Jim Brown on the Arizona Immigration Controversy

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baton Rouge, Louisiana



What if by some magical occurrence, every illegal immigrant was removed from Louisiana? Well, there would be few roofs replaced on houses, and most of the state’s golf courses would grow up in weeds. Take a good look around your local community, and you will find, even in smaller towns, that numerous menial jobs are held down by Mexicans and other Latinos. Little or no English spoken, and yes, please pay in cash if possible. With no illegals, Aunt Mary would have to clean her own house and it would be an effort to get washed utensils at your local restaurant.

It’s just not Arizona where large numbers of illegal immigrants have congregated. Louisiana has an estimated 250,000 undocumented workers, with more than 100,000 concentrated in the New Orleans area alone. It’s a fact of life that, just like in a number of other southern states, illegals make up a significant number of the state’s workforce. And the numbers are growing. Continue reading “Jim Brown on the Arizona Immigration Controversy”

What took you guys in Northbrook so long……

Nowdy sent me an email letting me know our friends from Northbrook Illinois have signed on to our twitter page. Now aside from publically calling for Tom Wilson’s resignation and calling Allstate’s Board of Directors “a band of idiots” for expertly assisting Mr Wilson in the destruction of shareholder value I have no idea why they would want to follow little ol’ us down here.  🙂

Layla sends her regards Tom. And Layla sweet, nice voice!


I’m normally not one to look forward to the “silly season”…

But with the Republicans standing by their man, hypocrite and whore hopper “Daiper” David Vitter, this election ought to be good.

From the forgotten crimes files. ~ sop