Let’s spend a second visiting with the River Birch evaluation and end an ongoing mystery

Slabbed commenter Nolakat recently left us a comment which asked:

I recently heard that the engineering consultant that was hired as a sub to the Baton Rouge accounting firm that was hired by the JP Council to examine the financial feasibility of the River Birch Landfill deal has resinged from the project. Any insight?

Nolakat has great sources because I was finally able to verify that MSW was replaced as the engineering firm in the River Birch contract evaluation. (Our previous posts on MSW can be found here and here.)  I’ll add this was not easy information to obtain as there is a substantial veil of secrecy surrounding this endeavor.

MSW has been replaced by Providence Engineering.

Related to Jefferson Parish the folks over at the Jefferson Report commissioned a poll of Jefferson Parish residents, the results of which they rolled out in installments.  The three part report is well worth the read.


16 thoughts on “Let’s spend a second visiting with the River Birch evaluation and end an ongoing mystery”

  1. Let me see if I get this straight. A Jefferson Parish Report poll/survey revealed that approximately EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT ( 85%) of those JP “most likely voters” (whatever that nebulous phrase means) polled are fully satisfied with the garbage services provided by the Parish Government. And now we learn that the Parish President and Parish Council are still determined to go forward with an evaluation of the River Bitch contract. What a rigmarole ! Their manipulating and facilitating to have yet another engineering firm be part of their substituted to rubber stamp a tainted and unlawful backroom deal is what it is, one more component of a CRIMINAL CONPSIRACY !

    1. That is why I like to see hard data on polling. The gang at TJR did a good job with their disclosures but the question of is your trash service good and reliable is not the same thing as asking about the River Birch contract. Our readers no doubt remember our profile of a recent T-P report that made a mistake in how they interpreted a Bloomberg poll.

      The devil is in the details.


  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeee Hmmmmmm……? Did the FBI contact Brian Griesbach, the one and only employee of MSW, and ask him the hows and whys he came to incorporate MSW Resources in Texas just seven (7)days before submitting his proposal to the JP Administration and Mr. Theriot to analyze the River Birch landfill contract? Or did Brian Griesbach read the blogs here at the SlabbedNation and get cold feet when it was suggested that Barry Bordelon, aide to Councilman Elton Lagasse, may be the connection to Brian? Whatever the reason, it appears that the JP “arrangement” and the $85,000 environmental consultation fee was just not enough for MSW to risk its investigation by the federal team looking into the JP proposed, 25 year River Birch contract. HELLO- CALLING MR. THERIOT OUT THERE IN CYBERSPACE AND BLOGGING THIS SITE DAILY- Could you please tell us how and why MSW Resources is no longer the “ideal entity” to analyze River Birch? And can you please explain if and when the River Birch analysis contract was again put out for new bids? And can you please tell us if Providence was fully vetted and made to sign an affidavit affying that it has not performed work for Waste Management and/or BFI, but also has had no previous connections with any member of the JP government and/or the owners, or friends of the owners, of River Birc? And how could a new company be selected without even an announcement at a public Council meeting so that the public and the Citizens for Good Government could ask these questions? And finally, when was the contract with Providence announced and voted upon by the Council? Curious and doubting minds want to know, especially since you were annointed JP President and Mr.Auditor Extraordinare of Louisiana, as portraited by the entire Council within 3 days of Mr. Broussard’s resignation. Hurry up Fuhrer Theriot, time is running out and you have only 2 months to get the job done, reapproving the River Birch contract, which you were annointed to do. With such short time left I guess you decided as President to bypass democracy and transparent government and instead use the Nazi, dictatorship form of government to do the job quickly? You know Mr. Young does not want to deal with such a stinky garbage contract in the very beginning of his first term. Hurry- Hurry- Hurry Mr.Theriot the clock is ticking……. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Providence Engineering & Environ.GroupLLC
    1201 Main St.
    Baton Rouge, LA 70802
    Political Committee?
    Party Committee?
    Guess WHO CONTRIBUTED $1000 to John Young’s Campaign!

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeee HELLO AGAIN MR.THERIOT IN CYBERSPACE— Since when does the CPA firm get to select the environmental consultant to evaluate River Birch? I thought that under the transparent government of Auditor Extraordinare, Steve Theriot, that new bids were required when an already accepted, Council approved contractor voluntarily pulls out of their contract? Oh, I forgot Auditor Theriot you underwent a voluntary metamorphesis and now is Fuhrer TheRiot,a self appointed dictator, who:(1) allows the door of a JP attorney in Public Records Requests(PRR) to be broken down and then falsely accuses same of blogging without evidence, (2) then appoints new parish attorneys in PRR who begin to chronically decline to produce public records , (3)then conspires with the Council and Parish Attorney’s Office behind closed doors to draft new proposed ordinances to restrict the production of PRR and tries to get a La. Senator to pass same in Baton Rouge,(4)then sues the whistleblowing bloggers for their own security and good all at JP government expense, (5) then hand chooses the seven (7) day old company with one employee,MSW Rresources,to evaluate the River Birch contract, and (6)finally now allows the CPA firm to recommend a new environmental consultant instead of opening a whole new bid process to begin to seek out more independent consultants. Fuhrer,lets face it you are now desparate to get the evaluation of River Birch done before Mr.Young begins his first term in 2 months. Except there seems to be a problem now that maybe the new consultant, Providence Engineering, may have made a political contribution to Mr. Young in 2009. And according to a little known JP ordinance any Councilman receiving a campaign contribution of $1,000 in previous 4 years from a contractor must recuse himself or submit an affidavit to Council Clerk explaining that such contribution had no effect on his vote for the contractor and his vote was made only in light of the public good. Gee,Fuhrer I think you just backed the River Birch bus over poor Councilman Young by mistake, or was it a mistake? Does Mr.Young hopefully call foul and reset the entire bid process in which case he is then, as Parish President elect, in charge of the River Birch mess and then hopefully runs a more true transparent search for the best landfill contract? Or does he recuse himself and allow the out of control River Birch bus with you the Fuhrer at the wheel to further damage the integrity of Parish Government? Does the power and good of the citizens win or do the political powers trump and trample the people again. Stay tuned FBI the powers that be are getting real desparate. OOOOOOOOOOOOowweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. I’ll just bet JOHN “I don’t know, don’t remember, I’ll just abstain” YOUNG is praying that Haas stays in this race up and to election day, or at least long enough for Theriot and this corrupt bunch of clowns on the Council to jam the River Bitch contract through. If you think that this new face to the contributor contractor clubhouse, Providence Engineering, newly initiated by their recent campaign ante-up to Young’s “campaign” is evidence of his ties to the River Birch fiasco, think again. Does the name PETER BUTLER, JR. jar your memory, You know, Heebe’s partner in various business ventures, like real estate, law and of course River Birch. And let’s not forget Butler’s playing a principal role in the hiring of Coulon’s significant friend, Wilkinson’s sister-in-law, and Broussard’s co-signer of millions of dollars of checks to Hubbard for unsubstatianted work, NANCY CASSAGNE (a vote Young did not abstain from). Butler’s law firm, Brazeale, Sache is attorney for West Jefferson Hospital. Butler also helped facilitate Theriot selling off property to WJMC (while Theriot was on the Board) for hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit by obtaining a rubber stamp OK from the morally void La. Ethics Commission. Check out the campaign contribution site and you will find that Butler, his family and law firm have given Young thousands and thousands of dollars for “good government” Young. If you agree that having the Connick law firm receive MILLIONS of dollars annually in legal fees then Young is your candidate, he’s owned by the CONNICK’S (and Burkes of insurance fame with Whitmer in the WJMC deal) live stock and barrel !

  6. OOOoooooooooooooowweeeeeeeeee I have been monitoring the comments over at http://www.nola.com to see how many comments were going to be allowed to be posted on the T-P article “subcontracter drops audit on River Birch landfill” (as cited by Sop above) dated August12th. And its the same old story of the T-P not allowing more than 5 comments on the political sensitive subjects. What kind of BS newspaper are you TP! Why don’t you guys over there do some investigative reporting on why certain politically sensitive articles are placed on a comment limit list? Why the hell do you even report on the political coruption subjects to begin with? Or is it that the T-P is trying to look like it is objective and reporting corruption in JP, but in reality T-P does not want the political sensitive material to build a large consenus of comments by blogging whistleblowers. How about being open and honest and declare that chicks$%# policy to your readers to begin with? What kind of a sorry blackmailed ownership are you TP? If the ownership is being blackmailed report it to the Federal authorities!Do you T-P represent the First Amendment or are you a poster child for Political Blackmail?OOOOOOOOOoowweeeeeeee

  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeee Now T-P that’s what I call service! Within 6 minutes of my post here on the SlabbedNation, complaining in my above previous post on T-P’s chronic policy of putting comment limit lists on sensitive political corruption articles, my dear blogger friend, Bunhare, was able to post a comment on the same River Birch landfill article and I was also allowed to view T-P’s comment window.You guys at the T-P must have a monitor that goes off when a blogger at the SlabbedNation prints your site http://www.nola.com.WOW !!! That’s advanced technology and I’ll remember that the next time I want the T-P to read my next blog about their censorship of JP’s hot, political corruption topics.OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. Oh curious, how I envy your life…swinging from those vines and deriving all that potassium nutrition from those ‘nanners”…it surely must sharpen one’s mind…nuttin like telling it like it is.. & you do that so well.

    Be sure and let me know when that next vine swinging class 101 is registering..albiet make those STURDY vines…( bound to be a whole lotta shakin going on w/me on those vines..)..

    hippity hop..Bun is out…

  9. Your right Sop, with polling the devil surely is in the details or putting it another way, possibly the devil was in control of what and how details were going to surveyed. I don’t want to rain on The Jefferson Report’s parade, but something is just not making any sense with the results on so many levels, and it’s not about whether I agree or disagree with the findings. It’s almost as though these 750 “most likely voters” polled live in LaLaLand Parish and not Jefferson Parish; that they suffer from some form of collective schizophrenic stupidity.

    Who is, or more bluntly put, who are the principal individuals of Southern Media & Opinion Research? What are their backgrounds ? Who are they connected to politically ? Whose campaigns have they been engaged in, etc, etc, etc ?

    Assuming these pollsters were tabulating from the voting records of those who actually vote, then I can reasonably surmise that the cross-section of those “most likely voters” is overweighted by individuals or family members or friends who “most likely work” for any one of a number of Parish Governmental entities ( JP Gov’t, DA, Clerk of Court, Assessor, Sheriff). That’s what political machines are about, that’s their power; patronage, in the form of jobs or contracts, demands loyalty which equates to votes. That’s why so many politicians here in Jefferson Parish continued and continue to be re-elected year after year.

    So let’s critique some of these extreme statistics, which if not suspect, are just plain weird !

    1) 91% responded that Jefferson Parish is an excellent or good place to live. I would guess that would be true if your father is Tim Whitmer, or you were Armand Kerlec. These “most likely voters” should have been bused out to the Jefferson Parish Performing Arts Center site, and told that it is 2 years behind it ‘s scheduled opening and still under construction, and 68% over budget ($24 MILLION to $42 MILLION and rising). And this albatross of political incompetence and corruption is suppose to be a symbol of an enhanced quality of life for them and their family. Is this what 91% believe ? Oh and by the way, maybe the same “most likely voters” should have been given the recent report by the Business Community criticizing the dysfunctional JP School Board for being ranked on the bottom end of the totem pole, 64 out of 70 school districts. You want to bet that the majority of these “most likely voters” either went to a private or parochial school or that their children or grandchildren do ?

    2) Contrast these stats to the above:

    a) 92% believe the FBI is justified to investigate about corruption
    b) 82% think there is corruption in JP
    c) 85% said that there was a lot or some corruption
    d) 92% responded that corruption has been in Jefferson Parish for a long time

    Honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry every time I look at these inconsistent and contradictory swings. Are we to conclude that corruption is not only the acknowledged and accepted norm by these “most likely voters”, but it is exhaulted as excellent and good corruption by the very same “most likely voters” of Jefferson Parish. There seems to be a reality disconnect at play here.

    3) With reference to recent good government measures and their possible effect on curbing corruption, 33% felt things were getting better, Well that means that 67% don’t think things are getting better, and that’s not good, not good at all. So how does one make any sense out of a correlation of this 67% to the 91% responding everything here in LaLaLand Parish is honkey-dorey ? Non-sensible.

    4) And my favorite statistic, the “don’t look at me, look at them” response : what Parish is the most corrupt, Jefferson 6% and Orleans 75% ! The political thugs here have been using this bogeyman line for years to distract the JP taxpayers from learning about the campaign contributions for contracts, the high salaried relatives and cronies on the payroll and of course the grotesque retirement packages these people have insured for themselves. Somebody should have reminded the “most likely voters” that they live in Jefferson Parish, not Orleans Parish or for that matter not on the planet Uranus (which from some of these statistics I am beginning to think that is where they do come from.)

    What can possibly explain these ‘180’ results ? Barry Erwin, President of the Council for A Better Louisiana (purportedly a good govt advocacy organization) says that voters get numbed by the constant reporting of corruption; that the public loses confidence in the system and cynicism replaces outrage. Mr. Erwin’s solution to halt corruption: “…you have to have citizen anger to change these these kind of things.” DUH ! He must be in LaLaLand with the 750 “most likely voters” !

    What we the public need and demand Mr. Erwin is for the appropriate public officials charged with enforcing the laws, (the DA, Atty. General and US Atty.) have these corrupt political thugs indicted, convicted and sent to prison. We are numbed by the inaction of those responsible to maintain law and order, not the news of corruption. We’re already angry, we need accountability, and with that confidence will be instilled. We Mr. Erwin, need and want justice to be administered now !

    As this was a 4 Part survey, and the above concerned itself with Part 4 only, I will continue to look for the devil’s handiwork in Parts 1,2 and 3.

    1. I’m not ready to toss out the entire poll but based on what was disclosed on TJR the only result I found outside my expectations was the reported River Birch approval rating.

      These are busy times behind the scenes here at Slabbed thus the late reply. Perhaps one of our readers can email the TJR and report back or maybe Mr Grigsby will jump in.

      I’ll try to post something later because I’m holding onto a lot of stuff. The problem is a lack of time.


  10. OOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeee Dear Bun: Have you also personally experienced an inability to post ( no comment window available) a comment/s on JP political sensitive corruption articles at NOLA.com, especially after the first 5-10 comments have been posted? Just like what occurred with Theriot’s allowing the CPA firm to choose the next River Birch consultant. Its almost like NOLA wants to take the momentum out of the commenting response so that the article does not accumulate enough blogs to become a popular article to be listed on NOLA’s top 10 comment list. We all know that any article being so listed has the tendency to attract more comments, especially by bloggers who may have whistleblower information to give. Perhaps what we should do is incorporate in one of the first 5 posts at NOLA a comment to all bloggers, who might have difficulty posting a reply comment at NOLA, to go over to http://www.Slabbed.wordpress.com and comment on the article there instead. It would send a message to NOLA that if you try to block us on JP articles we are going elsewhere with our First Amendment rights. Peeling nannas’ as I swing wildly about the JP Non-Performing Building and rainforest beyond OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOweeeeee

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