Let’s drop another Waste Management nuke as Slabbed presents Gwen Bolotte and Dutchie Connick in Putting in the Fix

April 6, 2004

I received a phone call from Tim Whitmer on my cell  At his request, I called Mr. Whitmer back from a land line. Mr. Whitmer informed me that Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard had meet with representatives of River Birch Landfill to discuss the Jefferson Parish landfill. Mr. Whitmer further advised that Mr. Broussard was not happy with the way Waste Management treated Bobby Bourgeois and River Birch was a good partner and known in the community. Mr. Whitmer further informed me that Mr. Broussard was inclined to retain the services of River Birch Landfill to operate the Jefferson Parish landfill. Mr. Whitmer further informed me that Mr. Broussard discussed with representatives of River Birch your role with Waste Management. Mr. Whitmer stated that Mr. Broussard wanted me to understand that River Birch was willing to retain my services in a similar capacity that I presently serve with Waste Management.

But it gets even better than the above memo from Dutchie Connick as we also have the entirety of Gwen Bolotte’s depo, all 266 pages.

Happy hunting to all and be sure to post away the most damning parts in comments.  This upcoming public meeting on River Birch promises to be a hum dinger!


Slabbed O’Leaks Presents: Meet Cynthia, the most special of the lot.

I fully understand that many people are upset by these transactions and on a personal level I am certainly angered as well. However, my official duties require that my actions are legally sound and conform to the Parish charter, applicable ordinances and any applicable employment law to ensure that we don’t risk having to pay damages at a later date. I assure you we are working diligently on this and it has my full attention. Just today I received correspondence from the Parish Attorney on this matter in excess of 30 pages. There are also 3 separate, investigative agencies looking into this matter, one of which (Ethics Board) was initiated by the Parish Council.

As for my term, I was elected to office for the remainder of Ms. Jennifer Sneed’s term, which by the end will be 2 ½ years. If that is the full extent of my time on this Council, I believe I will look back on this time grateful to have served this Parish knowing that I tried my best to executive my duties in a responsible, fair and honest manner.

If the council had only been so diligent with litigation, especially the suits they filed,  when they sanctioned the shithouse deal with River Birch….

Here you go folks, Cynthia Lee Sheng in her own words. We’ll get to the special part later.