In this episode of Magnum JD: Judge Ross LaFart solicits campaign cash from his chambers.

Somehow it does not surprise me a dud like Judge Ross LaDart still has outstanding debt from his last campaign. If you want to support him financially send a fax to Magnum and he’ll get you on the shit list.

Magnum, I don’t need no stinking office space in Mandeville either!  G*d D*mn spammers!!  😛

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5 thoughts on “In this episode of Magnum JD: Judge Ross LaFart solicits campaign cash from his chambers.”

  1. I really love this part (and he may not be the only one who does it):

    To paraphrase: “As you know Cannon 7 of the Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits me from soliciting or accepting campaign donations so won’t you lawyers appearing before me take heed of this solicitation by ‘voluntarily’ ponying up some cash up front yourselves and form such a committee and solicit and accept campaign donations for me? Send the money to this other lawyer who appears before me frequently. Thanks a ton.”

  2. After having read this T-P article, I was suspended in a state of disbelief for some time…then rage and anger set in…now resigned disgust…

    The fact that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court had the audacity to appoint Marion Edwards, Susan Chehardy and Hans Liljeberg to any Judicial advisory position, much less the Louisiana Judicial Leadership Institute, is proof positive that Justice Kimball’s judgment has been seriously impaired as a result of a stroke she suffered some time ago.

    Justice Kimball is not only mentally incapable of maintaining her status of Chief Justice, she should be made to step down considering these abominable appointments. That Edwards, Chehardy and Liljeberg have not been removed from the bench considering their immoral, unethical and possibly illegal conduct is evidence, yet again, that GretnaMentality continues to permeate and thrive through all levels of our Judiciary, even in light of the recent Porteous Impeachment; a televised spectacle that obviated the degree of decay the Louisiana Judiciary finds itself in. A political institution that became the butt of jokes of ridicule; a body that has become the laughing stock of the United States amongst Jurists and lawyers throughout the United States.

    No wonder a scumbag like LaFart is on the bench of the 24th JDC; this letter is proof that he is the poster boy for GretnaMentality ! Porteous lives on…

    This Mamoulides whore has got to go…NOW !

  3. If you are someone who does not know who to hire as a defense lawyer, GET ONE THATS NOT IN GRETNA, because all the gretna boys will tell you they know the judge, they know the DA, they know the clerk, they know everything and everybody, before you pay them, after you pay them, they all say, It depends on what kind of mood the judge is in. They would not know how to defend you, thats if you can even get a trial in gretna. trial, trial say that in the courtroom, they all look as if you said fire, fire. them bastards couldn’t go to trial if their license to practice law was on the block. trial thats a bad, bad word in gretna. I understand the law depends on how deep your pockets are, but even after you pay these dopes, you still can’t get a trial. they should change the constitution to read, you have the rights to be forced into a plea deal. say trial in ladarts court, he will look at the lawyers and da, as if to say, you didn’t tell them already, you must plea in my court, because we do not trial cases here.

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