Its Official! Thomas Porteous has resigned from the practice of law

He brought dishonor on himself, those that associated with him and his family name by not resigning from the bench, preferring instead impeachment and conviction by Congress. With the handwriting on the wall, he saves the do-little Chuck Plattsmeier and his band of blind mice at the Louisiana ODC the work of booting him from the legal profession by resigning from the practice of law.

Unfortunately for Plattsmeir, there is still the matter of Dick Chopin, Joseph Mole and Don Gardner, and Claude Lightfoot, Porteous enablers all, that have thus far skated on any discipline for their grossly unethical behavior with the former judge. We won’t be holding our breath though because the ODC seemingly only regulates those lawyers that are not politically connected.


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  1. The ODC will only regulate lawyers not politically connected. sop, a great blog and all this insight. I do recall my ex attorney Mr. Smith and his boy friend before the boy friend became a lawyer too. They seem to have slid through the black bag operations together, so maybe the exception extents to political loves as well. Still I will never understand why judge Graves allowed all that uh,uh guyful affection by those two in his court room. Then again that was October of 1997, two months after the judge struck the $ 84 million dollar deal on me with his counterpart Smith. 3 way? Could this be the additional glue holding all the court political bullshit together? Magic Jurisidictions black robes and back rooms etc. Courts of Orgy?

  2. Every time I see the name “Plattsmier” legitimized as “Chief Disciplinary Counsel” I suffer great consternation and emotional distress. THIS MAN, and the CUNT he “pimps” for, are CRIMINALS, who belong behind bars. Who “polices” Plattsmier the pimp and his whore? Nothing which Mole, Chopin, Gardner of Lightfoot have done, but for which they warrant “punishment”, comes close to what Plattsmier has done, to me. Plattsmier and the now-Chief Justice, in concert with then-Attorney General Foti and some sociopaths who worked for Foti, dispatched a “goon-squad” of State Police Tactical Squad “officers” , who were based at Camp Amtrak, to my house at 5 minutes past midnight on September 20, 2005, following which I was abducted and taken to Camp Amtrak, where I was brutalized, tortured and falsely imprisoned, for “nothing”. But that was just the beginning, because ever since then I have been “targeted”, “disbarred”, and repeatedly lied to, both on and off the record, so that the crimes of Plattsmier and others could remain covered-up and concealed, while my personal and professional reputation was destroyed. But I have a “message” for Plattsmier: If it KILLS me, I am going to put your sorry ass behind bars – yours and that cunt’s you pimp for. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  3. Rather then say anything else I think this post says it all


    It would seem that anyone who was recommended for appointment to the Federal bench on the recommendation of John Breaux should also have a major reinvestigation of their conduct and the circumstances on how Breauxs appointment and support was obtained.

    The sworn testimony on Proteous involved and Breaux and Prostitution, limo’s and who know what else. Most prostitutes are regular drug users and we have one Prostitute who claims she serviced David Vitter on a regular basis.

    From 1987 till 2005 it has become abundantly apparent that Breaux made recommendations for Federal Judges to Washington based on Prostitution and Drugs.

    That means that the majority of the Judges who are presently sitting in the Eastern District of Louisiana had to work with Breaux and were aware of Drugs, Gambling and Prostitution as part of the selection process to become a Federal Judge.

    The Chief Judge – Sarah Vance was recommended by Breaux along with Kurt Engelhardt, who was Vitters campaign and Finance Manager.

    Jay Zainey was appointed in 2001
    Ivan Lemelle was appointed in 1998
    Helen G. Berrigan was appointed in 1994
    Lance M. Africk was appointed in 2002
    Carl J. Barbier was appointed in 1998
    Stanwood R. Duval, Jr was appointed in 1994
    Eldon E. Fallon was appointed in 1995
    Mary Ann Vial Lemmon was Appointed in 1996

    To get John Breauxs attention and appointment you need alcohol, prostitution and gambling according to sworn Testimony. The Prostitutes required Drugs.

    So apparently every sitting Judge in the Eastern District of Louisiana required John Breauxs recommendation to get appointed.

    The Public has a right to know exactly how they were selected by Breaux and what was the cost!

    1. I had 2 telephonic interviews with Gidget and a face to face interview scheduled. When word got out we were going to visit, she was warned off meeting me and when she cancelled on very short notice was clearly rattled.

      I’d still love to have a full debriefing because some of what she told me over the phone was amazing.


  4. sop
    If Vitter was ok with his diaper escapades being released was it because this was so much better than what the ‘other guys’ were doing?
    If so wtf were the other guys into? and WHO are the ‘other guys’?
    If relatively speaking Vitter’s indiscretions were minor in comparison the other guys must be heinous and criminal.
    And why has the Madam’s Black Book NOT BEEN MADE PUBLIC?

  5. There is no black book, at least not in the black book sense, but there were plenty of business records that contained her book of business. If I had to guess, those records have probably since been destroyed.

    I was told of secret societies whose membership included many local heavyweights and about Norman Robinson’s affinity for blondes. I enjoyed hearing about how Billy Nungesser’s daddy had to pay his 5 figure tab and how the elder Nungesser “taught his son to hate”. IMHO Gidget was (and is) an excellent observer of human nature which also probably explains why she was so damn successful for so long.


  6. The conspiracy between the Federal judiciary and the US Attorney’s Office of the EDLA in continuing to sequester evidence used in a criminal prosecution, more particularly the ‘Little Black Book’ used to prosecute individuals in the Canal Street Brothel case is a perversion of justice.

    And, I suspect, a perversion designed to cover-up the sordid perversions of the clientele listed and noted in the ‘book’.

  7. Out of all the attorneys mentioned Chopin,Mole ,Gardner and Lightfoot the one that needs to be disbarred first is Lightfoot as he was a U.S.Trustee of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

    A U.S.Trustee is employed by the U.S.Justice Department and has to be an honest person of great character. The U.S. Justice department has removed Claude Lightfoot as a Trustee .

    Mr.Chuck Plattsmier you have mailed Lightfoot a letter of alleged judicial misconduct, as testified by Lightfoot. Please complete your ethical duty and recommend disbarment as this man committed a federal fraud on the bankruptcy court and enabled Porteous to also violate the U.S.Bankruptcy Code and Rules.

    Or is Lightfoot “…..too young to retire.” which Lightfoot stated in Washington when questioned by the Senate panel if he had been sanctioned or disbarred for his judicial misconduct.

  8. As I am not an Attorney – Can a Qui Tam Case be created to sue a Trustee for breach of his duties and for damages?

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