“The Cute Guys” kickoff for Chrissy Roberts – what PR genius thought of that (Updated)

Councilman Roberts did not respond to a request for comment.

I guess not!  I mean what can you say when you’re the cutest guy on the Jefferson Parish Council and you’ve got “Cute Guys” headlining your campaign kickoff party- wanna a bar-b-que?

Long rumored to be interested in an At-Large Jefferson Parish Council seat, District 1 Councilman Chris Roberts has formed a committee to elect him to the At-Large seat vactated by new Parish President John Young and announced a campaign kickoff party.

The campaign kickoff party will be held on Saturday, October 30th and feature music from Amanda Shaw & The Cute Guys.

Roberts who is term-limited in his District seat, would relinquish his District seat early if elected. He would also need to seek a full-term in October 2011. His current term expires December 31st 2011.

District 1 serves portions of the City of Gretna, as well as the towns of Jean Lafitte and Grand Isle, the Terrytown area and portions of unincorporated Jefferson Parish on the West Bank.

Prior to his council election in 2003, Councilman Roberts was a member of the Jefferson Parish School Board.

Once again, Chrissy seems to be going whole hog.

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I sense lots of tension in the Slabbed Nation

A key day is fast approaching if the rumor mill is correct as Thursday is evidently the day federal indictments come down in NOLA and speculation is that day will be this Thursday with regards to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal. The reason why behind the speculation is the sentencing of  former St John the Baptist Parish President Bill Hubbard which has been delayed several times, most recently until October 26 at the request of Team Letten.  Hubbard, along with engineer Ray Davezac conspired to defraud St John The Baptist Parish for the money it took to buy Hubbard’s side girl friend a car.  These two guys have connections into Jefferson Parish and form one of the tentacles of the ongoing Federal investigation into Jefferson Parish Government via Tim Whitmer.

Assuming Hubbard is talking and most everyone willing to talk about the subject thinks he is, it therefore reasonable to expect any indictments which arise from his cooperation would come before he is sentenced and that would be this Thursday.

So I hoisted the War Pig ’cause the tension is thick. This is not the first time a rock and roll pig has flown over cyberspace: Continue reading “I sense lots of tension in the Slabbed Nation”