours.

    As far as you pledging not to embarrass the state of Louisiana in your reality series it is reminiscence of your pledge in the1990 governor’s election that you were turning over a new leaf and were going to be honest. In fact, you POS every breathe you take of Louisiana air is an embarrassment to Louisiana.

    Like your parole officer keeps telling you – stay at home and stay low till either Candy kills your ass or till your last load of BS breathe ; which shouldn’t be long considering all the Viagra you will be consuming trying to please that black widow number your BS ass has attracted.

  4. There are occasions one should not let pride get in the way of discretion…yes there are times when one should not say what they think…just not say anything…as I read:

    “I really feel like I came out of prison more popular than I went in,” Edwards said. “I think in some part because people realize that an injustice occurred and that I handled it like a man. I took it. I survived. I said that I would walk out, and I did.”

    Edwin Edwards steps out for Baton Rouge awards dinner
    Published: Tuesday, July 12, 2011, 11:00 PM
    By Jan Moller, The Times-Picayune

    If Edwin truly believes what he said in the above quote, what does that say about us, the citizens of Louisiana…and more to the point, what does Edwin really think of us … ?

    I believe that Edwin Edwards was the victim of a race driven prosecution…the crackhead, former US Atty and Orleans DA Eddie

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