A quick political thought while I have a second here at lunchtime…..

This morning on WWL AM the debate last night on WWL TV between Diaper David Vitter and Charlie Melancon was one of the topics for discussion.  I didn’t see any of last night’s debate, which apparently got ugly when Daiper Dave crawfished when asked if he broke the law by using his campaign cash to pay for prostitutes before he launched into a weird diatribe against mexican roofers and ditch diggers. From the sound of it no new ground was broken and the voters who turned in were disgusted.

All that said I did see part of the senatorial debate on Channel 6 a few nights ago moderated by Norman Robinson (of MR Go fame) and remember thinking that Gidget counted more than a few former customers on that debate set. Norman liked ’em blonde to hear Gidget tell the story, the blonder the better in fact not that Wendy Cortez wasn’t a looker herself.  Mrs Vitter isn’t bad looking herself but she obviously drew the line at dressing up her hubby in huggies before sex.  😉 Lest I digress…….

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