OK folks, no more horsing around: Here is an early Christmas treat for you Team Magnum freaks

After today’s federal indictments were released we received an email from the legal team directing us to this David Hammer story over at NOLA regarding the indictments of Sean Alfortish and Mona Romero over at the Louisiana Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association for looting it out for their personal benefit. Gee doesn’t that sound familiar.

There are some who say that back in the day Sean Alfortish liked to play.
And play he did taking trips to Aruba on the Benevolent dime
but here at Slabbed that’s not why Alfortish shines.
For some of his buds from back in the day
have been whispering “the who” Sean liked to play.
For it seemed Sean was quite the Casanova
Taking his conquests on the livingroom sofa!

So now we fast forward to today and the Alfortish name is again in play.
But for reasons why from back in the day.
It is not good to land on the Slabb
After hiding a salami with part of Team Mag.


7 thoughts on “OK folks, no more horsing around: Here is an early Christmas treat for you Team Magnum freaks”

  1. Sorry but I can’t be objective on this one. I have known Sean for a ling time and was shocked when I learned of the indictments. I have never known him to be anything other nice and a good lawyer. I also greww up with the mother of his two children.

    Very disappointed; I hope he has a viable (legitimate) defense, but whenever the feds are involved its not a good sign for the defendant.

  2. A sitting judge just got indicted. Maybe that;s worth noting.

    “Alfortish, who also works as a magistrate in Kenner City Court… .”

    “Kenner City Council members acknowledged testifying about Alfortish before the grand jury.”


    1/27/07 TP:

    “”””Sean Alfortish owns Safari Car Wash and is interested in bidding on a contract to service Kenner Police Department cars.

    But he’s also a magistrate in City Court, appointed by the mayor, and that raises questions as to whether he may do business in his private life with a public agency that regularly sends officers to his court.

    “I just wanted to make sure there was no appearance of impropriety before I did it,” Alfortish said.

    He asked the state Ethics Board for an opinion, but the board responded that he should address the question to the Louisiana Judiciary Commission, which has purview over the activity of judges. Alfortish said he will.

    “I have not even submitted a bid,” he said. “I just wanted to clear a path for the possibility of doing it.”

    Alfortish has served as a Kenner magistrate since 1998. He was a city prosecutor for the three years before that.”””

    Alfortish was appointed Kenner magistrate by Aaron Broussard.


  3. Let me see if my memory serves me right…and scape up some of the horse-shit in the JP barn:

    Alfortish was THE Attorney who first signed on in the infamous “YOUNCE” case…his blow buddy Ross LaDart gets elected Judge to the 24th JDC…so what does he do…plays the cameo “GretnaMentality” game and elicits LaDart’s blow buddy Wally Beavers to be co-counsel…Alfortish rented office space in LaDart’s building…and the rest is a very disturbing and recurrent history !

    Courthouse does things its own weird way – NOLA.com
    Aug 23, 2006 … Monday morning, for instance, Wiley Beevers, a local attorney whose unholy alliance with Judge Ross LaDart is a frequent topic of …

  4. You have provided very “telling” information, Telemachus and Whitmergate. It would appear that, in the case of this individual, “the Illuminati” has taken care of its own. The plea in Florida in May 2000 was “doing business as an agent in the State without a license”. He did this through an intermediary, or third person interposed, who approached athletes with “inducements”, ie. bribes, payola, or whatever one wants to call “dirty money”. And so I have a few questions: (1) How did he retain his position, or get appointed to, or re-appointed to, the Magistrate’s position? (2) Where was that worthless cocksucking crooked piece of shit Plattsmier, and how did he allow this individual to “continue to march” without discipline? (3) How did he retain his position with the Horsemen’s Benevolent Association? He obviously was “an accident waiting to happen”, and it looks like it has happened. But if a little due diligence had been practiced, it might have been thwarted, pre-emptively. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. Given all the pies Sean Alfortish had his fingers in it is amazing he found time to shag the then Mrs Magnum.

    Grande Grande Grande eh?

    This crash and burn bears watching.


  6. Just posting this here as an fyi.

    New report from Fox 8 Live re: a grass cutting contract with mysterious scoring:

    http://www.fox8live.com/mediacenter/[email protected]&navCatId=3

    See “Lee Zurik Investigation: Questionable grass cutting contract in Jefferson Parish” or “Corruption watchdog calls for JP investigation”

    What’s funny is this same Ramelli got a mysterious grass cutting contract with Kenner via Ed Muniz in a similarly mysterious manner.

    9/6/08 TP

    “”””City Councilman Joe Stagni said Muniz should not have signed a contract with a company that didn’t have a license to do the work in Louisiana. He recalled that Muniz last year signed a contract with Ramelli Janitorial Services for garbage collection even though Ramelli didn’t have insurance in the form of a performance bond, to protect the city if it failed to do its job. Muniz said the lack of a performance bond was an “honest mistake,” and the company bought a bond in August.

    “We were extremely lucky when Ramelli didn’t have a bond in place and nothing happened,” Stagni said. “I hope we’re as lucky in this situation. But if we don’t make the contracts and the contracting process more foolproof, there’s going to come a time when we won’t be so lucky.”

    Asked why he signed a contract with an unlicensed company, Muniz said he is not a micromanager and referred the question to city attorney Keith Conley, who did not provide an answer Friday.”””

    9/23/08 TP (Muniz obviously undeterred by the above):

    “Amid intense demand to collect storm debris stretching across two states, Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard said Monday that he has raised the price the administration pays contractors for hauling. The increase to $12.33 per cubic yard, from $9.97 spelled out in a contract that was awarded before the storm season, went into effect Sunday, designed to sharpen Jefferson’s competitive edge in vying for debris crews and to speed the pace of collecting tree branches downed by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, Broussard said. Parish officials project the first full sweep of unincorporated areas since Gustav will be finished by Thursday.”

    “””During the first sweep of Kenner, which ended last week, Cycle Construction and DRC Emergency Services picked up 32,000 cubic yards of unbagged vegetation, according to Shaw Coastal Inc., the company monitoring the debris removal.

    City Council members have complained about debris remaining at some homes and businesses. To speed debris removal shortly after Gustav, Mayor Ed Muniz invoked an emergency provision in regular garbage hauler Ramelli Janitorial Services’ contract, agreeing to pay by the hour to pick up bagged vegetation and small debris piles”

    And then finally 1/16/10, the payoff:

    “The Jefferson Parish Council on Wednesday: … GRASS CUTTING: Ratified a $6.5 million contract with Ramelli Janitorial Services Inc. to cut grass for the Public Works Department.”

    6/3/08 TP {re: River Birch):

    “””Councilman Louis Congemi vowed to abstain from the vote if Ramelli Waste bids. His aide, *****Nicky Nicolosi, was paid for ****lobbying the Kenner City Council on behalf of the hauler and left open the possibility of working for the firm again. Ramelli Waste would not qualify to submit a proposal on its own, because it does not have the five-year record required in the bid specifications. But newer haulers would be able to form a joint venture with a more experienced firm and perform as much as 49 percent of the work.”

    10/29/08 TP [again re: River Birch]:

    “”””Waste Management has held the contract since 1998 but did not seek the new contract this year. Instead, it left the field to five companies: IESI , SWDI Inc. of Houma, Allied Waste of Phoenix, Richard’s Disposal of New Orleans and WastePro USA Inc. of Longwood, Fla. The Parish Council selected IESI in August for further negotiations.

    Two local companies, Ramelli Waste of Kenner and SDT Waste & Debris of St. Bernard Parish, were too new to bid on the contract, according to parish regulations. However, either company and others may sign on with IESI as a subcontractor. While IESI told the administration it has no subcontractors, it reserved the option to hire partners in the future, Whitmer said.”””””

    The subcontractors; never thought about that. The classic definition of kickback.

    Nicolosi of course recently quit his post.

    Odd timing that.

  7. Corporate Green, Danos ( the company that rips off property owners by repeat cutting or faking , allegedly, cuts for Code Enforcement as DLS, LLM?) and the other responders may well have an argument. Corporate Green has contested and contested but as usual were stonewalled by the Grunts and PAO lackeys. Danos and Ramelli may not have clean hands. Corporate Green began contesting the awards in 2009. Obviously they knew better than to go straight at JP in court… so the next best thing is to drop a dime to the media. Good move IMHO. I however am not holding my breath.

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