“And the quarterback is toast….” Son of self proclaimed King of Torts Daniel Becnel suspended for a year by the ODC.

You gotta admit, this has been a tough couple of years for the sons of the Kings of Torts. Zach Scruggs was railroaded into copping a plea to a crime he did not commit and Daniel Becnel III appears to be a simple fool.  I’ll also add being “The Turd” has been tough lately too as Murphy the Turd just had a bad run in with the ODC.  Here is the order from the LA ODC on Becnel the Turd which suspends him from the practice of law for one year.

Anyone else remember Daniel Jr’s massive self promoting media blitz trying to capitalize on the oil spill. He landed himself in Business Week and on MSNBC.  I have it on good authority Team BP laughs at the “Firehouse Dog”, especially on the day Judge Barbier washed his ass outta the trough.


6 thoughts on ““And the quarterback is toast….” Son of self proclaimed King of Torts Daniel Becnel suspended for a year by the ODC.”

  1. Becnel should never have agreed to take the case, and he should never have taken that lady’s $5,000. So now he’s paying the price. And Ashton O’Dwyer has a personal message for Charles Plattsmier, Jr. You cocksucking “pimp” piece of shit. Let me outline, in broad terms, your CRIMINAL conduct towards me: (1) Conspiring with “Titty Thimble” (the now Chief “Injustice”), Charles “The Fruit” Foti, Jr., Burton “Fired by Caldwell” Guidry of the Louisiana Department of “Injustice”, the State Police Tactical Squad which was headquartered at Camp Amtrak post-KATRINA, and a bunch of degenerate motherfuckers with the lawfirm of Lemle & Kelleher, including Ernest Edwards, Joseph “Larry” Shea and Chuck Talley (come on, sue me, you gutless dogs), to send the “goon squad” to my house at 5 minutes past midnight on 9/20/05, and to take me into custody, for “nothing”; (2) After learning that the goons brutalized and tortured me, allowing me to “rot” in custody while you and your co-conspirators tried to figure out what your “story” would be, ultimately deciding to LIE; (3) Lying to me for the next year or more and denying that you knew anything whatsoever about a meeting in Baton Rouge on 9/11/05, at which “Titty Thimble” said, “Somebody’s got to shut that guy (referring to me) up; he’s giving us all a bad name”, when you knew that you were present at that meeting and that the comment was directed to you and Foti; (4) Directing the “douche bag lawyers” within the Louisiana Department of “Injustice”, Michael Keller and Phyllis Glazer, to obstruct justice and LIE, repeatedly, on-the-record, in order to keep the truth about my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment from being revealed; and (5) In addition to violating Federal Civil Rights statutes, violating numerous sections of Title 14, Louisiana Revised Statutes, by virtue of being part of a conspiracy to cause me grevious bodily harm with a firearm. And hey, fuckhead, if you think the statute of limitations has run, then think again, because you have LIED and OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE. If you want to do anything about this, I live at 6034 St. Charles Ave. The fucking FBI have all of my guns, so it will be a fair fight. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Ashton, all I can say is that my old friend Ezra Brooks is 90% sure that you are correct; I myself am 190% sure and am on your side. With that said, you probably already know what I am going to write:

    Plattsmier get your head out your ass and do your job !

    And I will also chime in: sue me, I really…really…really.. want you to…

    Nous allens baiser sur ce trou du cul de damain.


  3. Hey Plattsmier what about the conspiracy of jefferson parish attorney,Tom Wilkinson, and his group of parish attorneys (Peggy Barton and Greg Giangrosso) to intentionally obstruct the release of truthful public documents to the F.B.I. and the requesting public which are criminal offenses. Such behavior should justify an investigation and suspension of law licenses immediately. Where did you say your office is cause our crew is very interested in the Orteous odors eminating therefrom.

  4. One other point needs to be made, and that is: “A fish rots from the head.” Plattsmier serves at the will of the Louseyanna Supreme Court (which seems to thrive on being a corrupt institution – or has the corruption of the Supreme Court become “institutionalized”?), and more particularly at the will of the Chief “Injustice” Titty Thimble. You thought I was kidding when I called Plattsmier a “PIMP”. Well he is the Thimble’s pimp, and she is every bit as much a CRIMINAL THUG as he is, perhaps more so, since she hides behind him even while she is directing his criminal activity and selective persecution, and ordering and helping orchestrate his criminal malfeasance. I don’t know what the solution for the Public is, other than to EXPOSE these cocksucking motherfuckers whenever possible. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. Chuckie either doesn’t know it yet or better yet, has no idea what’s coming down the plank…but I can assure everyone here that I personally intend to pull his head out of his ass, so he will smell the shit he refuses not to wipe with Disciplinary Action:

    Cline, Chopin, Levenson, Forstall, Baynham, Gardner, Liljeberg (Hans), Chehardy (Susan), Netterville, Lightfoot, Winhorst(Steve), Caccio, Fayard (Calvin), Murphy (Judge), Edwards (Marion) and the list goes on and on and on…AND of course PORTEOUS and DUVALL and any and all of the rest of the MFs I’m to tired to remember !

    Plattsmier…you are going to be walking the plank…from Church Point and beyond…

    Qu’est-ce qu’um trou du cul sans vergogne !

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